13 Things You Must Carry When Travelling With Kids

13 Things You Must Carry When Travelling With Kids

I know of many couples who travelled a lot before babies and continue doing so, after babies. This is surprising considering there are so many things to carry when travelling with kids.

I, recently, spoke to a friend who said this:
“Our first trip with our baby turned out to be a disaster. We did enjoy a lot but we were just not prepared for it. We just packed our bags the way we would do before the baby and left the house. It was only after we got on the plane, we realised there is so much we should have packed. But that was it. Since then, we have learned so many tricks and tips on how to pack when travelling with the baby. And it is so much easier now.”

Travelling with your small ones is not a hassle if you are well prepared.

Things to carry when travelling with kids 

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#1. Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

Always, always carry a hand sanitizer as kids easily get their hands dirty. It is not possible to look for a place where you can get your kid’s hands washed, so simply carry a hand sanitizer and some wet wipes.

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#2. Medicine

Keep a first aid kit handy with antiseptic wipes, anti-itch cream, thermometer, plasters and basic medicines.

#3. Diapers

Put in some extra diapers in your bag. Also keep plastic bags to dispose of soiled diapers.

#4. Water Bottle

Keeping your little one hydrated is a must. Make sure you carry a handy water bottle.

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#5. The Fun Bag

Carry plenty of games, toys, stickers and coloring books to keep your little ones engaged and happy. These games and books can also provide kids a sense of familiarity at a new destination.

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#6. Food

Pack as much food as you can. Make sure what you pack is dry so that it can last longer. Put in crackers, pretzels, dried fruits, granola bars etc. Kids can feel hungry anytime and this can be really helpful especially in case of long waits.

#7. Travel Journal

Travel teaches a lot to kids. Exploring new places and meeting new people is very fascinating for them. Carry a journal or notebook where your kid can list or draw attractions he has seen, people he has met and food he has tried. This can be a very enriching experience for kids and can significantly broaden their mindsets.

You can also get them a folder or album, and encourage them to collect stamps and postcards from different places. This can get them curious about the stories of the places and people and also help them relive memories when they grow up.

#8. Kids-friendly Camera

Get your kids a camera and you will be amused by the way they look at surroundings.

#9. Clothing

Pack comfortable clothes. If you are going to a warm place, pick natural fibres or else sweat can lead to rashes, especially on the delicate skin of babies.
Make sure to keep extra set of clothes (especially underwear and socks) for your baby. Also keep hats with wide brims. You can also get them shades with elastic straps to protect their eyes.

#10. Zip-lock bags

Also, it is advisable to pack your kids clothes separately in plastic zip-lock bags day by day. This will save you a lot of time.

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#11. Thin blankets

Keep thin blankets for warmth and comfort during travel.

#12. Toiletries

Keep toiletries specific for the baby so that you don’t have to rely on the hotel staff later.

#13. Pacifier

You can keep a pacifier (if it works with your child) to calm down a cranky and distressed baby

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Here are a few quick tips that you can follow for a relaxed and stress-free travel experience:

#1. Before the trip, talk to them about the place. You can show them pictures or talk about interesting stories related to the place. This will help them get comfortable with the idea of going to a new place.

#2. When it is about travelling with your little one, plan a slow paced and leisurely trip. A tightly packed tour with many to-dos and to-sees can get very exhausting for you as well as your kid.

#3. Make sure to do all the reservations and bookings in advance as it will save you from last minute panic with the kid. Even get the flight check-ins beforehand. That ways, you can even choose the seat you want.

#4. Involve your little ones in the packing process as it can build up their excitement.

Share with us when was the last time you went on a trip with your baby. What tips did you follow? Did you make a list of things to carry when travelling with kids? Do share it with us.

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