6 Warning Signs That Your Child Is A Bully

6 Warning Signs That Your Child Is A Bully

Bullying is one of the biggest issues that are prevalent in the lives of people today. Whether you are a child, a young adult or even someone who is grown up, you could be the victim of bullying. While you are watchful for signs that your child is being bullied, have you ever wondered if it is your child who is the real bully? It is as important to know about the warning signs that your child is a bully as it is to know if he or she is being bullied. Also read: How To Teach Your Child To Deal With A Bully

Warning signs that your child is a bully

#1. Your child constantly makes fun of other children

This is one of the most obvious warning signs that your child is a bully. It is very common for kids to make fun of one another on the playground or in school. But you need to know how to tell if your child is a bully and is actually making fun to show someone down. There are some typical traits such as making fun of certain points that may really bother the other child, joining other kids when they are picking on someone or labelling other kids or calling them names. If your child is a bully, this behaviour is more prevalent and your child actually makes an effort to show that he or she is bigger and better than the other child.

#2. Your child is always getting into trouble at school

Do you find yourself making your way to the Principal’s office ever so often for something that your kid did? There is a line between being naughty and notorious that parents should understand. What are the kinds of activities that your kid engages in that lands him or her in trouble? Does it involve physically or emotionally harming other children? Are you often told that your little one picks fights with other kids for no apparent reason? And, after the child has been accused of doing something wrong does he or she feel any remorse. If your child is unapologetic about his or her behaviour and continues to behave in a certain way, chances are that you are dealing with a bully. Also read: 5 Ways To Teach Gender Equality To Children

#3. Your child is often seen in the company of other bullies

The kind of friends that your child makes can tell you a lot about how your child might be behaving in school or in other scenarios where you are not around. Children learn a lot from their peers. If you notice that your child is usually hanging out with other kids who are known for being bullies, your child may pick those traits up too. After all, when kids are in a peer group, they talk about other kids, about who is good and who is bad and also create an image about their own group that may be negative in a lot of ways.

#4. Your child will stay away from certain kinds of kids

A very common trait of bullies is that they will actually ignore or even exclude kids that are different from them. As much as you have to watch the kids that your child hangs out with, you also need to be observant about the kinds of kids that your child tends to avoid. Is there any physical trait, ethnicity or even behavioural trait that your child finds particularly irksome. For instance, do you find your child always picking on other kids who wear spectacles and spend a lot of time studying, or the so-called “nerds”? Does your child use these tags to label these kids? If so, then you have a bully at your hands. Also read: How to know if your child is bullied in school

#5. Nothing means more to your child than being popular

In order for bullies to thrive and intimidate other kids, they need to be popular. This is only possible if your child is popular. Your child will do anything possible to be “cool”. This includes pestering you for trendy clothes, throwing tantrums when they do not have their way, making fun of someone just to be popular and other such behaviours. In reality, bullies are extremely insecure. This is why they use their popularity like a shield against these feelings of inadequacy.

#6. Your child does not seem to have empathy

Even if the child that your child is bullying cries or gets physically hurt, your child will not seem to care. A bully usually lacks empathy which makes them behave in that manner, to begin with. Even after repeatedly asking your child to stop behaving in a certain way, if your child does not pay any heed, he or she could be a bully. Also read: 51 Good Habits In Kids And Scientific Ways To Develop Them Early On Want to share your experience as a mom with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you