Will Drinking Ghee Help in Normal Delivery?

Will Drinking Ghee Help in Normal Delivery?

“Nauva (9th) mahina shuru ho gaya hai, ab roz ghee piya karo.” If you’re an Indian woman, who has been pregnant, or is pregnant now, you would most probably have heard this from elders during the course of your pregnancy. It is a very common practice to make pregnant women gorge on ghee and even drink it in the last trimester or during the ninth month to ensure a normal delivery. This traditional age-old practice has been followed by well-meaning elders but the point is that although ghee has various health benefits, there is no scientific research to prove that drinking ghee will ensure a normal delivery.

Here are Some of the Common Beliefs about the Consumption of Ghee during Pregnancy:

  • Ghee has laxative properties which help to induce labor.
  • Ghee helps to lubricate the vagina and thus makes the delivery smooth.
  • It facilitates digestion and helps prevent constipation during pregnancy.
  • It aids in the development of the baby’s brain.
  • Helps to keep the body strong, warm and nourished.

Is it actually Necessary to Drink Ghee?

Well, there is no denying the fact that ghee has various health benefits but that doesn’t mean that you need to drink it to ensure a normal delivery. According to the latest research, a pregnant woman needs to consume only 200-300 extra calories per day in the last trimester, depending upon your current weight. Your doctor will recommend the appropriate amount of calories required by you after a thorough checkup. Your growing baby is completely dependent on you for all his nutrition and calories but that doesn’t give you a license to consume too many fats or any other sugary foods for that matter! Even if you’re weak and need some extra calories, you can easily add them to your diet in the form of various healthy and nutritious foods instead of ingesting empty calories. Just as they say, “Excess of everything is bad.”Excess of ghee is also bad. It is very important to strike a balance between the fats and other nutrients you consume during pregnancy. Consuming too much ghee will only add too many calories to your body. This will only make it difficult for you to get back in shape after pregnancy. Too much of ghee in your diet can also lead to diarrhea, making you feel nauseous and weak.

How Much Ghee Should You Take When Pregnant?

According to doctors, the total fat intake should not be more than 5-8 teaspoons during a day for a pregnant woman. However, there are certain conditions, during which gynecologists and/or nutritionists may restrict the intake of fat. These include excessive weight gain and the presence of gallstones.

Ways to Add Ghee to Your Diet

Instead of drinking Ghee, it would be better to add ghee to your diet in several ways:
  • In the preparation of Vegetable Curry.
  • On Parantha, Roti and in Rice preparations.
  • For preparing Panjiri, Pini, Laddoo, and Halwa.
  • For Dal tempering.

How can I Ensure a Normal Delivery?

You really don’t need to depend on ghee to ensure a normal delivery. If you wish to increase the chances of having a normal delivery, the best you can do is:
  • Eat a well-balanced diet with all the nutrients.
  • Exercise regularly and stay active during your pregnancy
  • Enroll for some birthing classes and go over the do’s and don’ts with your partner
  • Think positive and avoid stress
  • Take all your supplements on time
  • See your doctor as and when called for appointments
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