7 ways to Teach Our Boys to Become Great Men

7 ways to Teach Our Boys to Become Great Men

Success and greatness are not just defined by wealth and fame. The true mark of a great man is in the way he treats and respects other people around him, especially women.

So, where do real men come from? Is it an inherited trait or an acquired quality? Studies have shown that real men are the result of good parenting. There’s no certain gene that parents pass on to their son, instead it’s in the way they rear and educate him. This is because little children are like wet mud and you can help them into becoming extraordinary men by bringing out the best in them .

Keep reading to find out how to make your son a great man:

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#1. Teach him how to respect women

A well-raised man treats and thinks of the opposite sex respectfully. And this definition is not just restricted to the boundaries of home or workplace, instead it applies to every single space that a man lives in.

In order to produce a sweet fruit, you must make sure that the seeds are sown right, isn’t it? Begin with respecting everyone yourself, and then narrate great stories to him on the same theme. Right from an elderly to a servant, teach him to call everyone respectfully. If you ever find him belittling anyone, correct him right away without hurting his self-esteem.

#2. Teach him chivalry

Chivalry is an admirable quality in men. With our changing lifestyle, chivalry is somewhere losing its essence. However, it is essential that boys are taught this trait right from childhood. By chivalry, we don’t mean the way he would pull out a chair for his girlfriend or pay the bill. That’s important of course, but that’s just one part of being chivalrous.

Being chivalrous means maintaining good conduct at all times with all kinds of people, whether they owe you something or not. Help your son to build a strong belief system by teaching him what’s morally correct. You’ll be surprised how your little life lessons will leave a mark on his soul forever.

#3. Teach him his manners

The word ‘manners’ cannot be spelled without MAN, can it? Right from table manners to talking politely, you must reinforce everyday etiquettes in your kid. Set an example for him and point out every time you see someone behaving ill-mannered in public. Give him positive reinforcement like a hug or a compliment every time he acts well-behaved, but show a gentle disapproval every time he does not act up.

Here’s the thing though, don’t be too harsh on your kid or yourself, he is just learning to take his first steps. Be polite with him even while correcting his mistakes. Never correct your kid publicly as this might affect his self-esteem. Remove your child from the situation and educate him about what went wrong when you’re alone.

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#4. Teach him feminism

Regardless of the name, feminism isn’t just about females. Feminism is a simple notion that promotes the fact that both men and women are equal in all aspects and therefore must be treated equally. Teach him that one day he will become a husband and eventually a dad, and that both he and his wife have important roles to play.

#5. Teach him that it’s okay to be a man and cry

Traditionally boys are taught to “Be a Man” which essentially asks them to toughen up, by never crying or expressing any deeper emotion. But, the fact is, no matter the gender every human being experiences sadness in life. It is healthy to cry to let out these emotions. It’s about time we break the stereotype that big boys don’t cry. You must stop using such phrases in front of your boy as it would only make him stay close up when he’s hurt. It is unhealthy as all of that hurt would one day pile up and break out in the form of anger or depression.

Let’s teach our boys to be sensitive yet strong. Let’s teach them that it’s okay to express your problems to others without an fear of shame. Teach him that it’s okay to feel a range of emotions such as happiness, hope and sadness.

#6. Teach him to assume responsibility and fight for what he believes in

Little boys must be taught to be fearless and strong when they believe in something. You must empower your child with the strength to take up challenges instead of fearing them. All through life, a number of challenges maybe thrown in his path and he must find the courage to fight them right from childhood. Don’t make everything a cakewalk for your kid, instead let him do some things on his own.

#7. Educate him to follow his dreams

Educate your son to set goals in life and follow them. Teach him what’s important and what’s not. Show him how beautiful life can be when you work for your dreams and the joy that comes from seeing them fulfilled.

While you’re doing all this, try to you raise a one-woman man who takes joy in providing for his family. Let him discover his own interests, even if it means getting lost for a while. If you love him, give him the courage and freedom to explore, while you stand there like his backbone. Don’t be afraid of letting him follow his own path. Trust us, he will always find his way back to you.

And remember – kids close their ears to words and open their eyes to examples. Huge lessons are learned from the tiny examples set. Actions are things that go unspoken, but rarely unnoticed.
If you act kind and benevolent in front of your child, he will learn generosity. If you act rude and abusive in front of your child, he will acquire apathy.

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It is like each and every act of yours is being continuously noticed by your little man and being registered by his developing mind. This is why people often remark that when you’re given a child to rear, you undergo a re-birth – you revisit your mistakes and try to do better for your child. So make sure that you become somebody he looks up to as a role model.

Last but not the least, be a best friend to your son, before being his parent, guide and teacher.

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