Why Is My Baby's Forehead Hot Although He Doesn't Have A Fever?

Why Is My Baby's Forehead Hot Although He Doesn't Have A Fever?

Parents are always worried about their baby’s health, especially during flu season. A baby’s immune system is still developing and may not be as strong as you or your older kids. Thus, it becomes important to give all the more attention towards taking care of your baby.

Sometimes your baby may feel hot but will not have a temperature when checked. Your baby may have a fever if they feel hotter than usual to the touch – on their forehead, back or stomach.

Reasons Why A Baby’s Forehead Is Hot

It could be scary if your baby suddenly feels warm but the thermometer or your doctor says that the baby does not have a fever. So, what could be wrong with your baby? Does she still have a fever? Here are some common reasons of why you baby’s head is hot but she has no fever:

#1. Outside Temperature

For all those who live in tropical, sunny, humid climates, the outside weather plays an important role. For most of us, our body temperature go up in case of heat waves or heat in the atmosphere around us. Sometimes it can also cause heat rashes in babies. If you have kept your baby too much in the sunlight or you have been outside with him; or even if you have been in an air conditioned room and suddenly came out in the heat; could lead to a rise in body temperature. Try to keep your baby cool and not exposed to direct sunlight or harsh weather.

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#2. Too Many Clothes

Have you been layering up your baby in too many clothes? This could be the reason why your baby’s head feels warmer than usual. Even during winter, if you cover your baby with warm clothes, more than is required, this might make the baby uncomfortable and make her feel hotter than it is. Warm clothes, layers trap the heat and make the body warmer than usual, leading to a hot head but no fever. Change your baby’s clothes and make her wear light cotton clothes. Even during winters make her wear just as many layers as you are wearing yourself.

#3. Teething

This is one of the most common reasons for getting a hot head without fever. Teething can occur in babies as early as two months but the first teeth would not show up before six months. Teething can cause a fever as well and you should keep a check on your baby’s temperature if she feels hotter than usual. Sometimes it is not a fever and the baby’s head is just hot because of the anxiety and stress she feels due to teething. Some teething toys or frozen carrot or cucumber sticks can give relief to babies above 6 months.

#4. Your Baby Is Excited

Sometimes your baby is just in a happy mood. She is giggling, chuckling, smiling and very playful and xcited. Maybe your baby is bored and is moving around a lot to explore the surroundings. Moving around too much also leads to a hot head, without any fever. It is like exercising which increases the blood circulation and the overall temperature of the body. Try to calm your baby by reading to her, talking to her, taking her in your arms and roaming around or singing songs to her and putting her to a nap.

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#5. Lying Down For Long Periods

If you have kept your baby lying done on her back in her crib or on the bed, it can lead to a hot head due to blood circulation. Her hands may feel cold but the head might be hot. Babies should ideally sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) and have a proper ventilation. But during the day, try and take your baby out from the crib or bed and move her around.

#6. Extreme Crying

When babies cry too much, this causes their body temperature to rise. Excessive crying may also lead to a reddish face and a hot head. It might still not be a fever but maybe just stress and anxiety or some other issue like a stomach ache. Crying a lot should be checked by your baby’s doctor. Though it may not be a fever, it can be something that might be bothering the baby.

#7. Faulty Thermometer

Sometimes the thermometer may be wrong and could actually show a fever but your baby won’t have a fever. Generally it is good if you can check with two thermometers to be sure. One faulty thermometer can show false readings but if both show the same then there might be a fever. Sometimes thermometers do not function properly and it is time you replace their batteries of the thermometer. Babies have inaccurate temperatures for a few months and can show different readings.

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You should see your doctor if your baby seems hotter than usual and is extremely restless and shows other signs of fever. If your baby is less than two months and feels very hot, she should be immediately taken to her doctor. Usually a baby’s head will feel hot as part of their thermoregulation system, which is a system or a process that helps in maintaining the internal body temperature. This is the balance that your body needs to maintain.

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