Don't Know Why Your Baby Is Crying? Here Is How You Can Soothe Him!

Don't Know Why Your Baby Is Crying? Here Is How You Can Soothe Him!

Your cute little soul is crying and crying. Checked belly. No problem. Checked diaper. No problem. Checked body temperature. No problem. Moved to a quiet room in Mummy’s arms. Still crying? Fed properly. Still crying? Well, even though we assume that babies cry for some reason, sometimes the sweet buddies don’t have a valid reason to cry. You could be the wisest human being, but you won’t be able to figure out why your baby is shedding tears since a long time. Babies must be having their own set of reasons to cry and most importantly, they don’t have the means to convey it to you. Hence, they just cry. Read: How to Soothe a Crying Baby in Minutes? | 5 Steps Babies spend their time sleeping, staring at moving objects, cuddling, swaddling, and feeding on their favourite foods. When they are done with these tasks, they don’t find anything else to do. A feeling of boredom emerges in their minds and they start crying until they find something interesting to do or to look at. For instance, your baby’s sleep is completed and even had her food. She might cry until a new visitor arrives at your doorstep. Now, your baby’s attention is diverted towards the new visitor and has something to get busy with.

How To Soothe A Crying Baby

Even if you are not aware about the cause of crying of your baby, you have to struggle to make the baby calm and cheerful. Hence, we have listed out certain ways by which your baby might stop crying and feel pleasant. Take a look at these ways which will teach you how to soothe a crying baby:

#1. Let the baby listen to music and dance

This is on of the best ways on how to soothe a crying baby. It is an age-old method to soothe your baby and divert attention from crying business. Singing a lullaby will work but you can try different kinds of music for your baby. Your baby might have a different taste of music as compared to yours. Hence, don’t restrict yourself to your favourite singer or band. Keep checking how your baby responds to the music played. So, next time, when your baby sheds tears, you can simply play on that music album. If your baby likes to move his butt, then you also need to shake yourself a little. No need to follow dance steps, just shuffle in the room with him or her and watch your baby chuckle.

#2. Let the baby breathe fresh air

If your baby is crying for no reason, then he or she might need fresh air to breathe. Sitting and sleeping in a closed room can be monotonous for the baby. You can take him to the backyard or simply open the room’s window and let her breathe fresh air. If you have a pet at your home, you can talk to your baby about the dog or the parrot. Most of the babies love animals. This way, your baby can stop shedding tears instantly. Also Read: 5 Best Baby Massage Oils In Winters

#3. Cuddle your baby

Remember that your baby is a new entrant in this world. He was warm, safe and comfortable in his mother’s womb for around nine months. Hence, he or she must be feeling to be held closely around arms, cuddled a bit, and swaddled a little. Your baby will feel secure in your arms and will respond better to it. Some babies are more comfortable and less giddy when they are with their own family members. When a visitor picks the baby, the baby might feel insecure and uncomfortable in the arms of the visitor. Hence, always be there when you have visitors at home.

#4. Check your baby’s sensitivity to foodstuffs

Oftentimes, we always check whether the baby is fed or not. However, we do not pay attention whether your baby is sensitive to any foodstuffs. For example, you might be consuming various kinds of dairy products and you may not know that your baby is sensitive to these foodstuffs as a result of which he cries all the time. It is recommended to go for allergy tests and cut down foods from your diet. Keep in mind that the effects of these actions will take a certain number of days. Hence, do not expect instant results. Also Read: 11 Tips to Set Bedtime Routine for Babies & Kids

#5. Do not ignore the baby

This is one of the emotional reasons why babies cry. Babies feel the constant need of connecting to their loved ones. Though they cannot talk or communicate, they love when their parents talk with them or play with them. Hence, never leave the baby in another room. Never ignore them when they are crying. So, even if your baby is ignored, left alone, neglected when crying can lead to serious trouble. Thus, it might seem insignificant to you, but for your baby, crying is a means to communicate his or her needs. Your baby is still a child and not an adult like you. They cry because they need something and not because they do not have other kinds of business. It is the responsibility of all caring parents to know the reason of your baby’s crying. If it is not possible for you to determine the reason of distress of your child, you have to take concrete steps to soothe the baby as soon as possible. Research well and keep means ready to entertain your child when he or she sheds tears. Want to share your mommy experience with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you