Clean Clothes, Happy Kids, Happier Mommy - Mom Story!

Clean Clothes, Happy Kids, Happier Mommy - Mom Story!

Dealing with dirty and stained clothes are inevitable in the life of a mom. One of the most tedious and dreaded tasks that a mom has to do, is washing clothes of her kids. The dirt and stains are so tough to remove, that even the thought of scrubbing and  washing clothes with hands each and every time, gives us chills!

This is my story. I am Shailja, a mother of two kids. I have a  boy who is 6 years old and a girl who is 3.5 years old. Both my kids are different but naughty to the core. While my elder one loves to play and is more of an outdoor person, my younger one prefers getting her hands dirty at home and with colours. When they are together, whether playing or having food; I have stopped thinking about their clothes and how messy they can get because I know that they are kids at the end of the day and they will get their hands and clothes dirty. Secondly, we also have a pet with us and my children love to play with her. So it’s tough to keep clothes clean and not to do laundry every day.

This is the case of every mother.  Also if your child is an infant, you cannot keep your her in diapers, all the time. Thus they are bound to stain their cloth diapers, bloomers and clothes. Also while feeding babies, they end up in spilling milk or food items on themselves as well as on the person who is feeding them. 

Laundry is an unavoidable task for all moms. After years of struggling to get a hand on the mountain of dirty clothes created by these tiny human beings, I have come to the conclusion that laundry is not only a time consuming and frustrating task but also comes up with many challenges. I have listed few below along with solutions for the same.

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#1. Allergens

Clothes also spread diseases.Yes, it’s true! At first I couldn’t believe it but then I saw my little one getting allergic reactions to some particular kind of clothes. It was due to the weather conditions and the cloth material. Sometimes if we hand wash clothes, the detergent doesn’t come out and it causes some allergic reaction on baby’s sensitive skin.

I really didn’t know how to handle the situation when a friend of mine suggested me to use Voltas Beko Washing Machine, as it had helped her in similar situations. The first time I used it, I was absolutely amazed!  This was the solution, I was looking for , for so many years! An Anti-allergy wash for all our clothes! Since we have a pet, it not only helped remove allergens from pet hair but also helped in removing bacteria and fungi from clothes during the damp monsoon seasons leading to allergen free and bacteria free fresh clothes.

#2. Long Wash Cycles 

It normally used to take hours in doing laundry. Each cycle used to be long and specially during monsoons it used to be a major task! But to my amazement, in my new Voltas Beko washing washing machine, it was just not a task anymore. It does my laundry in a jiffy and  has not only made the washing cycles faster but also does not compromise on the quality of clothes, by washing them extremely gently. It also takes care of the fabric of the garments so that the garments lasts longer as well.

#3. Stains & Stains!

The toughest part for me was to remove stains from the clothes of my children as well as mine because I was always at the receiving end of all. My daughter used all sorts of colours all over her as well as on her clothes. Giving a bath to my daughter wasn’t as tough as removing the stains from her clothes. My son was a sloppy eater and every birthday party he went to, he had cake all over his clothes.

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With the Voltas Beko washing machine, removing stains has now become easier and a happy chore. The machine generates powerful waves that are effective in dirt and stain removal. It has got rid of tough stains like turmeric stains, curry stains and even stains of some medicines. It has various combinations of rinse cycles and soak and thus washes clothes effectively yet gently to remove stains.

#4. Drying Clothes, Specially During Monsoons!

Sometimes we need clothes to be worn in just a few hours and drying clothes can be a super challenging task especially during monsoons! Also with kids its a bigger problem, for their uniforms needs to be washed , dried and ironed almost everyday !My newest addition to my family, my Voltas Becko washing machine,  has a wonderful feature of air dry which not only helps in washing clothes, but also makes them ready to wear in a very short span of time! 

#5. How Much Detergent To Use

This is one of things about machine wash that would always confuse me! How much detergent and softener to use with corresponding number of clothes! Also with a super busy schedule it becomes a task to even put washing powder, each and every time. Sometimes I used to forget putting the softener and the clothes would all come out a little rough. Once again my new washing machine came to my help! With the Auto dose technology that Voltas has, I didn’t  even have to think about the quantity of detergent or softener to use for my clothes. All that was required to do, was to fill the detergent and softener tanks just once a month! The smart machine automatically detects the amount of load and accordingly dispenses, that quantity of detergent and softener to be used in each wash. This also saved me time and the hassle of taking out detergent and softener bottles each time I ran my machine.

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To conclude it all, I would highly recommend Voltas Beko to all other mothers having a tiring time with their kid’s laundry problems , since it has provided excellent solutions to all my laundry problems!

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