The Chubby Cheeks Cookbook

The Chubby Cheeks Cookbook

For Moms, the topmost concern that runs in their minds is if they are providing the right nutrition for their kids or not.

Most people think that a child who looks plump is healthy and a skinny child is unhealthy. As a matter of fact, a plump child may not necessarily indicate good health and similarly, a skinny child may not always be unhealthy.
However, some children tend to be underweight dues to various reasons like low birth weight, frequent illness etc. A paediatrician is the best person to determine if your child is underweight and if any additional supplements are needed for the child to gain weight.

If your paediatrician has confirmed that your child needs to gain weight, what action should you take to ensure that your child gets the proper macro and micro-nutrients, to reach the expected weight range for her age?

Should you turn to products that are advertised on TV that promises to make children healthy? Or should you give your child artificial supplements for weight gain? Or simply prefer naturally available weight gain foods?

There is no doubt that giving natural and home-made weight gain foods to your child is the best way. But even when we know what types of food are to be included for weight gain, the main concern is about finding recipes suitable for little ones.

We, at Baby Destination, came across a recipe eBook – Chubby Cheeks, authored by Dr. Hemapriya Natesan. A mother of two, Dr. Hema is the founder of parenting blog – MyLittleMoppet. She also owns a health food store – Little Moppet Foods.

Chubby Cheeks eBook is a collection of around 50 recipes ideal for weight gain in little ones.

About Chubby Cheeks eBook:

Unlike other recipe books which directly jump into the recipes, this book initially talks about the issue of weight gain in kids. As a doctor, Hema clearly explains how to determine if your child is really underweight or if he just looks thin but otherwise healthy.

Also, the doctor explains in detail about what actions you can take to help your child gain weight and what type of actions you should avoid.

The best thing I loved about this book was that the recipes are clearly segregated by the main ingredients used. For example, recipes using dry fruits are grouped together, egg recipes from another group and non-veg recipes are grouped together.
The nutritional information of each group is given in detail, along with instructions on how to introduce it to your little ones, and about cooking and storage information.

About the recipes in the Chubby Cheeks eBook

All the recipes in this book don’t require the addition of either salt or sugar. Dr. Hema, as a medical practitioner doesn’t recommend adding sugar or salt to food given to children below 1 year of age.
The recipes in each group contain details of the ingredients, the method of preparation and nutritional information. Also, the recipes clearly mention the number of servings/quantity that can be prepared by following the recipe.

She also recommends the age of the child at which each recipe can be introduced.The recipes cover a wide range of dishes from milkshakes, rice, purees, laddu, barfi, soups, smoothies etc. Most of the dishes are easy to prepare and easy to store.

Dr.Hema has also clearly mentioned in her book that though the recipes are made from natural ingredients and are nutritious, it is the parents who have to decide what is best suited for their child.

You can choose to skip certain recipes if your child is allergic to nuts or cow’s milk or any other food item. Also, make sure that your baby can tolerate chilled food like pops without developing any complications.

Additional Information
Chubby Cheeks eBook also includes a section explaining various cooking techniques used in recipes such as baking, steaming, shallow frying and deep frying.

As a medical practitioner, Dr.Hema recommends not to add salt or sugar to your baby’s food. The salt requirement for the babies is met by the breast milk. Since the sugar available in the market is refined by many chemical processes, it may harm the children and also result in tooth decay and cavities.

Final Words

Chubby Cheeks eBook is a fantastic book with yummy and delicious recipes. It is very helpful for mothers who are looking for recipes that can be easily made at home and can also increase their child’s weight.
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