Stage wise development of fetus (0-9 months)

Stage wise development of fetus (0-9 months)

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Of all human experiences, pregnancy is probably the most beautiful and life affirming one. The feeling that a life is taking shape inside you is indeed fascinating and glorious As a mom to be, it is natural that you would be curious about how your little one is developing inside of you. So, here’s a detailed month-by-month account of the entire journey of pregnancy.

Conception: Once fertilization of the egg has occurred, a home pregnancy test will come out positive. It is to be kept in mind that during the first three months of pregnancy, the mother is susceptible to miscarriage, so adequate precautions must be taken regarding it. Since it is difficult to ascertain exactly when conception occured, doctors calculate due date from the first date of your last menstrual cycle.

For example if your last period started on 1st of August, that is the date when theoretically conception is considered to have occurred (though in reality it would have occurred a few days later). A normal pregnancy is supposed to last 280 days, so a due date will be given after adding 280 days. Doctors generally resort to a ultrasound to get a clearer idea of baby’s growth and actual due date.

First month: A positive pregnancy test

The egg and the sperm fuse together to form the cell called zygote. The zygote further divides to form a group of cells called the embryonic disc, this later forms the chest,arm and head. Thereafter, the baby could be described as a minuscule mass of cells, within which the heart starts beating along with the formation of arms, tail, and gill grooves during week four. A home pregnancy test will be positive.

Second month: Facial features develop

The retina and eye cavity are formed around week five, along with fingers and toes. All facial features begin developing. The back straightens and attains a concrete structure while the gills and tail disappear.The baby is now approximately one inch in length.This month is specifically sensitive, so proper measures should be taken to maintain a healthy diet and consume enough water. Also start taking the folic acid and vitamins prescribed by your Gynaecologist. Continue moderate exercise such as walking.

Third month: Fetal heartbeat can be heard on ultrasound

The baby is now about 2-3 inches in length.Nostrils dissociate, genitals are amply formed, a well-defined neck can be observed, and the first signs of a human face can be encountered. The heartbeat of the baby is a steady rhythm and can be felt on a doppler ultrasound.

Fourth month: You may feel the first kick 

The uterus expands which indicates the baby is augmenting in size and weight, weighing around 142 grams. The soft cartilagenous tissue stiffens, and the heartbeat is more pronounced. Some women may start feeling the baby’s movements around the 16th week , these initial soft movements are referred to as ‘quickening;

Fifth month: You baby is yawning and sucking thumb

The baby has now grown up to a quite incredible 26 cm, with the legs stretched out.The movements are regular, and a few baby kicks here and there are not unusual. The baby can move its facial muscles , yawn and suck thumb.

Sixth month: Baby may respond to you

The baby’s white blood cells are developing. These help in fighting disease and infection. The baby may respond to your touch and sounds. The baby’s eyebrows and eyelids are developed and the baby is steadily gaining fat to keep warm.

Seventh month: The baby can survive out of uterus

The baby weighs around 600 grams.The different body parts, organs, arteries and veins are now almost firmly developed. Although the baby still has a lot of growing up to do, it is considered to be “viable” now, meaning it can survive if born at this time with medical help.

Eighth month: Baby can blink its eyes

The baby is nearly developed into a perfect child.It weighs around 2 kilograms now.If its a premature delivery, then the baby should come out during this month.With proper supervision, he/she is likely to survive. Your baby can blink its eyes and has eye lashes. The eyesight is also developing so the baby can see the light that filters in through your womb.

Ninth month : Get ready for the delivery 

The baby’s development is now complete.The doctor will schedule a session for the delivery. The woman who carried the foetus for all through this tumult and torment is now officially a mother.

A tabular representation of the 9-month period of pregnancy:

Stage wise development of fetus (0-9 months)