A Blessing Worth The Pain: What Giving Birth Really Felt Like To Me?

A Blessing Worth The Pain: What Giving Birth Really Felt Like To Me?

Unlike many couples who plan their pregnancy, mine happened in quite an unplanned manner. I was nearing the date of my periods but this time I was facing some unusual symptoms, like extremely tender and sensitive breasts and absolutely no pre-menstrual pain like I always had. I remember we had gone grocery shopping and while my husband and busy buying the grocery items, I had slipped out and bought a pregnancy test kit from next door medical store. I didn’t tell my husband about this and decided to take the test only if I ended up missing my periods.

It had been more than 5 days that I had crossed my period date and I decided to take the test. Much to my apprehension, the test came out positive. I was shocked and for the next 5 minutes I really didn’t know what to do. I woke my husband up and shared the news with him. He just woke up with a start, looked blank for a couple of minutes and then with a big smile he hugged me and said “ Congratulations…we are going to be parents!”

The journey started from there. There were days when I used to feel so happy and on top of the world, and then again there were days when I used to feel really low, especially on the days when I used to get serious bouts of morning sickness. Some days I would wake up scared and tensed, especially if I felt any cramps in my lower abdomen. But somehow I pulled through everything and very soon my due date was just 2 weeks away. My family and friends had thrown a baby shower for me and it was such a beautiful one. I was blessed to be showered with so much love.

One night I was looking at the photographs of my baby shower when I suddenly felt a cramp in my lower abdomen. It was an intense pain but it subsided. But in 10 minutes time I felt another similar pain. This time it was quite obvious and felt much like menstrual cramps! My due date was still 10 days away and I had an appointment with my gynecologists 2 days later. My intuition told me that it was time; my little one was ready to enter the world. The first thing I did was I informed my husband and he immediately called up my doctor. She told him not to panic and to take me to the hospital for a check-up. Once we reached the hospital, the doctor on duty confirmed that I had gone into labor.

I was taken to the labour room where the nurses helped me change and a monitor was attached to check out on my contractions. My doctor arrived in half an hour, checked me and told me that everything was going well and I had almost dilated 5 cms. She told me I am doing well and asked the nurses to keep monitoring me.

In another 2 hours time, the pain had become too severe. In my life, I had probably never faced a pain as acute and as severe as this. I just kept holding on, in the hope that my little one would soon be with me. What the nurses around me were saying, were all just a buzz to me in that severe pain. The doctor soon came to check on me and informed that I have dilated 10 cms. She then administered an injection and told me to start trying to push. My body was already too tired from having gone through so much of pain, but the thought that my baby would soon be there was what kept me going.

After almost half an hour of pushing, my baby entered the world. Once she was there, I really couldn’t be bothered about who was stitching me up and who was cleaning me up. I could only see my baby in my doctor’s arms, crying away loudly. My doctor smiled at me and told me “ Well done. It’s a beautiful baby girl”. These were probably the most beautiful words I had ever heard. They called my husband inside and handed the baby to him. I could see tears in his eyes. Then they handed her to me. One look at her tiny face, eyes closed and slightly opened mouth and I knew giving birth was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.

All the pain, the discomfort, the moments in which I felt like I would now give up, all vanished. Nothing more mattered in front her angelic tiny face. I thanked God for having blessed me with this wonderful gift.

I became a mother to a beautiful child and although there were several concerns, I was quite sure that Baby Dove was there to protect my baby’s skin from Day 1. Since then, I have been a Baby Dove Mom.


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