Everything You Need To Know About Suvarna Prashan Sanskar

Everything You Need To Know About Suvarna Prashan Sanskar

Suvarna Prashan Sanskar is an Ayurvedic immunization medicine for babies. It helps in increasing your child’s immunity, appetite and grasping power in just 30 days. It is not magic or some chemically induced medicine, but an ancient Ayurvedic science that has been present for ages to boost a child’s immunity.

What is Suvarna Prashan Sanskar?

This is one of the 16 essential rituals for children and has been described in Ayurveda. Suvarna Bhasma is the ash of gold. This is mixed with other herbal extracts and given to children in the form of semi-liquid through the oral route- this process is called Suvarna Prashan. In Ayurveda, this is the process of immunization and boosts the intellectual power and immunity of the child and helps fight against general disorders. “Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam Aaturasya Vikara Prashamanam" - This is an Ayurvedic shloka which means prevention has more priority than cure. Also read: Is it safe to give the Janam Ghutti to colic baby? The history of Suvarna Prashan goes back to the fact when a newborn baby was made to lick honey from a golden stick or spoon. We hear stories of babies having food in golden utensils and spoons in the early days. Gold is scientifically proven to improve immunity when it is absorbed by the body. Thus, Hindu culture suggests wearing gold, eating in golden utensils and even donating gold. Maintaining health and healthy individuals is the first and foremost responsibility and motto of Ayurveda. Ayurveda believes that instead of giving vaccinations for individual disorders it is better to increase the immunity of the individual child. This avoids many ailments and in turn increases the immunity as well as mental, physical, social health and helps a child lead a happy life. This immunization also acts as a brain tonic that improves memory, concentration and the I.Q of the brain and brain power; all of which chemical vaccines do not provide. Regular use of Suvarna Prashan makes a child very intelligent and help in enhancing memory and boosting immunity.

Ingredients of Suvarna Prashan

Suvarna Prashan consists mainly of these ingredients:
  • Swarna Bhasma
  • Ghee
  • Honey
  • Water
Other ingredients like Vacha, Shankh Pushpi, Brahmi, and Ashwagandha are also present but in lesser quantity. So Suvarna Prashan is calcined gold particles used with ayurvedic ghee and honey in ‘unequal’ amounts. Unequal amounts of honey and ghee are important as mixing equal amounts violates the principles of Ayurveda. Here gold is the most important and major component.

What is the purpose of giving Suvarna Prashan?

The purpose of Suvarna Prashan is the same as modern vaccination which is to prevent diseases and both do this by building immunity against bacteria and harmful viruses. Age group: Suvarna Prashan can be given to children of the age group 1 to 16 years. The human brain grows rapidly from 0-16 years of age and 90% development takes place up to the age of 5. One can take it even after the age of 16 but its effect will not be very prominent. However if taken with Chyawanprash, it gives benefits even in old age.

How to do Suvarna Prashan Sanskar?

The best time to do Suvarna Prashan is early morning. Alternatively, it can be done on every Pushya nakshatra - an auspicious day. This day comes after every 27 days, and Ayurveda believes that if this is given on this day it bestows excellent benefits. Also read: 7 ways to do garbh sanskar at home

Dosage of Suvarna Prashan

The actual dosage is not mentioned in Ayurveda but it should be given according to the child’s age. The exact dosage will be calculated by an Ayurvedic doctor and will be prescribed according to the child’s age and weight. But the dosage should not exceed 30 mg even if the child is overweight. Some packs of Suvarna Prashan come with a silver spoon which is beneficial in feeding it to the child. Young children should be fed with a dropper that comes along with it. The Suvarna Prashan drops are available in 5ml and 10 ml presentations. These drops should not be stored in the fridge and should be kept in room temperature, away from sunlight.

What are the benefits of Suvarna Prashan Sanskar?

Here are the main benefits of Suvarna Prashan

  • Increases immunity power and develops resistance against common infections
  • Improves stamina and enhances the physical strength of babies
  • Helps immensely in improving the digestion in babies
  • It protects children from various allergies
  • It helps the body to recover early in case of ailments
  • Improves the child’s appetite
  • Helps nurture early physical and mental development
  • Tones up the skin color and makes the texture very beautiful
  • Improves the child’s intellect grasping power, sharpness, analysis power, memory recalling in a unique manner.
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