Is It Safe To Get Waxed During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Get Waxed During Pregnancy?

So many changes take place in your body during pregnancy. On one end, your beautiful, thick hair and newly found pregnancy glow, but on the other end you don’t know how to deal with the thick unwelcome hair growth in various areas on your body.

Hair growth during pregnancy are like unwanted guests, that tend to stay on longer than required and come back super quick!! Blame your changing pregnancy hormones that leads to this increase in the unwanted hair growth on your upper lips, armpits, belly and bikini line.

Fortunately enough, these changes will stay only as long as you’re pregnant, and the growth should return to normal within six months post-delivery. Waxing is considered as a safe hair removal method for removing those unwanted hairs coming out of your under arms or underpants. Not only will this method help you stay clean, but also helps boost your confidence levels, by making you feel beautiful.

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But here’s the thing, before you book an appointment with your parlour, you must be aware of all the pros and cons of getting waxed during pregnancy.

Side Effects of Getting Waxed during Pregnancy

Just like every coin has two sides, there’s a flip side to waxing too.

  • Hormones are constantly fluctuating during pregnancy, causing the skin to become easily irritable and tender to touch.
  • Increased fluid retention and blood supply is essential during this period to ensure the proper health of mom and the baby. This fluid retention often leads to soreness and swelling of legs, hands and feet, thus making the skin hypersensitive and delicate. At such a tender time, waxing can increase discomfort by causing breakouts, rashes, redness, pain and irritability.
  • The probability of ingrown hair also increases when you’re getting waxed during pregnancy. This is exactly where the debate ‘whether to get waxed or not during pregnancy’ started.
  • Moreover, there is no permanent hair removal from waxing, so hair can grow back within a month’s time, leading to irritation and added pain again.
  • If the wax happens to be unsafe or too hot, it can also result in an infection.

However, no research has proven that all women experience unbearable pain during waxing in pregnancy. Since every pregnancy is different, the results might also vary from person to person, so you may not experience any of the above.

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If you still choose to get waxed, the best you can do is book an appointment with a trusted, professional salon, wherein the beautician would first conduct a patch test on you to find out whether this method will be suitable for you. To avoid infection, ask them to use a fresh tin of wax for you. It is also recommended that you speak to your doctor once before taking a waxing session.

Are hair removal creams safe during pregnancy?

Though “technically” safe, hair removal creams should be avoided during pregnancy. This is because the chemicals in hair removal creams cause your hair to break and separate from your skin. These chemicals have very, very strong smell. Strong fragrances (again chemically manufactured) are used to cover up this unpleasant smells.

All these chemicals together can irritate your skin, and cause an allergic reaction. During pregnancy, your skin is much more sensitive and chances of this happening increases.

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Alternative Methods of Hair Removal during Pregnancy

If you’d like to get hair removed and not get waxed, then you can switch to other safer alternatives of hair removal during pregnancy. Shaving is one such method that can help you get rid of unwanted hair growth. You can safely use both manual and electric shavers for the same.

Apart from this, you can also consider not removing your skin hair at all for a few months during your pregnancy. Since it’s a natural phenomenon, you can let nature prevail.

Did you experience a lot of hair growth during pregnancy? Don’t forget to share with us your experience of dealing with unwanted hair growth during pregnancy, below!!

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