30 Tasty and Healthy Tiffin Ideas for Kids

30 Tasty and Healthy Tiffin Ideas for Kids

Mommy and pastry chef Divya Iyer thought of doing 30 days egg-free and meat-free, no repeat tiffin boxes for her daughter Aditi. She wanted them to be doable, edible and sensible which could be prepared in 30 minutes or less. The results are astonishing! Mouthwatering, healthy and nutritious - we are sure Aditi's dabba came back empty every day!

#1. Whole Wheat & Kanji Mavu Blueberry Pancake

This yummy combination has the goodness of fruits, nuts as well as honey. Whole wheat makes the pancakes nutritious as well as delicious.

#2. Veggie Sub Sandwich

Kid's favorite Veggie sandwich of cabbage coleslaw, crunchy trail mix and healthy oven baked potato chips makes this one a winner!

#3. Veg Hakka Noodles

Which kid doesn't love Veg Hakka noodles? Boiled corn and fruits like strawberry and grapes make this a well-rounded meal.

#4. Sponge Dosa with Tomato Chutney

Healthy sponge dosa filled with tomato chutney aka orange spice makes this really yummy for kids. Fruits and yogurt add on the nutrient quotient.

#5. Semiya Upma and Yogurt

Semiya mixed vegetable upma, yogurt and trail mix makes this an amazing combination that is sure to be a hit with kids.

#6. Rotini Pasta and Banana Bread

Rotini Pasta with sautéed vegetables and Parmesan cheese is sure to get your child's lips smacking. Assorted nuts & dry fruits and whole wheat healthy mix banana bread add the nutrient quotient to the tiffin box.

#7. Potato & Cheese Sandwich

Potato & cheese sandwich  - a classic tiffin favorite. Grapes, cabbage bell pepper & carrot salad with a yogurt avocado dressing make this one wholesome meal.

#8. Potato Masal Dosai Rollups.

Potato masal dosai roll-ups with lip-smacking tomato chutney are sure to be loved by kids.  Grapes, cucumber & carrot add nutritional value to this yummy choice.

#9. Podi idly with Orange Spice

Podi idly garnished with orange spice and tomato chutney. Red seedless grapes to satisfy your kiddo's sweet tooth.

#10. Paneer Butter Masala

A vegetarian favorite, paneer butter masala with Indian flatbread - rotis. Oranges can also be  included to make for the fruit quotient.

#11. Pepper & Jeera Rasam and Beets Curry

Pepper and jeera rasam along with beets curry might sound like an unusual combination but your child will surely love it!  Pomegranate and oven baked potato chips are sure to be a hit with your kiddo!

#12. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji has always been loved by kids and adults alike. Along with chocolate drizzled strawberry, and a corn, cucumber, carrot and bellpepper salad - this tiffin ticks off all the right boxes.

#13. Paneer Frankie

Paneer Frankie, assorted nuts, and yogurt - what's not to love?!!! Yummm!!!!

#14. Paneer Sandwich

A yummy paneer sandwich along with red seedless grapes and cuties makes this a win-win for kids as well as mommies.

#15. Onion and Carrot Uthappam

Onion and carrot uthappam with tomato chutney make this a yummy South Indian choice. Cuties add to to the nutrient value.

#16. Lemon rice and Salad

Lemon rice along with okra curry makes this a nutritious meal. Carrot & peas salad and mandarins also make this meal a rounded one.

#17. Jeera Pulav and Whole Moong Dhal Fry

Jeera pulav and whole moong dhal fry make this tiffin a square meal. Saluted bell peppers , grapes and cucumber raitha makes for some yummy accompaniments.

#18. Garnished Curd rice with sides

Tasty garnished curd rice with a side of cauliflower fry & zucchini bell pepper stir-fry will surely be a hit with your kiddo.

#19. Corn and Mayo sandwich

Corn and Mayo sandwich, pomegranate and some granola chewy bar - make this one wholesome tiffin.

#20. Mini Idlies

Colorful flavored mini idlis - make it a visual delight! Seedless grapes, chickpeas cucumber and red onion salad make this a lip-smacking combination.

#21. Cilantro almond pesto cheesy pasta

Cilantro almond pesto cheesy pasta always goes well with kids.  Grapes and assorted nuts to satisfy your little one's sweet tooth.

#22. Cheesy White Pasta with Veggies

Cheesy white sauce pasta with sautéed veggies, trail mix, and some pomegranates makes this one an amazing combination.

#23. Cauliflower Carrot Stuffed Paratha

Healthy cauliflower carrot stuffed paratha to go with kadhai paneer makes it a wholesome meal. Strawberry & grapes add to the nutrient quotient.

#24. Cabbage Stuffed Paratha

Cabbage stuffed paratha to go with red onion & pomegranate raitha is a delicious combination.  Cuties and plums make yummy add-ons.

#25. Jeera rice and Rajma

Buttered jeera rice and rajma are made for each other! Boiled corn and cucumber raitha make this a well-rounded meal.

#26. Broccoli Paratha and Shahi Paneer

Broccoli paratha and shahi paneer - an unusual but yummy combination nonetheless.  The fruit in the box is pears today!

#27. Bombay sandwich

Bombay sandwic  is always a hit with kids! Along with boiled fresh corn and strawberries & blueberry this tiffin ticks off all the right boxes.

#28. Aloo ki Sabzi and Pooris.

Bite-sized poori, potato & peas gravy is a meal in itself. Pasta with shredded carrot, bell pepper & grapes salad with honey & EVOO dressing makes a delicious add-on.

#29. Avacado Rotis With Quesadilla

Avacado roti with quesadilla filling ( sauted bell pepper zucchini & cheese)

#30. Peas Pulav and Dhal

Peas pulav to go with tadka dhal is always a tasty dish. Broccoli stir fry, pomegranate & yogurt make this a well-rounded meal. These tiffin boxes have been made and conceptualized by Divya Iyer. Want to share your mommy experience with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you