Celebrity Moms Who Had A C-Section Share Their Weight Loss Secrets

Celebrity Moms Who Had A C-Section Share Their Weight Loss Secrets

Do you often wonder which of these two is the right way to deliver your baby – Natural birth or C-Section? If yes, you are not alone in this boat. This can be a difficult decision for most moms to make. However, what you can do is take inspiration from these celebrity moms who had C-section deliveries and contrary to popular belief their weight loss proved disbelievers wrong. Take a look at these celebrity mom secrets to weight loss after C-section.

Celebrity moms secrets to weight loss after C-Section

#1. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

She is one yummy mummy who was applauded for her weight loss after C-section. She chose to have a C-section during the delivery of her little one, Vivaan. Her secret to losing all that baby weight fast is a combination of a good diet and a rigorous workout plan. She swears by a balanced diet and not eating post 8 pm at night.

She even co-authored a book titled, “The Great Indian Diet” with nutritionists Luke Coutinho. Her fitness regime included 2 days of yoga, 2 days of strength training and 1 day of cardio. Shilpa Shetty advises new moms to go easy on themselves for the first six months after delivery before stressing out about shedding weight.

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#2. Lara Dutta

Crowned the most beautiful woman in the universe, this former Miss Universe wowed everyone by bouncing back in shape right after her Caesarean Delivery and impressed everyone with her weight loss. She opted to get on a rigorous regime just three months after the birth of her baby and is an inspiration for all new moms.

She made sure that she worked out at least 5 days each week with every session being about one and a half hours long. She, too, is a staunch believer in the advantages of yoga for the body but also engages in cardio and weight training regularly for weight loss.

#3. Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi delivered a beautiful baby boy after a C-section. Today, she is one of the fittest women in the business and is shattering all beliefs about how your post pregnancy weight loss regime should be. In fact, she claims that she feels the strongest she has ever felt in life after becoming a mom.

It was after the birth of her son that she also participated in two half marathons. Today, she spends close to about 1 hour and 20 minutes in the gym and performs a variety of exercises including weight training and cardio. Her preference remains a good cardio workout combined with a health and balanced diet.

She advises new moms to listen to their bodies and stop when it shows them the signs. But, her mantra to lose pregnancy weight is to not put it off for too long and ensuring that you are cautious while resuming your training.

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#4. Farah Khan

Now the mom of beautiful triplets, Farah Khan began her journey into motherhood through In Vitro Fertilization followed by a C-section delivery. The first thing she gladly admits to is going to a popular weight loss spa which was much needed for her to keep her energy levels up while taking care of triplets. Farah Khan shocked the world with the dramatic weight loss after pregnancy.

She makes an annual visit of 6 days each year. However, it is her new healthy eating habits that she credits for her fit physique and radiant skin. With professional help from friends in the industry who are known for being fit, such as Sonu Sood, she has managed to find her current personal trainer, Ami Patel who helps her stay motivated and fit.

#5. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie delivered three children through C-section. First, her daughter Shiloh who was born in Africa and then her twins, Knox and Vivienne who were delivered through C-section as well.

Angelina Jolie ensured that she took as many prenatal yoga classes as possible to stay in shape. She stuck to this routine after the birth of her children. Of course, there were several rumors about her relying on ginger root and garlic tea and a lot of nursing to stay slim. Both not that bad, of course.

#6. Victoria Beckham

She has had four Caesarean deliveries, which also made way for the popular saying, “Too Posh to Push”. It was, however, a medical condition that required her to have her children through a C-section delivery. She has, of course, impressed everyone with her absolutely fit post-baby body each time as her weight loss regime is extremely hard.

She works out every single day. Her routine starts with a three mile run each morning and continues into an hour of training with her personal trainer. Running is something that she credits for helping her shed all her baby weight fast. Her diet includes plant based foods that help her stay in great shape all year long.

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#7. Jennifer Lopez

Everyone raves about her fantastic body and her never-aging skin. Jennifer Lopez, too, gave birth to her twins Emme and Maxmilian via C-section. She made sure that she took it easy for the first four months after her babies were born. Following that, she began with light walking exercises and worked her way up to 1 hour training sessions 4-5 times each week.

She has always been known for eating healthy. But it was the switch to smaller and more frequent meals each day that really helped her with her baby weight.

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