5 Ways To Stop A Toddler From Falling Out Of Bed

5 Ways To Stop A Toddler From Falling Out Of Bed

Most parents would get nightmares just thinking of their baby falling off from the bed. But once the baby learns to roll over, it becomes so difficult to predict when a baby will fall. The little one is not accustomed to the bed and might have trouble learning how to get off the bed. Babies falling from the bed is one of the most common problems that parents often complain about.

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Injuries cannot be avoided with the little ones but babies falling from the bed can be reduced by following the below steps:

#1. Move your toddler to a small bed

Cribs with long sides help to keep the toddler secure in one place and reduce their chances of falling. The toddler beds are often painted with things that they love like cartoons or objects. This makes them feel happy and not as if parents have “separated” themselves from the child. They can spend more time in their cribs and you can also sleep without worry. You can also think about keeping a mattress on the floor because babies falling from the bed is quite common. Even if they fall, they will not hurt themselves.

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#2. Make sure bed is stable and doesn’t shake

Make sure your bed does not shake. Tighten the screws of the bed, else the bed can become shaky and result in the falling of your baby. Check the stability of the bed every few months if necessary. In addition, place your beds away from the windows, shelves and other objects. This will reduce the chances of more accidents in the future. Keep objects far from the reach of the children. This way they will not be tempted to reach out and fall off the bed.

#3. Place the child’s side of bed against the wall

You know the side your child likes to roll on to. Place the bed against the wall eliminating his chances of falling. If that cannot be done, then place pillows on both sides of his bed creating an obstacle. Place a bean bag or pillows to reduce the chances of injury to your toddler. If you have a bunk bed, never place the small kid on the top of the bed.

#4. Co-Sleep with your child

Co-sleeping with the child can reduce the chances of babies falling from the bed. If you are a sound sleeper then make sure you secure the baby. Sometimes, parents do not realize which side they are rolling. Most Indian parents co sleep with their child. And if you are planning to co-sleep with the baby in between then ensure that neither parent is in danger of squishing the baby.

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#5. Buy guard rails online

There are many products available online which can be attached and detached when not required. A few of them are also available which can be inflated or deflated when not in use. For people who constantly shift, these kinds are the best to use. There are some DIY side rails which you can think of getting constructed with the help of a local carpenter.

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At the least, one parent can co-sleep with their babies on the floor. This eliminates falling completely. Hope these ways help you in ensuring that babies falling from the bed is a rare occurrence. Happy Sleeping!!

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