7 Effective Tips To Improve The Brain Development Of The Child

7 Effective Tips To Improve The Brain Development Of The Child

These days children are highly dependent on technology, both for their learning and entertainment. But does technology actually help in their brain development? Research says 90% of brain development takes place by the time your child is 5 years old! So, as parents one has to choose the right ways in which you can give your child’s growing brain the required boost! Here is a list of 7 effective tips that can help you boost your child’s brain development.

Tips To Boost Your Child’s Brain Development

#1. Reading

Nothing can beat reading, when it comes to effective ways of learning new things. Although kids will always have their curriculum books to read, you can introduce them to the world of literature early on by offering them a variety of books to read. It can be visually rich story books, activity books or even books about your child’s area of interest. Also, books are something in which not only you but even grandparents can get involved, thereby building up a stronger social bond.

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#2. Maths

As mathematics is a compulsory subject in school, one can rest assured that the child is being taught at least the basics. But math need not necessarily be limited to prescribed course books. Ever thought of introducing mathematics in your kids day to day activities, making it a fun learning? You can do this while going grocery shopping with him or even at home in the kitchen. Let your child count the number of fruits, add few to it, take away a few. Let them count the grocery items and so on. It is one of the most effective activities for stimulating the brain.

#3. Travelling

There is no doubt that travelling and exploring new places is fun for kids. But the same journey can be made into an interesting brain stimulating session as well. When you are travelling, encourage your child to observe. There is so much that a child can learn by observing the roads, like colours, numbers, activities and so on. Stimulating his mind in this real environment will help in his brain development.

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#4. Toys

Do you find it frustrating when your child makes a scene when demanding a new toy? Are you aware that there are many toys available that help in motor skills development of your kids? There are also toys which will help your child learn a lot of things. So, try to convince your child to choose a toy that will help him to explore and interact, which in turn will eventually lead to boosting of their brains.

#5. Brain-Boosting Foods

Along with activities, there are certain foods that help in boosting your baby’s brain development. Ensure that your baby has foods rich in DHA. DHA is as much required for your baby’s brain development as calcium is required for his bones! Other foods that would help in your baby’s brain development would be yoghurt, green vegetables, nuts, oatmeal, apples and plum.

#6. Exercising

When kids play or engage in sports or other physical activities, not only do their their bodies become fit, but they also become smart. This is because exercise increases the flow of blood to the brain. Blood delivers oxygen and glucose to the brain, which the brain needs for heightened alertness and mental focus.

#7. Massage

This is very important in the first 3 years of your baby’s life. Massage helps improve blood circulation and also alertness, which improves cognitive performance in your little one, not only today but also in the future. A massage helps to stimulate your baby’s senses, which helps your child to take in more information. Paediatric doctors recommend massages every day before giving them a bath for their child’s overall development.

Now that we have discussed tips on how to improve your child’s brain development, development of your child’s cognitive skills is also a very important part of your child’s brain development. Cognitive development is characterised by the way a child learns, acquires knowledge and interacts with his surroundings. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can improve your child’s cognitive development:

5 Ways To Promote Your Child’s Cognitive Development

#1. Sing Together

Try and sing songs together with your child. Play his favourite songs and nursery rhymes and very soon he will start singing them himself. This activity will help promote memory and word identification.

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#2. Identify Noises

Help your child identify noises that he hears throughout the day. Like the sound of a blender, the sound of a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner and so on. This will help him understand how sounds relate to objects in everyday environment.

#3. Practice Shapes And Colors

Identify shapes and colours while interacting with your child. Like you can show him an egg, and explain the shape as oval. Or show an orange and explain that its shape as ‘round’. Soon, he too will be able to identify shapes of objects around him.

#4. Play With Everyday Household Items

Playing with everyday household items is not only fun but also cost effective. It encourages your child to build up his imagination.

#5. Visit Interesting Places

Take your child out to visit places like the zoo, museums, parks, to name a few. Ask him questions about his surroundings, what he sees and listen carefully to what he says. This will be a learning experience for both of you.

As we see that there are various ways in which you as a parent can stimulate your child’s mental thinking process. What is important to remember is that, helping a child to boost his brain development should be linked to his general learning rather than just textbook learning.

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