Is it safe to use Talcum Powder on your baby's skin?

Is it safe to use Talcum Powder on your baby's skin?

Is the weather making your little one’s skin red and irritable?

Are diaper rashes constantly bothering your little one?

Is your baby constantly cranky because of skin problems like rashes, acne, prickly heat or fungal infections?

If yes, then you are not alone. Baby skin is sensitive and often there are deep set folds that remain moist due to perspiration or improper drying. Moms since generations have faced similar problems with their newborns, babies, and toddlers. The issues get worse during the hot and humid summer months and more so, if your little one wears a diaper.

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The baby’s discomfort pushes many mums to opt for talcum powder as a one-all solution to avoid or cure skin rashes and infections in babies. However, this may not be a wise choice; simply because talcs have been proven to be more harmful than we had ever imagined.

Why say no to talcum powders?

Many generations of mothers have used talcum powders and they have become a hard-to-break habit. However, studies done by multiple teams of researchers, world-over have proven the harmful effects of talcum powders, which we all must be aware of. Read on to find out –

  • Use of talcs in the genital areas increases the risk of ovarian cancer in women.
  • Talcs contain very fine asbestos particles. These particles are a leading cause of lung cancer. When we sprinkle talc on our body we inadvertently inhale these particles and they negatively affect our lungs over prolonged usage.
  • Often talc inhalation causes choking and suffocation in infants.
  • Talcum powders have also been known to cause breathing trouble, dryness of the mucous membranes, lung infections, and allergies leading to asthma in babies and toddlers.

So if talcs are out then what is the solution?

Well, the solution lies in using baby powders that are talc-free, safe and made up of natural ingredients that can help keep the baby’s skin dry and infection-free, even during the humid months without any side effects!

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A product such as the Mama Earth Baby Dusting Powder is a great choice for your little one because of its organic ingredients and hence its skin soothing and calming properties.
When you opt for an all-natural baby powder, it offers antiseptic and antibacterial benefits because of a careful choice of ingredients.

Why Mama Earth?

Mama Earth products have been created by new parents, Varun and Ghazal, who just wanted one thing; toxin-free products for the baby. All the products in the Mama Earth range are the result of world class research and it is Asia’s first MadeSafe certified brand that meets the highest international standards. MadeSafe is America’s first nontoxic seal for products that are used on an everyday basis, from baby to personal care to household and beyond. The certification ensures that the products we use are made with safe ingredients.

  • Made completely from organic ingredients

It is a talc-free product and is free from chemicals. It is made from all-organic, 100% natural ingredients including cornstarch, organic oatmeal, organic arrowroot and lavender oil. These ingredients are recommended as the best alternatives to chemical-based talcum powders available in stores.

  • It keeps the baby’s skin relaxed

The organic arrowroot powder and cornstarch remove any excess moisture from the surface of your baby’s skin and keep it soft and dry. Lavender oil soothes the skin of the baby and lends it gentle hydration.

  • Prevents any skin irritation

Baby skin tends to have a lot of excess moisture. Be it from the diaper or because of the many folds that trap the moisture in. The heat makes it worse. This moisture makes the skin feel irritated and itchy. With the goodness of cornstarch and oatmeal, this product absorbs sweat and wetness, leaving the skin dry and comfortable.

Summers are here, so go ahead and opt for a good quality and natural powder and help keep your little one’s skin fresh, safe, and healthy.

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