Top 25 Baby Names For 2019

Top 25 Baby Names For 2019

You have just welcomed your newborn son or daughter and now are on the lookout for the perfect name. All parents look for a modern and cute name for their child which is also meaningful and will be a reflection of the personality and future they wish for their child.

Top 25 Baby Names For 2019 

We bring you a small collection of trendy and meaningful names to choose from. Hope this helps you find the perfect name for the Apple of your eye.

Top Trending Indian Baby Names For Boys

#1. Abeer/Abir

If you believe in being a secular parent and want your baby boy’s name to reflect the same, Abeer may be the perfect name for you. Abeer, name of both Hindu and Arabic origins means ‘Sweet smelling like a rose’ in Arabic and ‘reddish colour of the sky in Bengali’.

#2. Advay

Your little boy is one-in-a-million and has no equal. Let his name reflect the same. Advay means ‘Unique, one with no duplicate’ in Hindi.

#3. Devansh

Is your newborn son the answer to your prayers? Then Devansh is the perfect name for him. This name of Indian origin means ‘Part of God’. Also read: Naamkaran – A Hindu Baby Naming Ceremony

#4. Garv

This is a simple yet unique name for your little boy. Garv which means ‘proud’ in Sanskrit is the perfect name for a boy who is sure to make you proud.

#5. Himank

Himank is a unique name you don’t often hear. This is a name of Hindu origin which means ‘Diamond’ and your little boy, like his name, will surely shine bright like a Diamond.

#6. Naman

Naman is a boy’s name of Hindu origin which means ‘Salutation or Bow’. If you are looking at naming your newborn son with the letter N, this unique name could be the perfect name for him.

#7. Praneel

Are you disciples of Lord Shiva and want to name your newborn son after the powerful God? Praneel which means ‘Lord Shiva’ in Sanskrit might be the name you are looking for.

#8. Sreshth

Every child is the best in his parent’s eyes, so let his name reflect the same. Sreshth is a name of Sanskrit origin and means ‘The Best or Most Excellent’.

#9. Taksh

Taksh is a meaningful name which is so unique we’re sure you might not even have heard it before. Taksh means ‘Great Champion’ in Sanskrit and is also another name for Lord Ganesha.

#10. Vijit

Vijit is a name of Hindu Origin which means ‘To Win, or Conquer’. Just like his unique name, your son will be a winner in all aspects of life.

#11. Yug

If you are looking for a short but meaningful name which cannot be turned into any nicknames, this name is perfect for you. Yug means ‘Historic period or era’ and is a name of Hindu origins.

#12. Zayan

Zayan is a poetic name of Urdu or Persian origins which means ‘Graceful or Beauty’. Name your little prince this and he ought to be as beautiful as his name.

Top Trending Indian Baby Names For Girls

#1. Aashi

Aashi is a name as unique as it is beautiful. Aashi, a name with Hindu origins means ‘Smile’, just the way you hope your little girl will spread smiles, life-long.

#2. Aadra

Every little girl is a beauty in her parent’s eyes. This unique name which means ‘Beauty’ seems to be just on the threshold of popularity.

#3. Aryahi

Aryahi is another name for ‘Goddess Durga’. This is the perfect name for parents who believe every girl-child is a goddess. Also read: 7 Amazing Tips To Host The Best Baby Shower Ever That People Will Remember Forever!

#4. Devina

Looking for a name which sounds modern, yet has a deep Indian meaning. Devina has both Latin and Hindu origins and means 'Divine One' in Latin and ‘Like a Goddess’ in Hindi.

#5. Drishti

Drishti means 'Vision or Focus' in Sanskrit which is what every parent wants their child to have. This could be the perfect name for parents looking to name their darling daughter with the letter D.

#6. Elina

Are you looking for an Indian name with a foreign touch? Then Elina might be the perfect name for your little girl. Elina is a name of Greek and Hindu origins and means ‘smart or intelligent’.

#7. Ina

This is a short, modern, yet meaningful name for your baby girl. Ina has both English and Hindu origin and means ‘mother or strong’.

#8. Kaira

Another unique and modern name sure to make your daughter stand out in a crowd. Kaira is a name with Greek or Latin origins and means ‘peaceful, beloved’.

#9. Mahika

Every parent hopes for their child to be grounded just like Mother Earth. Mahika meaning ‘Earth’ will hopefully imbibe the same qualities in your daughter.

#10. Nainika

This is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. Nainika means ‘Apple of the Eye’ in Bengali and is just the right name for your daughter who is surely the apple of your eye.

#11. Noor/Noori

This is a beautiful name with Punjabi / Urdu origins, perfect for the secular parents. Noor means ‘Light or Divine light’ and is apt for the baby who is the light of your lives. Also read: Anna Prashan (First Rice-Eating Ceremony)

#12. Risha

This is a trendy, one-of-a-kind name which will make your one-of-a-kind daughter stand out from the crowd. Risha is a beautiful name of Indian and Russian origins which means ‘Saintly or having the qualities of a saint’.

#13. Vanshika

This beautiful name is of Indian (Bengali) origin. Vanshika which means ‘flute’ may your child’s life be filled with sweetness. Want to share your experience as a mom with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you