How To Introduce Solids To A 6 Month Baby (Bonus 10 Recipe Ideas To Start)

How To Introduce Solids To A 6 Month Baby (Bonus 10 Recipe Ideas To Start)

Just like every other aspect of parenting, feeding right also comes with trial and error. You discover that your child loves the same foods as you, but will not eat unless you tell him a story! Before introducing solids, do have a word with your paediatrician. Also, try to avoid packaged or ready-made food as far as possible.

Tips Before Introducing Solids To Your child

  • Always start with mashed food that is easy to digest like banana, steamed apple, etc.
  • When introducing solids, feed the baby only a spoon of it for at least 3 days to check for any allergies or adverse reactions.
  • Alternate between sweet and salty to offer a varied taste to the baby.
  • Do not give chunks of food like pieces of hard fruits like an apple that the baby may choke on.
  • Always check the temperature of the food before feeding the baby. Ideally, it should be room temperature.
  • Be mentally prepared for more episodes of poop cleaning as the little digestive systems are preparing to make eating a pleasant journey.
  • Adding hing to foods like khichadi is a good idea as both aids in digestion and dahi is also an excellent probiotic.
  • Instead of introducing sugar, you can add mashed banana to make the suji halwa/kheer to make them naturally sweet.
  • Transition gradually from feeder bottles to silicon tip spoons to eating on their own.
  • If the baby does not eat when you feed, give them some time and try again when they are really hungry. Never try to force feed your baby.
  • Telling stories or taking them out in the garden will make feeding times easier.

Food Ideas That Are Ideal When Introducing Solids

#1. Ragi Malt

Ragi is one of the healthiest options for babies, as it is very high in calcium.

How to Make: Mix about 2 tbsps of ragi sattva/ragi flour in about 1 cup of water to make a paste and remove all lumps.Then let it cook on a slow flame till the mixture starts to thicken. If your child is on formula, you can add a few spoons of formula to it and feed it using a feeder.

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#2. Suji Kheer or Upma

Suji is an easily digestible grain and loved by babies.

How to Make: Roast 2 tsps of suji and then add about half a cup of water/formula and cook. Add applesauce or mashed banana for sweetness.

#3. Steamed/Grated Apple

Apples have a natural sweetness which makes them a great first food for baby.

How to Make: Apple can be cut into cubes after peeling the skin and steamed in a cooker, mashed and fed.

#4. Besan Chila

This is a quick and healthy option when your baby is hungry. You can add grated vegetable to increase nutrient quotient.

How to Make: Add besan and some water to make batter of pouring consistency. Add some ajwain and salt. Add chopped onions(optional). Pour the batter on a nonstick pan like a dosa and cook on a low flame.

#5. Steamed Red Pumpkin (Sitaphal/Petha)

Pumpkins are very healthy and loved by babies. As your baby grows, you can even add a pinch of cumin for taste.

How to Make: Peel, dice and steam in the pressure cooker. Mash and feed your baby.

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#6. Instant Dal Rice Khichdi

This one bowl dish, cooked along with vegetables is perfect for babies.

How to Make: Roast some rice and some moong dal separately. Cool and powder it using a grinder, store it and carry along while traveling.To prepare, just add some water and cook on a low flame. Hing and salt may be added for digestion and taste.

#7. Dalia

Dalia or broken wheat is great for kids as it provides needed carbohydrates as well as fiber.

How to Make: Roast Dalia and store.While preparing, I cook it in water first and then add desired quantity of milk and sugar to adjust consistency.

#8. Steamed Vegetables

Green vegetables, or any other seasonal veggies are always easy to digest and beneficial for babies as well.

How to Make: Chop french beans, carrots and cauliflower and steamed it in the cooker, mashed it and added some butter or ghee and feed.

#9. Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrition. You can first introduce egg yolk and then egg white.

How to Make: Beat an egg with a few tbsps of milk in the frying pan and cook till it is done and add spices of choice and feed.

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#10. Mixed Veg Cutlets

This is another great way to get your baby to eat vegetables. Cutlets have a good texture and it gives your child a break from all the purees.

How to Make: Cut and boil all vegetables like French beans, cauliflower, carrots, a small piece of beetroot and mash them in with double the quantity of potatoes. Dip a slice of whole wheat bread in water and squeeze out the water. Add this to the mashed veggies and shape like a patty/cutlet with greased palms. Shallow fry in a pan and serve.

Happy Cooking Mommies and Happy Eating little ones!!

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