10 Signs That Your Husband Is A Hero Dad!

10 Signs That Your Husband Is A Hero Dad!

Your husband has always been a great husband. He has been there in your difficult times, helped you to fulfil your dreams and taken you out for those romantic dinners as well. But now that you have a child as well, responsibilities also gets divided between both of you. Not necessarily you both would be giving the same amount of time or effort for your child’s upbringing and well-being, but even with the smallest of gestures and time spent, he can prove that he is a hero dad!

10 Signs Your Husband Is  Great Dad

Here are a list of 10 signs that your husband is a great dad too:

#1. He Puts His Family First

He might be very busy and has a tight schedule everyday. But still every time your baby falls sick, or is not well, he always makes out sometime to be there for the baby. Even if for some reason he is not there, he definitely keeps asking about the baby’s health over the phone.

#2. He Loves To Spend Time At Home

Whenever your husband might be getting some free time, he loves to spend it with the kids. He is either speaking to them, or taking them out or just playing with the kids back at home. He might have otherwise enjoyed going out and meeting up with his friends or doing things that he loves to do, but he prioritizes the need of his family over his.

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#3. He Wakes Up At Night For The Baby

Babies do wake up many times during the night, either for feed or for diaper change! But everytime your little one cries out asking for attention, does your husband wake up as well? Cause if your husband is up and awake trying to help you out, well then he definitely deserves appreciation. His trying to help out both you and the baby, irrespective of a hard day at work, makes him a wonder dad!

#4. He Keeps His Cool

If your child has wet his shirt for the 5th time in the whole evening while playing with water and your husband still keeps cool and helps him change, then he is a super dad! Kids can’t live without mischief and sometimes as mothers, we really get frustrated and angry! But if he is the person who can calm the situation back at home, he is too good.

#5. He Plans For Their Future

It’s very important these days to plan for your kids future in advance. Securing your child’s future and his or her dreams, is one of the best gifts you can give to your kids. If your husband plans for your child’s future or invests to secure the same from early on, he is doing a great job of being a responsible dad!

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#6. He Offers To Babysit

Sometimes as mothers, the daily routine becomes very monotonous for us and we too require a break! Be it shopping or meeting up with friends or maybe attending a kitty party. If your husband offers to babysit the kids back at home so that you can spend some quality ‘ me- time’ outside, well then he is a great dad!

#7. He Plays With The Kids 

If he can engage the kids by playing with them their favourite game while you finish your household errands, then he is deserves an applause. He is not only spending quality time with the kids but also giving you some time to finish your tasks for the day

#8. He Enjoys Bath Time With Them

For every kid, bath time is special. Kids love to take bath, splash water, create a mess! So if on weekends your kids ask for their daddy to take a bath with and daddy dear is always ready to get drenched, he then is a super cool dad!

#9. He Is Rough And Tough

We as moms are always soft and nice with the kids. But that doesn’t mean we love them more than their dads! Dads on the other hand have different ways of dealing with the kids. He might be playing a little rough with them and also might be turning them over, but trust me, kids love all these too! So if your husband is playing a little rough with the kids or is disciplining them by being a little strict, it’s okay. He loves the kids as well.

#10. He Is A Good Listener

It is very important to listen to your kids carefully. Sometimes mothers don’t get that time because they already have too much on their hands. So if your husband takes out his time to play the role of a patient listener as well, then he is doing a great job.

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Now that we have elaborated on 10 signs that your husband is a great father too, it’s always good to remember that we all as individuals differ from each other. Some might be expressive while some may not be. So don’t judge your husband just cause he might to be expressive as a father. At the end of the day, all dads love their kids and they always do their very best to keep their children safe and happy!

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