9 Important Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Preschool For Your Baby

9 Important Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Preschool For Your Baby

A child’s major development occurs during its early days. Strong foundation in terms of education and moral is essential in deciding how a child cultivates into a responsible adult. A key milestone in the development of a child depends on how well the basic principles are imparted to him. As a parent, it’s a huge responsibility to find a preschool that fulfills their expectations and acts as a fun learning environment for their kids. Preschool is a significant phase in any child’s development and choosing the best school plays a vital role. There are many factors to consider while enrolling a child in a preschool. 9 Things to consider while choosing the best preschool for your child Image source: Flickr

#1. School Zone

Location of the preschool is a crucial factor in choosing the right school for the child. Preferring a preschool in the neighborhood could make the whole process of sending a child to school less haunting due to the distance of traveling that the child has to go through. It is much easier to drop and pick up kids from preschool which is close to your residing location. Also, it makes much easier to check on them during the initial days of settling in. You can also consider enrolling a child in the school closer to your workplace, which works the best for daily travel situations.

#2. Feedback

As parents, we always tend to do the best for our kids. We put in ample amount of time in researching about the facilities that we offer to them and the same goes for the school. Doing as much as research about the school will give us a good overall idea of what we could expect out of it. It is always best to select some preferred schools and compare the feedbacks provided against them. There are many online portals available either from the Government side or from the parent’s side where the opinions about the schools are posted. Education sectors also provide ratings to the school based on the facilities and quality of service they provide. It is a recommended approach to ask a mother who has her child enrolled in a specific school and ask for her practical view of the school. Words from the mouth are more powerful than the digital words from the online websites. Also Read: 5 Incredible benefits of storytelling for kids

#3. Independence

Gone are the days where children are expected to sit in a closed classroom and listen and repeat teachers. In the current situation, a child should be given its space to explore everything around it. The school that we select should have an approach in letting children learn in their own ways.

There should be more fun learning activities which promote the child’s confidence and independence. A child should be given freedom to decide few things within the boundaries. For instance, a child has to be encouraged to decide which craft or playing activity he should engage in rather than a teacher telling it to draw or play building blocks. All these may appear small things but all these small things matter and they have a huge impact on how a child is going to be a thriving adult in this world.

#4. Facilities

The facilities like indoor play area, water play, and sand play area trigger creativity and fun learning side of a kid. Parents should prefer the schools which offer the safe and educating ambiance. The classroom size, the lunch area, resting rooms all has to be taken into consideration. How well the classrooms are aerated and how the outdoor play area is hazard free shows as to what extent the child will enjoy being in that environment. Schools that provide a clean hygiene environment with quality learning activities get the preference from the majority of the parents.

#5. Teachers

The most important factor which you should consider in a school is the teachers who are going to spend a large amount of time with your child. It is recommendable to have a chat or get a brief introduction from the teacher so that you could get the idea about their qualification, registered certifications, teacher training and their approach towards kids. Though the teachers follow the overall principle of the school, their individuality matters. Every person will have a unique way of dealing with children and it is very important to have a teacher who can be a good inspiration to them. Also Read: 10 Most Recommended Books For Kids

#6. Communication

It may appear like a simple aspect but the way the school and staff communicate the information about the child to the parents can reduce the tension the parents may have after enrolling the child in a pre-school. We are leaving our children in a completely new environment and in the care of completely new people. Each child will deal in a different manner when it comes to change. The task of the parent does not only complete by sending a child to the best school but also to follow up on that and see if the child likes the environment and understand any issues the child faces there. The way the school pass on the details about the daily activities of the child like their behavior, mood, food intake, any development gaps to the parents at the right time will play a vital role.These days many schools maintain a portal either digital or book printed where they update on a daily basis about the child. This can be highly helpful for parents to have a peace of mind about their children.

#7. Pricing

This is the most obvious element. We could prefer any school as long as it is within our affordability. So choosing schools with the price range suitable to the parents is very important. It is very important to get the clear picture from the management of the school about the prices personally and not to go by the sales pitch in the advertisement as there could be any hidden areas in cost which we will not be aware of.

#8. Behaviour management

The other factor to consider is the way that the school enforces discipline among the kids. They could be naughty, troublesome and show tantrums. The approach followed by schools in dealing with these issues is to be considered. Some may treat strictly with confrontation and some may deal with politely and some may have strong actions against it. Every parent is different in this case and they wanted to take a decision depending on what they believe is best for their child. Also Read: 100 Game Ideas for kids- Age group 3-7 years

#9. Curriculum

Children should be allowed to play outside and not expected to be sitting in the classroom the whole day. The way the schools decide their curriculum is significant in understanding how our kids are going to learn. There should be lots of time allocated to playing and by learning from their activities. The daily activities they do at school should increase their motor sensor learning and improve their grasping capacity. School should not be the place where they transform the child into a bookworm. There should be a careful mix of play and book time. Every parent should invest in their time and effort in preferring the pre-schools that suit their child’s needs and remember early childhood education is the huge deal in the child’s life and selecting it correct means we are providing a strong platform to our children. Want to share your mommy experience with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you