Why Using Your Mobile Phone While Breastfeeding Is The Worst Thing You Can Do

Why Using Your Mobile Phone While Breastfeeding Is The Worst Thing You Can Do

Do you also find yourself checking your phone while breastfeeding?

Do you find it hard to stay away from your phone for too long? Mothers always use as many precautionary measures as are possible to ensure the health and well being of their babies. Nursing the baby is one of the most rewarding and intimate times that mothers share with their little ones. Babies also develop a bond with their mommies by recognizing their voice, smell, and words through constant eye contact, touch, and interactions. Our ever increasing dependence on technology and our habit of constantly checking the phone every few minutes is distracting and most importantly, harmful to the babies.

Read on to find out why you should not use your mobile phone while breastfeeding and how it might harm your little one.

Harmful effects of using mobile phones while breastfeeding

#1. Losing out on the chance to bond with your baby

The time of breastfeeding is scientifically proven one of the best times for mothers to connect with their babies and interact with them. Paediatricians advise often that this interaction, strengthened via a skin-to-skin touch and mommy’s loving voice helps in the overall development of the baby. The baby starts becoming more responsive towards certain sounds and words by recognizing them as part of her daily routine. When you are focused on anything other than the baby, you forget to pat, rub or look the baby in the eye. This takes away from your bonding time.

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#2. Losing out on the chance to learn feeding patterns

Nursing is a good time for mothers to give their much-deserved, undivided attention to the baby. It gives them an opportunity to observe the nursing patterns of their little ones closely. An attentive mom can make out whether the baby is latching properly or not. Whether she is sucking enough or has stopped. She can immediately nudge or tickle the baby into sucking if the baby drifts into a sleep mode. Moms often detect some of the more serious conditions early when they catch an usual behavior, skin condition, or body temperature of the baby during breastfeeding. When you are distracted, you miss these little cues and hints from your little one.

#3. Distracted moms can distract the babies too

During breastfeeding, babies make eye contact with mothers and try to get their attention by making noises and smiles. When you are distracted, babies even try to reach out with their hands. Seeing you distracted by the phone or busy in another activity can make the baby feel uneasy, as she is not getting the attention she desires. In addition to this, the occasional notification sounds, the ringtone, etc. may distract the baby as well and she may stop feeding without having fed sufficiently.

#4. You might be making the baby uncomfortable

When the handheld gadgets distract mothers, they may not realize that the baby might be in an uncomfortable position while breastfeeding. As you hold your device in one hand, you are using just one hand to balance the baby in your lap. Not only does this put the baby at a risk of choking; it also prevents her from experiencing satisfying physical touch with the mother. As a result, little ones often start throwing a fit and become difficult to manage. Over time, this may turn into a behavioral issue.

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#5. Harmful radiations can hinder the baby’s growth

Most often, we do not realize, but the radiations from the cell phones are dangerous for the babies. These microwave emissions from your phone can cause damage to the little one’s brain cells and hinder proper development. In extreme cases, these radiations can also cause cancer and harm the DNA structure of the baby.

According the World Health Organization (WHO), cell phone radiation is a Class 2 B Carcinogen. That is the same classification as DDT, lead, and jet fuel. According to a recent study, the bone marrow of a child’s head absorbs 10 times more radiation than an adult, while those of infants and toddlers absorb even more. As babies are so small, these harmful rays from the gadgets are potent enough to alter their genetic construct or hamper the brain development.

Even though mothers always try to give the best possible care to their children, small things such as these might prove to be harmful for growing kids at a later stage. In case of infants, it is very important to take care of all the precautionary measures considering their sensitivity. You can always find the time during the day when the baby is fast asleep to catch up on social media and browse on the phone, but during breastfeeding it is extremely essential that you give all your attention to your baby. Simply by not using, your phone during breastfeeding and giving all the attention to the baby you can help your little one in so many ways to grow healthy and happy.

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Therefore, instead of Using the phone, here is what you can do while breastfeeding –

  • If the baby responds and likes it, you can try singing nursery rhymes while feeding her.
  • Many babies just love the sound of mommy talking or humming. It creates a vibration in the chest that soothes little ones.
  • Research states that babies can be told stories from as early as the infant stage. You can either run a story tape or just tell one yourself.
  • Do not bother whether she will understand or not. Be sure that she will connect.
  • However, every baby is different. If your baby likes quiet feeding times, respect that. You can simply do a skin-to-skin feeding session.
  • Your baby is sure to feel a comforting and deeper connect with you.
  • You can also stroke your baby’s hair, back, or shoulder, maintaining eye contact throughout.

It is true that moms are excellent multi-taskers. However, it is also important for mothers to sit back, relax, and enjoy the bonding moments with their newborns without getting distracted by constant alerts on your phone. Therefore, no matter how important it is for you to stay updated on social media, let the feeding sessions with your baby be of top priority. You are sure to notice the benefits as time passes.

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