9 Ways To Bond With Your Baby During Pregnancy

9 Ways To Bond With Your Baby During Pregnancy

You are expecting your bundle of joy, but you do not need to wait till your baby is here in order to create that special bond between both of you. You can create a bonding with your baby while the baby is inside you. Yes, you read that right! Research shows that the baby can feel your touch, can hear your voice, can feel your joys and even sadness and anxiety while inside the womb. Thus a special bond is created between a mother and child once the child is conceived, but the mother has to create that bonding with the baby throughout her pregnancy. If you are looking for effective ways to bond with your baby during pregnancy, you've come to the right place. Also read: A Brother-Sister Bond Lasts a Lifetime

Ways to bond with your baby during pregnancy

#1. Touch and feel your baby bump

The baby can feel your touch. Pregnant mothers often touch their baby bumps. This is a reflex but is also a natural way to connect with your baby. Rubbing the baby bump, lightly massaging the bump, even just touching your belly while you are lying down has a calming and soothing effect not only on the mother but also on the baby. You can start this from early pregnancy and can increase the touch and feel from the second trimester onwards. Initially it will just be a one way affair, but as the baby grows and starts kicking, you will feel the baby kick and respond to your touch. Also read: 5 Most Effective Ways to bond with your baby

#2. Talk, Read and sing to your baby

One of the best ways to bond with your baby during pregnancy is to familiarise your baby with your voice. From when your baby develops a heartbeat, it can also listen to your voice. It may sound silly to just talk to your belly but it is extremely beneficial for the baby. You can have as many silly talks with your baby as you want. You can even sing songs that will soothe your baby to sleep, even inside the womb. You can read books to your baby aloud. Of course the baby will not understand any words, but it is your voice that will have a relaxing effect and create a special bond between you and the baby. You can even involve the father to talk to your belly and the baby will know that there are two voices and it creates a bond with the father too.

#3. Listen to your favorite music

Babies love music and love rhythm. They respond positively to good music. The sounds do not reach your baby's ears as they would when the baby is born. Initially, in the womb, the sounds will be very muffled but the baby will definitely be able to hear the music played and will also respond to certain types of music when the baby grows inside. It also happens that the music played when the baby is inside your womb, the baby will respond to the same music when it is born.

#4. Yoga and meditation

Sometimes a pregnant mother is very busy working and with other household stuff that she hardly gets time to connect with her own self or the child inside. Thus yoga and meditation are a great way to bond with the baby and listen to your body and relax. Breathing exercises not only focuses on your mental status and calms you down but also relaxes the baby who can respond in a calm manner when you carry on your daily chores. Mothers can join a pregnancy yoga group or have a teacher teach them some basic meditation techniques in order to get full benefits from it.

#5. Introduce your baby to other family members

Babies build a strong bond with their mothers because they are growing inside the womb, but they can be introduced to other family members too. You might think it’s a funny idea but introducing your baby to your family members through the womb is a great way for the baby to bond with other family members. Make other family members like the father or siblings feel the kicks of the baby, read to the baby, talk to the baby, massage your belly gently and even sing to the baby. It is said that babies start differentiating between the voices of the mother and other members. Also read: How Dads Can Bond With Their Babies

#6. Set aside a special bonding time

If you have had a very active day, you might realise that the moment you sit down the baby tends to kick more, take turns and become more active. Not that she wasn't active while you were on the move, it was just that you missed the moving signs. Thus it becomes very important for you to take out special time in between your busy schedule to bond with your baby and be in tune with the changes. Lying down on your bed just to listen to your heartbeat with your hands on your belly, or taking a warm bath and relaxing is a great way to be in tune with the baby and make that special connection.

#7. Look at the ultrasound pictures

One thing that can keep the mother from making that special bond is that she doesn't know how her baby looks like. You might feel that your baby is a total stranger because you have not seen her. Thus it is a good idea to keep looking at the baby ultrasounds and start noticing the changes in the baby’s size and facial features. Doing this will get the mothers more excited about the baby and will help in getting that special bond too.

#8. Make something special for your baby

Dwell in something that you would want your baby to have once she is born. It can be a little sweater or booties or a blanket or a special book. By doing this the mother will feel special emotions and attachment with the baby and will have a special bond once the baby is born.

#9. Keep a journal

Every pregnancy is different. Even if you are pregnant with your second or third, you might feel the pregnancy is different than your first. Keep writing those special moments in a journal. You can keep it as a keepsake for your baby to look at it later. You can write down the weird pregnancy symptoms or your feelings when you saw the first ultrasound or when you heard the first heartbeats. These special moments can go a long way in creating that special bond between you and your baby during pregnancy. Also read: How Parental Bonding Enhances A Child’s Learning? Want to share your experience as a mom with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you