7 Natural Ways To Reduce Breast Size

7 Natural Ways To Reduce Breast Size

Breasts are an important part of any woman’s femininity. Breasts start developing from the age of 9 to 10 years in girls, also marking this age as the start of puberty. Slowly as breasts develop, girls starts figuring out what their breast shape and size are.

Some might be happy with their breast size while others might begin to feel that a smaller breast or a bigger one would have been better. So, let us first see the various types of breasts that women have and also learn ways to reduce large breast size.

Types Of Breasts

The 9 types of breasts that women have are:

#1. Asymmetric Breasts

This refers to a set of breasts where one is smaller or larger compared to the other. The differences might be too negligible or quite obvious! For those having bigger differences, wearing padded bras helps solve the problem.

#2. Athletic Breasts

In this case the breasts are wider, muscular looking and have less tissue. Athletic breasts in reality has nothing to do with you being an athlete or not.

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#3. East West Breasts

This is the case when your nipples points towards opposite directions outwards.

#4. Relaxed Breasts

In this case, the muscle tissues lack tensity and your breasts typically hang downwards having a lax tissue.

#5. Bell-Shaped Breasts

These type of breasts are thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom, giving them the shape of bells.

#6. Slender Breasts

This is the case when your breasts are slim. It doesn’t mean that you have a smaller cup size.

#7. Side-Set Breasts

In this case your breasts are set away from each other, with some gap in between.

#8. Round Breasts

These breasts are circular both at the top and bottom, giving a fuller look to the breasts.

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#9. Tear Drop Breasts

Unlike round breasts, these are thinner on the top while rounding off towards the end.

So, now that you have an idea about the type of breast you have, let’s get into the size aspect. Many women have small breasts while many have large breasts. While smaller breasts can be made to look larger by wearing padded bras, for those with large breasts, it’s actually a little tricky! We will  be speaking about some natural ways to reduce the breast size, but before that let’s have a look at the reasons for having large breasts!

Reasons For Large Breasts

Some reasons for having large breasts could be:

  • Genetics: If your mom has large breasts, there are more chances that you too will get them!
  • Hormones: Higher levels of estrogen in the body, causes breasts to enlarge.
  • Drugs: Certain drugs like anabolic steroids and chemotherapy can also cause the breasts to enlarge.
  • Weight Gain: Extreme weight gain can show up in the fat tissue around the breast areas.
  • Birth Control Pills: If you are taking birth control pills, then hormones in the same can change the size of your breasts!
  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy a woman’s breasts gets bigger in order to feed her newborn. In fact, breast changes and sensitive breasts are one of the first signs of pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding: When it’s time to breastfeed, it’s natural to feel tingling sensation in your breasts along with enlarged breasts, due to milk production!

Engorged breasts or big breasts may cause certain discomforts like neck pain, back problems and sleeping issues to name a few. So, here are some natural ways to reduce breast size.

7 Natural Ways To Reduce Breast Size

#1. Exercise

Aerobic exercises like cycling, stair climbing helps toning the body. Push ups too helps in tightening and toning chest muscles, leading to reduced breast size.

#2. Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants, green tea is a natural remedy that helps to reduce fat and tone body. The reduced fat buildup in turn will reduce the size of the breasts.

#3. Ginger

Works wonderful when it comes to toning the body and reducing fat. Adding it to your tea 3 times a day will speed up your metabolism and boost weight loss as well.

#4. Flax Seeds

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, flax seeds helps to regulate hormones. Consuming flax seeds would thus regulate the estrogen levels which would ultimately lead to reduced breast size.

#5. Egg Whites

Saggy breasts makes your breasts look bigger. Beat 2 egg whites and use it as a mask on your breasts. Wash off after 30 minutes for firmer breasts.

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#6. Diet

A low calorie, low fat diet will not only help you reduce overall body weight but will also help you to shrink your breast size.

#7. Binding

A method followed since ancient times, this includes wrapping a cloth around your breasts to flatten them. This makes the breasts look smaller.

#8. Bra

Although bra’s might not be able to reduce the size of your breasts, a properly fitting bra offers breast support and coverage. This prevents breast sagging and makes your breasts look smaller.

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