10 Things Every Indian Mom Can Relate With

10 Things Every Indian Mom Can Relate With

If you want to truly understand an Indian mom, just look at Kiran Kher’s role in Dostana or possibly any other movie of her!! Always bubbling with love and affection – they add just the right amount of drama in their child’s life.

Here’s we celebrating the beauty and amusement of being raised by a typical Indian mom. Scroll down and keep ticking off the points you relate to.

#1. “Why are you always dieting?” (And this they say after having fed you two aloo paranthas dipping in ghee)

The principal worry of every Indian mother is whether her kid has had food or not. Call her at 1 AM during a crisis or to inform her that you’ve got a new job – but her first query would be- “Beta khana khaya?”

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#2. “Who are you always talking to on the phone all day long?”

Indian moms can turn into Sherlock Holmes and find out everything about their children’s lives. The concept of personal space and distance simply doesn’t exist in the dictionary of Indian moms.

They’ll go out of their way, check your logs, read your chats, question your friends and leave no stone unturned in finding out about your love life. But at the end of the day, it all stems from their concern for you, doesn’t it?

#3. Where, When, Why

10 Things Every Indian Mom Can Relate With
What’s similar between a GPS and an Indian mom? Both of them wish to know your present location! LOL!!! They bombard you with a million questions when you’re planning to go out with your friends. Well, you better prepare a detailed report about the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ beforehand!!

#4. The Emotional Blackmail

10 Things Every Indian Mom Can Relate With

Emotional blackmail is the Indian mom’s go-to strategy for turning her child’s ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’. She’s got the knack to get you to do things that you’d never do. Some example of Emotional dialogues are:
You can’t do such a small thing for us?
Why didn’t God kill us before hearing this!
You don’t want us to play with our grandchildren before we die?
Do what you want. Who are we to tell you anything!

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#5. “When are you getting married?”

The bachelor’s club can totally relate to me when I say that Indian moms consider marriage as the biggest success their children can ever attain. Once you hit the eligible club, you’re flooded with Bio-datas and Rishtas. But dare not reject her offer or else you’ll be drowned in another long story about how she got married at a very young age!!

#6. The Baseless Comparisons

10 Things Every Indian Mom Can Relate With

Indian moms will hang your confidence out to dry like a piece of clothing!!! They love to indulge in baseless comparisons. After a point of time, it won’t matter how much you score in exams or how much of a raise you get – if it’s less than Sharma Ji’s son – you are going to get an earful!!

#7. The ‘Buri Nazar’ Logic

Indian moms always believe that someone is out to get their kids! Since you’re the treasure of her life, she believes that someone is surely going to put their buri nazar on you! Like:
Lost weight? Buri nazar lag lagi!!
Didn’t get the promotion? Buri nazar lag lagi!!
Fell in love? Definitely buri nazar laga di kisi ne!!!

#8. Gol Roti = Good Husband

10 Things Every Indian Mom Can Relate With

This is a standard example of how moms can take two non-related things and make them relevant! Want a nice groom? The Shape of the chapati must be purrrfffffeeeeccttttt!!!!! Indian moms consider it an achievement when they get their daughters to cook up a full 7-course meal with gol rotis.

#9. “Because I said so”

10 Things Every Indian Mom Can Relate With

Can you recollect the time when you kept asking your mum ‘what’s this’, ‘what’s that’ and she patiently explained it all to you? Ya – Neither can we!!! When you ask an Indian mom ‘Why’ to anything that she asks you to do, she will respond, “Because I said so.” Simple. No questions asked, no doubts explained. Case closed!

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#10. “Ask Your Dad”

And here’s the most epic one. As long as it’s love and food, your mom will shower you with both but when it comes to permissions and pocket money – Indian moms turn a deaf ear to you and become totally invisible.
Need to go out at 11 in the night? Ask your dad.
A trip with friends? Ask your dad.
Got to buy a new outfit for your friend’s birthday? Don’t you know yet – just go and ask your dad!!
But it doesn’t end here. If your dad doesn’t quite like it, he’s also going to pull a “Go ask your mum” on you and you’ll end up being tossed around like a ping-pong ball!

Despite all the things that Indian moms do, nothing can possibly compare to the love that they’re capable of giving. What emotional blackmails and fundas does your mom pull on you? Share below!!

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