10 Helpful Tips To Make Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

10 Helpful Tips To Make Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

If you are a happy and well-rested mom, your energy levels are high and hence you stay more energetic. If your baby’s sleep cycle is fine, you also get time to rest. Every mother has her own way of making her child sleep. Some babies go to sleep while nursing, some demand to get carried and walk, while some like to be patted on the back and some have their own crib or swing… different things make the baby sleep and that is a challenging task for every new mother. Are you looking for tips on how to make your baby sleep through the night? You’ve come to the right place.

They say sleep is a luxury for parents when their child is born. Many first-time parents are fatigued after welcoming their little joy into their lives. Many parents go through trial and error to figure out what works right. A mommy should rest when the baby is sleeping instead of blaming like I didn’t have a sound sleep! A small and innocent creature is no way responsible for your sleeplessness!

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10 Easy Tips on how to make your baby sleep through the night

#1. Nursing to sleep

Breastfeeding is a natural method to make them sleep soundly. It promotes bonding and baby feels good as the mother is nearby. Many babies reach for the breast and feed without waking up the mother. If you are breastfeeding, it is very handy to feed the baby and she will fall asleep by herself. But when the baby grows, nighttime will become a nightmare with a baby demanding breast milk every time the child wakes up which can be of every half an hour to 2 hours.

#2. Swaddle

Swaddling is wrapping the baby with a soft blanket like a bundle. It helps the infants to stay as in the womb. Swaddling is ideal for children from birth to three months. New parents can learn to swaddle through youtube videos. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that when swaddling is done correctly, it calms infant and promotes sleep. You can buy swaddle blankets online and use them for this purpose.

#3. Ensure full tummy at night

If you are feeding breast milk only, it is natural for the baby to wake up after every 2-3 hours. Feed baby on demand at daytime. Sometimes, the baby can have reflexes or digestion issues in the night. A mother’s diet also plays a vital role in this case. If your baby is formula fed or on solids, give proper meal by 7 PM followed with formula milk before sleep. You can re-evaluate your baby’s sleep issues and implement new methods whenever a change is needed.

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#4. Introducing a Sling or thotti/jhula/crib

This is the traditional method, more followed in the southern part of India where a soft cloth is tied in the form of a sling. Baby is let to sleep in it with comfort and cozy. This method gives mother the freedom to move around and reduces dependency on her as well. We can slightly rock the child in the sling or crib to promote sound sleep. The babies develop the habit of rocking in the swing to fall asleep.

These days modern jhula are created with spring and a stand for people living in apartments which rock up and down. I strongly recommend not to rock the child up and down but rock to and fro which rhymes with the baby’s heartbeat. Up and down movement doesn’t coincide with the baby’s heartbeat rhythm.

#5. Develop a bedtime routine

Give your baby a bedtime makeover. Newborns sleep whenever they need to. Babies who are above 4 months need a schedule. For example, if you let your child sleep at 8 PM on the previous day, follow the same on every night with the cozy surroundings. Look for signs like big yawn, puffy eyes or droopy head to get baby to sleep. Rushing the baby to sleep is not a good idea. Give enough time to wind down. The bedtime should be a relaxing one to increase the melatonin and the hormone that induces sleep.

#6. Singing lullaby or “Lori” to sleep

No matter how squeaky your voice is, a mother’s voice is the best music for a child. At older times, the mothers sang lullabies in their own language for babies to fall asleep. White noise machines and “shhshhhh” sound along with few pats on the back will work as well. When you are pregnant, choose a particular music, song or any rhythm and keep hearing it. The child inside the womb will get used to this music and feel secured once she is out to the world itself. So each time you play the same song, the baby feels warm and secure. Some babies stop crying with this familiar song.

#7. Day and night confusion/no lights at night

Does your baby stay awake the whole night and sleep during the day time? Maybe the baby has day and night confusion. Keep the room dark after 9 PM and mornings bright. If you have an elder kid around the house, make sure they sleep early too.

10 Easy Tips to make your baby sleep through the night

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Comfort for a hungry baby is food and comfort for a tired baby is sleep. Use a flashlight app on phone instead of switching on the lights in the room.

#8. Giving warm bath or massage before bedtime

Western people follow giving a bath to the child before bedtime with good massage oil to stimulate sleep in babies. Even in India, some families follow this method. However, this depends on climate and your baby’s metabolism.

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#9. Stay stress-free

A baby or a toddler can sense stress from the mother very fast. If you are worried or confused than don’t let it pass to your baby. If you are breastfeeding, then you need to maintain a balanced and calm mind. The environment plays a vital role in inducing sleep for children. With determination and consistency, one can improve the baby sleep patterns.

#10. Use a Pacifier or Blankie

It is okay to use a pacifier at night if the baby is cranky and does not settle down. It helps the baby to self-soothe and drifts off to sleep. Some infants have a sucking reflex. Beyond nutrition, it has a soothing effect and distracts the child from the outside world. Keep the pacifier clean and sterilised to avoid infections. Few babies get addicted to their own blankie or lovey toy. Blankie accelerates sleep when it comes in contact with the baby.

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In conclusion, the first few months after delivery can be difficult and uncertain. Every baby is unique. The baby will understand her own routine around the fourth month. It is important for a mother to remain positive and look after herself as well to look after her baby well. We hope these tips on how to make your baby sleep through the night will come handy to you! Happy Parenting!

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