I really wish I could be pregnant forever!

I really wish I could be pregnant forever!

Of all the phases a woman goes through from birth to old age, the most exciting and almost guilt free stage is pregnancy indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed both my pregnancies inspite of a few complications and these are a few of my favorite things that I still wish had lasted forever.

1. Eat all that you can and not worry about gaining weight-

We ladies are constantly worrying about how to lose weight almost all year round. For once, gaining weight becomes a priority and trust me it was the best part about pregnancy for a foodie like me and it still remains my most favorite part about pregnancy.

2. The two blue lines you have probably waited for a really long time-

I have still kept my urine pregnancy test kits with the two blue lines as it marked the official beginning of my pregnancies as I had gotten lucky after a lot of trying and these are priceless.

3. The pampering by family and friends-

Besides the official baby shower feasts; I was  pampered endlessly by family and friendswho provided home cooked versions of all the street foods I craved during my pregnancy.

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4. Centre of attention-

Even if the sexiest lady walked next to me, I got more attention and curious onlookers thanks to my lovely baby bump. I miss it.

5. Those gorgeous loose fitted maternity clothes-

I loved wearing the loosest and most comfortable clothes specially made to accommodate my growing bump.

6. The monthly ultrasounds-

This is the best part about being pregnant when you get to see the baby develop gradually from a mustard seed size little thing to a full grown baby.

7. Guessing games about the baby’s gender

-Old wives ‘tales and guessing games about why it is a baby boy inside as my bump was at a particular level or as my skin was turning darker really amazed me. Some predictions were actually right though.

8. The bump shoot-

With the growing trend to capture the memories for almost every month of pregnancy, I indulged in a lovely  bump shoot the second time around and these are indeed some of my favorite pictures and moments.

9.The kicks-

Who but a pregnant lady can tell the joy one gets on being kicked from the inside by a little footballer or a gymnast doing somersaults. Oh I miss those too!

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10. Pregnancy Sleep –

Catch up on all the pregnancy sleep you can without a second thought to prepare for the upcoming sleepless times.

11. Get help-

You will get help even without asking even from strangers to do something even as basic as picking up a bag.

12. Weird cravings and aversions-

Ladies have the weirdest cravings during pregnancy that can just be blamed on the hormones. I ate a rasgulla on empty stomach daily for 3 months without a second thought. I also developed a strong aversion for the smell of mustard oil being heated and I still cannot stand the stench.

13. The odd hour drives-

I miss making my hubby get up in the middle of the night and just take me on a long drive without any particular agenda on our minds.

14. The awesome fragrance of baby stuff-

I still miss the fragrance of new born clothes washed in Dettol as well as the fragrance of baby powder, baby lotion and even formula feeds.

15. The lovely massages-

I miss the frequent leg, back and head massages I got from my hubby and mum when I was pregnant.

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So ladies, what was your favorite memory about pregnancy?
Do you not miss being pregnant??
Do share your stories too.

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