50 Gift Ideas Of Toys For Kids On Their Birthday

50 Gift Ideas Of Toys For Kids On Their Birthday

When one walks into a toy store, place on the planet. Looking at all those fascinating and interesting toys, surely does bring out the kid in all of us. The child in us knows exactly what we would pick for ourselves, but buying a toy for a baby can be quite a hard task. With this comprehensive list of gift ideas for baby toys, hopefully, your gift hunt will be a lot easier. Also Read: 100 Game Ideas for Kids – Age Group 3 years to 7 years

Baby Toys for 0-1 year olds

Colors are the first thing that comes to mind when I pick toys for babies. Babies respond best to vibrant colors. The following toys have worked wonderfully for me every time:

#1. Fisher Price Busy Box

Every baby loves these toys. This box just bustles with activity and gives a lot to explore. There are spinning letters, peek-a-boo doors, animal blocks, vehicle rollers, beaded trails, and lots more that comes packed in this busy box. Price Rs. 2799 Age 6 months+ Benefits It is great fun for the little ones and keeps them busy for a long time. As they explore, they also develop their gross motor skills.

#2. Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball Set

This three-piece set is a great last minute gifting idea. These sensor balls have a wrinkly and squishy texture that kids love to explore. Vibrant and rattling, they make sounds that intrigue the baby. Price Rs. 2230 Age 6 months+ Benefits The set is perfect to encourage the baby to start crawling. Simply spread them on the carpet and watch how the baby tries to reach out and grab them. These balls help aid your little one’s sense of sight, hearing, and touch. Babies also learn to differentiate textures through this toy.

#3. Wonder wheels by Sassy

This is one toy that kept my fussy-eater daughter glued to her feeding chair for long the longest time possible. Easy to stick to tabletops, this toy comes with a suction cups at the bottom. The transparent wheel spins, rattles and is super colorful. The attached rings, beads, and knick-knacks leave ample to explore. Price Rs. 850 Age 6 months+ Benefits This toy is a sensory treat for the little ones. It helps develop their sense of touch, visual tracking and allows the baby to connect sound to sight. It also encourages the urge of exploration.

#4. Soft Toys

I personally feel that every kiddo must have one of these. Plush and cuddly soft toys can be easily thrown around, hugged, chewed upon, manhandled, and slept with by babies. Bears, lions, elephants, bunnies, and caterpillars are some of the most favorite of the lot. You could also pick from character toys such as Tweety, Simba, Tom, Jerry, and more. Price Depends upon the size and quality Age 6 months+ Benefits If washed and mended regularly, they are the great buys for babies. Soft toys offer a sense of comfort and belonging to the child. Make sure you buy good quality ones always.

#5. Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker

This is great once your little one starts to sit. Just scatter the stackables around the baby and teach her how to go along and pile them one on top of the other. Colorful and fun, this toy can keep them busy for a long time. My daughter loved the rings while my son never parted with his stackable cubes. Price Rs. 799 Age 1+ Benefit They help strengthen hand-eye coordination and motor skills in babies. They also teach little ones about special arrangement and size difference. I taught my kiddos about colors using these vibrant pieces as aids.

#6. Toyshine Interactive Swing Goose Toy

Every little baby enjoys spending time with toys that dance, sing and maybe even talk when touched. This wonderful Goose not only sings peppy songs but also gives out interactive messages when held by the neck or picked up. Crafted from non-toxic plastic, it is a fun must-have for your baby. Price Rs. 1999 Age 1+ Benefits I personally love this toy because it keeps the baby entertained for hours on end. It is the perfect way to encourage body movements and learning of new words for the tiny tikes. This is the time when you want to think about keeping the child as active as possible. Some toddlers are already learning to walk and speak by this age. Keeping those growing little minds active with toys can shape them wonderfully.

#7. IshStaR Plush Rocking Animal With Wheels

I simply loved this gift that my colleagues pooled in to gift my son on his first birthday. I would not hesitate to recommend this for the little ones, simply because it is so soft and cushiony with rounded edges. The handles and base of this toy are made of wood and even if there is an accidental tumble you don’t have to worry. It is just inches off the ground and totally safe. Price Rs. 3500 Age 1+ Benefits Huggable and safe, it easily converts from rocking mode to rolling mode as it comes with wheels. The rocker offers ample leg exercise as the baby pushes for movement. It helps muscle development.

#8. Little's Musical Activity Table

This is a great toy for kiddos just learning to stand on their own. It comes with a musical flipbook that sings lullabies and has different appendages taking out different sounds of vehicles, or animals. I love it for the chunky piano keys it has and the many built-in things to roll, rattle, and pull at. Price Rs. 1599 Age 1+ Benefits Colorful and fun, these tables offer the kids to experiment with different sounds, shapes, and textures. They present endless activities to stimulate the mind and inculcate a sense of music facilitating early learning.

#9. VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier

Great for early walkers, this was a favorite toy of my son. He simply loved dragging it all over the house. The interactive sounds play phone, rolling wheels, animal characters, and the little cars all added to the fun. When my son started walking he would just walk a little extra to hear the sound of his pull along trailing behind. Price Rs. 3985 Age 1+ Benefits Pull along toys such as this one offer a great encouragement to babies learning to walk. Builds fist strength and control as the child discovers how much strength to apply to ensure a gentle movement of the toy.

#10. Lego - My First Duplo blocks

Who doesn’t love building blocks? These chunky blocks are ideal for kids who are just learning to gain control on their movements. Colorful and easy to fix together, they come with building cards as guides and are great fun to play with.

#11. Mr. Stress Doctor Fidget Toy Mesh and Marble

One of the greatest baby toys for soothing fidgety fingers, it comes with marble balls inside a mesh pack. Kids can just roll it, squeeze it, pull it, or twist it when nervous, anxious, or simply fidgety. Price INR 699 Age For all ages above 1 Benefit It helps to enhance concentration, soothes anxious nerves, and builds focus. Kids as well as adults with ADHD or autism can use it.

12. Sonaedoms STEM Force and Motion Activity set

This can be your little one’s first play set that introduces her to the concept of force and motion. I have spent hours with this toy and my little one, discovering different movements and varying the degree of force to see its effect. Price INR 3200 Age 1 – 2 years Benefits Complete with a pendulum, incline, weights, ladder, vehicles, and a guide booklet; this set makes for a great preschool learning experience for your baby. She can experience first hand difference between the movement of a vehicle when the incline is tilted higher and what friction does to movement by rolling her car on a textured surface.

Baby Toys for 2-5 year olds

This is the time when you might want to start looking at “girl toys” and “boy toys” differently. However, many will still overlap. My preference always remains for toys that teach while still being fun.

#1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

Burn off your little one’s energy with this pounding toy. The happy faced pegs can be pounded with a hammer. When the child pounds one peg, another one pops right up. It comes with a wooden hammer. Price Rs. 1600 Age 2+ Benefits It is a great way to introduce the child to colors. Also keeps the little ones away from the destructive play.

#2. Active People Bilibo

This simple turtle shell shaped toy offers endless options of versatile play for active toddlers. It works like a sand box, a spinner, a stool to sit on, or even a small Fort. Kids never get bored with the Bilibo. Price Starts at Rs. 1100 and varies with size Age 2+ Benefits It encourages imaginative play and curiosity. The multiple uses of this toy are a real test to creativity.

#3. Toyshine Luxury kitchen pretend and Play set

This is the age when kids love to imitate adults and start taking in different things that mommy, daddy, and other adults around them do. It is a great time to introduce them to pretend and play sets such as this super luxurious kitchen play set. It features lights and sounds for different gadgets and can be dismantled into a carrying case when not in use. Price Rs. 1599 Age 3+ Benefits Role-play is a wonderful way to build imagination. The child will also pick up the language skills as he or she cooks food, serves to guests, and more. You can also explore from other options of pretend and play such as supermarket set, doctor set, gardener set, and more.

#4. Hot Wheels Super Score Speed Way Track Set

Kids, mostly boys love assembling tracks so that their cars and engines can drive past them. Track sets are a must-have experience for every growing toddler. Complete with launchers, a car, loops, and scoring targets this set is simply thrilling for individual or group play with friends. Price Rs. 1999 Age 4 years Benefits Fuels imagination and allows the child to concentrate on putting it together. Teaches assembly and enhances understanding of special arrangement.

#5. Playhood Baby Tunnel and Tent Set

Perfect to give your kiddo that ‘me-time’ for safe and secure play, this tunnel and tent set is easy to place in the balcony, backyard, or lawn. Fill it with balls and blocks or simply let your little one play peek-a-boo with you or her friends. Both my kids love to move through these tunnels even today, even though they are 5 plus now. Price Rs. 1499 Age 2-4 years Benefits Easy to assemble, they can be taken along for picnics, outdoors, as well as, indoor play. Allows safe playtime for active kids.

#6. Play-Doh Fun Factory Super Set

Play dough is just superb when you want the little ones to spend some quiet time doing their own thing. They get so engrossed. This kit comes complete with a clay factory machine, shaping molds and tools, clay dough tubs, stencils, rolling pin, and cutters for endless fun Price Rs. 2400 Age 3+ Benefits These help build motor skills and aid muscle development in children. They are also great to enhance imagination.

#7. Toy Bhumi Water and Sand Activity Play Center

Kids of all ages love to play with water and sand. What better way to make that happen than this fun activity table? It comes with eight accessories to create sandy shapes and have fun with water while doing it all inside a deep set table that acts as a bowl and prevents most of the mess from spreading. Price Rs. 2400 Age 3 – 4 years Benefits Fosters imaginative play and builds your child’s motor skills by strengthening the fingers as she shapes the sand.

#8. Hamley’s Zippy Mat Dance Challenge Play Mat

This play mat makes for a fun party game when your kiddo has friends over. It features numbers 1-9 printed on it in circles and a box at the top that displays the same numbers randomly. The aim of the game is to place your foot or hand on the number that gets displayed. You can make numerous variations to this game for endless hours of fun. Price Rs. 2999 Age 4+ Benefits Helps build coordination, attentiveness, and hand-eye movements. Aids early learning and offers a great option for group play.

#9. Skola Toys Sandpaper alphabets

This is a pre-writing activity set that helps you to teach your little one to understand formations by tracing their fingers on the rough surface of the sandpaper and understanding curves and lines. You can find many options for numbers and alphabets of different languages too.

#10. Fat brain toys Squigz

The set comes with 50 silicone Squigz. Kids can build different things such as animals, machines, and more by attaching them together. Price INR 1800 Age 3+ Benefits This toy ensures enhanced, motor skills. Besides that it just keeps their minds engaged for long periods of time quite easily. Price Rs. 850 per set Age 2+

#11. Kinetic Sand Box with Molds

It is the best modelling toy available for kids. They can go outdoors or even play indoors. The sand can be molded into different shapes. Price Varies for different pack sizes Age 3+ Benefits Using the fingers to knead and shape the sand builds the fine motor skills. Of course, the child also becomes more creative with each attempt.

#12. Marble Run

This building toy keeps the child engaged for several hours. As the child builds the pathway design, it almost builds to the pinnacle when finally they roll a marble from the top so it reaches the bottom without any glitches. Price Rs. 3000 Age 4+ Benefits This toy makes kids extremely logical in their thinking. It also boosts creativity. #13.

Einstein Box for 1-Year Olds

I have simply loved this box and all that comes in it. It’s like a magic pot that comes alive the moment you open it. There are easy two-piece puzzles, foam shapes, a family booklet, a book on animals and even masks for role-play. This one box guarantees hours of fun with your baby. What I loved about this set was that the books are tear resistant and there are no sharp pieces. Price 599 Age 1-2 years Benefits Improves your little one’s vocabulary, enhances logical thinking, and builds a desire to learn in a fun manner. . #14.

Curious Minds Busy Bags Fidget Toys Bundle

This toy fag is a fun collection of wacky tracks, fidget shapes, sensory balls, nuts, bolts, pipes, and connectors that the child can use to make delightful shapes and play for hours at length. Price INR 5197 Age 5+ Benefits Perfect to lend autistic children a sensory experience with different shapes and sizes of objects, this fidget toy bag creates ample scope for exploration and aims to build concentration while bringing in a sense of calm as well.

Toys for 5-7 Year Olds

Kids love to observe things around them, don’t they? This is the time when you can help the child develop skills like memory, focus, better cognitive ability, and lots through guided play.

#1. BabyGo Fish Catching Game

This game is battery operated and comes with a rotating fishpond with 26 fish that need to be caught. The child must catch the fish before it closes its mouth. Price INR 650 Age 5+ Benefit Aids understanding of special perception and builds hand and eye coordination in kids. Also develops focus and attention in children.

#2. Rory’s story cubes

I just love this toy. Perfect to get your tale spinners into action, the story cubes come with dices that feature pictures on all 4 sides. Let the child roll the 9 cubes and create a story using all the pictures that face up. It works as an amazing family game as well. Price INR 500 Age 6+ Benefits This toy significantly improves your child’s imagination and communication skills. It works as a great way to enhance creativity in kids.

#3. Spot it!

This game is based on identifying cards based on certain rules that come with it. It is a game that parents can play with the kids too and comes in very handy during travel as well. You can pick from the variants on sports, animals, spot on the road and more. Price Rs. 1050 Age 7 years Benefits It is immensely helpful in improving concentration skills. It also teaches the child to stay alert.

#4. Toyshine Cash Register

Although the manufacturer mentions the suitable age at 3 years onwards, I suggest you buy this toy only when your toddler is old enough to do some basic math calculations (around 5 years). It comes with a built-in barcode scanner, play coins, bills, and other supermarket accessories, vegetables, shopping cart and lots more to keep even the child within you super excited simply because the whole experience can’t get more close to a real cash register. Price Rs. 3000 Age 3-7 years Benefits Children learn to recognize coins. They also learn basic math skills like addition and subtraction in addition to role-play.

#5. Wooden Cricket Kit for Kids

This is the perfect time to introduce your child to the world of sports. The kit comes complete with a bat, stumps with the base, a ball, and a kit carrying case. Perfect for school matches and picnics. It is a must-have for your growing child. Price Rs. 1300 Age 5-8 years Benefits Sports development toys such as cricket kits, badminton racquet sets, golf sets, and more aid physical activity and inculcate team spirit. My kids significantly have learnt team and sportsman spirit after they started playing cricket and football.

#6. ThinkFun Compose Yourself

If your little one shows any interest in music, pick this toy up right away. It is engaging, gives the child a feeling of achievement when he or she composes a piece of music on his or her own. Price INR 1200 Age 6 years to adults Benefits Children who are exposed to music tend to be sharper. With this composing toy, they also feel a sense of accomplishment that they have created something. #7.

Funvention Catapult Mania

This aim and propel game is also a fun educational DIY toy offering six unique build-yourself games in one. It requires the child to aim and propel an object towards a set of blocks or cups. The angles and height of the propeller can be changed around to make the game more fun and challenging. Price Rs. 750 Age 5+ Benefit This game helps kids learn about angles, distance, arcs, and similar concepts. It also does wonders for concentration. #8.

Celebration™ DIY 3D Stereoscopic Draw in 3D

This is an amazing kit for children that teaches them how to draw using 3D pens, sets the drawing using a spotlight and then color the creations and put them together to make their own 3D model. The kit comes with 4 3-D pens, a spotlight, plastic sheets, a platform, and more for hours of creative fun. Price Rs. 1099 Age 6+ Benefits It makes a good introduction to the concept of three-dimensional drawing. Enhances creativity and builds the skill of freehand drawing.

#9. Happy Kidz Make Your Own Greeting Card

This kit is a great kit to enhance creativity in your child. It comes with a pre-cut card paper; colors, decorations, stickers, and more to guide the child through card making for loved ones. Both my son and daughter have loved this kit and we have got several cards on various occasions ever since. Price Rs. 515 Age 6+ Benefits It helps enhance creative thinking. This kit also helped my kids realize the importance of handmade cards and the reason why sending them is important.

#10. Garden Drip Irrigation DIY Kit

This is an educative DIY toy where the child learns how to make her own garden through the process of drip irrigation. I bought this toy for my son and he really enjoyed caring for his plants every day. He even took it to school as a science project to display in class. Age 5+ Benefits Besides educating the child on the different techniques of gardening and irrigation, it also inculcates a sense of responsibility towards the plants and sows the seeds of a lifetime hobby.

Toys for 8-10 Years

At this age, kids need something more than just goofy toys. You can’t hand them a noisy toy and expect them to be happy. They need something that keeps their mind engaged and stimulated.

#1. Funskool Upwords

Teaching words and vocabulary to your child was never easier. Kids can build words upward as they learn. Price INR 500 Age 8-12 years Benefits While language development is the key focus of the game, children learn several other things, too. One such skill is creative problem-solving.

#2. Perplexus Rookie

This toy is available in variants starting for as young as 6 months old and goes up to ages 10 and older. It takes puzzles to a whole new level. The 3D and 2D puzzle spheres challenge the growing minds of kids through labyrinths of puzzles. It also engages the child physically with the 22ft track and barriers along with 70+ barriers as challenges. Price Rs. 1750 Age 8-15 years Benefits This game is excellent for improving spatial thinking hand-eye coordination, reasoning, and balance.

#3. Funskool mastermind

This is a must-have in your kids’ collection of games and toys. Kids at this age love playing with friends. This is one of the most engaging games to play in groups. Price INR 350 Age 8+ Benefits This game is designed to help kids to improve their strategic thinking, logic, and analytical thinking.

#4. Ivan’s Hinge

The game comes with flexible, twisting, and turning chain of pieces that the child can manipulate to create various patterns illustrated on the given cards. There are about 56 illustrations, each one harder than the other. Price INR 1900 Age 8 years to adult Benefits Kids get extremely sharp with this simple game. Problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical skills become extremely high with this puzzle.

#5. Gravity Maze

For a child who loves a good challenge, there is no better game than this one. It comes with the challenge to keep the marble rolling to its destination ensuring proper arrangement of the pieces. With up to 60 levels, keeping your child entertained could not get easier. Price Rs. 2300 Age 8 years to adult Benefits Logical skills are highly enhanced with this game. They also help kids plan better.

#6. Toy Kraft M'Tek - Cranes

The set is great to make different designs of cranes and pulleys from pieces of metals. It comes complete with nuts, bolts, design sheets, and tools to do the job right. Price Rs.1399 Ages 9 years to adults Benefits Engages the child in hours of creative fun and enhances motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. It also teaches how to read designs and create them.

#7. 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot DIY Kit

This kit is your child’s most wonderful exposure to a use of renewable sources of energy such as the solar energy. It allows the child to make 14 working models ranging from surf bot, crab, turtle, and much more. All these function on solar energy and do not require any batteries. My daughter just fell in love with these kits as she could see her own working models come to life. Price Rs. 950 Age group 8+ Benefits Helps educate children on uses of alternative sources of energy and enhances creative and scientific thinking.

#8. 4M Magnet Science Kit

Magnets have always fascinated kids. Different sizes of magnets can be used to complete many projects, make levitation gadgets, fishing games, and perform 10 or more activities through this set. Price INR 1950 Age Group 8+ Benefits This is a simple way to teach children about magnetic poles, magnetic fields, and magnetic force in general.

#9. Science4U Fingerprints criminal investigation

The set comes with a booklet and 10 experiments teaching that take kids through fun investigative games using several scientific concepts. The whole idea of acting like a detective and finding fingerprints on various surfaces seems really thrilling to children. Price INR 790 Age Group 8-10 years Benefits It teaches children all about fingerprints, how they are collected, what is their use in investigations, what chemicals are used in such investigations and more.

#10. Smartivity pump it, move it hydraulic crane

This toy is easy to build. Kids can make a fully functional crane using hydraulic power and it can also move things around and pick them up too. The perfect STEM toy, it makes for a fun-filled learning experience. Price INR 1000 Age group 8-12 year Benefits Teaching basic concepts of science was never easier. This toy helps children understand the basics of hydraulic power and its functioning. It also builds practical and analytical skills

#11. Buddy Talk

The game comes with a pack of cards attached together with a ring. Each card has a sentence written on it that acts as a funny, interesting or outright strange conversation starter. Kids can sit in groups and play turn-by-turn building stories and creating experiences. #12. Quill On Super Quiller and Buddies Set My daughter fell in love with this quilling set. It comes with a unique battery operated quilling tools that make the job even more easy and fun. In addition, one also gets free beading and quilling strips for endless projects to try. Make cards, jewellery, boxes and more. Price Rs. 775 Age group 7+ Benefits Quilling is a great craft to learn. It not only enhances creativity but also keeps your child constructively engaged for hours. More so the child gets to make delightful keepsakes with her own hands, which she can even gift to her friends. #13.

Be Cre8v Scribbler Bot Robotic Kits

How cool would it be if a kid could create his or her own robot? Be Cre8v offers an array of Robotic Kits varying in complexity and design depending on the age group the kit caters to. This battery-operated scribbler robot is easy to assemble with the help of a DIY guide sheet and the aim is to create a robot that can write. Price Rs. 775 Age group 7+
Benefits The child learns to assemble robots based on functions. This means the logical skills and analytical skills get better.

#14. Shifu Orboot

This is an augmented reality-based globe that teams with a supporting app to provide the kids with an interactive educational experience. The app works on your Apple as well as Android devices through to make the whole experience come alive. The game comes with passports, flags, stickers, and a guidebook to play this around the world game. Price INR 2499 Age group 4 -10 years Benefits Kids get to learn all about different cultures, languages, countries, and more through a 3D experience. It fuels the child’s imagination, builds general knowledge, and linguistic skills while letting their imagination run wild. Want to share your experience as a mom with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you