10 Reasons Why Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them

10 Reasons Why Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them

Growing up, we often have this misconception that babies cry for no rhyme and reason. Well, even I did. Whenever I used to see babies near me, I was always the first one to cuddle and fondle them. However, the minute I heard them crying, I used to run for the hills. It wasn’t until I gave birth to my daughter, that I truly realized the beauty behind those cries.

Babies cry a lot. It is their only way of communication. This article will give you a better understanding of why babies cry and 10 reasons why babies cry.

Listen Carefully

When my daughter was born, the cries seemed so normal. I thought okay, she’s just crying. It wasn’t until my pediatrician told me that babies communicate this way that I learned that they do more than just crying. They have no other means of communication, so they communicate through their sounds to tell you what they need or want.

They try to make weird and unusual sounds that range from the delightful to the downright weird. My Pediatrician told me that I needed to listen carefully and then after some time I’d be able to differentiate each cry.

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10 Reasons Why Babies Cry and Soothe Them

#1. Hunger

This is the most common reason for a baby to cry. Although your baby has a very small tummy but as they poop often, it gets empty and your baby feels hungry again. The baby might signal that he/she needs food by looking at the mother, licking his lips or making a sucking action.

Solution: So try offering your baby some milk when he/she cries, it might be due to an empty stomach.

#2. Sleep

Unlike adults, babies are not able to sleep on their own all the time. It might seem surprising but your baby may be overtired and still be unable to go to sleep. If you see your baby crying and yawning and getting irritated, it’s possible that he/she is tired and needs a nap. Often babies tend to resist sleep but if you know that it is well past their sleep time and the baby is cranky, you must try and put your little one to sleep.

Solution: You may take your baby to a separate room and make him/her take a nap. If you know you’re going to be late, make the baby sleep in the afternoon so that he/she is fresh in the evening.

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#3. Poop or Pee

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A wet or soiled reason is also an obvious cause of crying. Your baby’s nappy might be spoilt and he/she may be feeling uncomfortable and itchy. Calls for a nappy change. If you smell something near the child’s nappy or feel it is wet, then it is definitely an episode of poop or pee.

Solution: Make it a point to check your child’s nappy a little after the feed. Most mothers know their child’s potty cycle and check their baby periodically. Always wipe your child’s bottom and apply a soothing anti-rash cream. In the summers, you can let your baby be nappy-free for some time every day to avoid diaper rashes.

#4. Need to be Cuddled

Perhaps your baby is feeling insecure and needs to be comforted. It is very common to find babies crying to be held. The most common sight, however, is to see a baby crying to be held by a person who is standing. They do not like to be in a person’s lap who is sitting. My daughter always wanted someone to hold her and rock her and play with her. She would squeal and call out to her chachu every day when he came home from work since she knew he would pick her up and play with her!

Solution: Hold your baby, cuddle him/her. Give your baby a hug and talk.

#5. No Burping

Gas or colic is another cause of crying in babies. If your baby cries immediately after a feed or during a feed, it could be due to gas in the tummy. When babies suffer from colic, they usually have a hard tummy and they cry uncontrollably.

Solution: Always burp your child after every feed and if you find your baby has gas, rub her back. You can also hold your baby against your chest, make her chin rest on your shoulder and gently pat her back.

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Effective Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

How to soothe a crying baby, Best ways to calm your crying baby…

#6. Feeling hot

If your baby is dressed in too many layers and it isn’t too cold, the baby may be crying since he/she is feeling uncomfortable. Wearing too many clothes can make your baby feel hot and sweaty. Most of the time, babies just need one extra layer than you to be comfortable. You also need to remember that some babies may not feel too cold and it isn’t necessary that your baby will feel as much cold as you do!

Solution: If you see sweat, try removing a layer. Dress up your baby in cotton clothes.

#7. Feeling Cold

Wearing less clothing, after a bath or just generally, some babies feel cold and may cry to indicate their discomfort. Dress your child accordingly.

Solution: If you feel the baby’s hand and/or feet are cold, make him wear socks and another woollen layer. If your child feels cold after a bath, you would need to speed up the process of bathing and keep a bathing robe handy so your child doesn’t feel cold while going from the bathroom to the dressing room.

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#8. Too Many People

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Seeing too many new faces around them is also a cause of concern for small babies. They feel scared and insecure and cry.

Solution: If your baby cries when being called or held by new people, try and hold your baby yourself and hug him tight to calm them. You may even take your child away for a little walk and soothe your baby so that he quiets down. It is always better to familiar the baby with new people more than 3-4 times before they hold him.

#9. Unwell

If your baby is unwell, he will indicate it to you by crying. The cries are urgent and high-pitched and just by touching the baby, you can find out if he has a fever.

Solution: If you feel there’s something completely odd about the way the baby is crying, you must take him to the doctor for further investigation.

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#10. Wants Less Attention

At times, babies just need to be on their own. They are happy playing or doing what they are doing and we as adults, give them too much attention. While doing so, we disrupt the baby’s activities and he feels disturbed.

Solution: Stop talking and see if the baby is happy playing by himself.

If your baby has trouble while crying and experiences breathing difficulty, consult a pediatrician immediately. If you’ve checked all of the above and no amount of cuddling and rocking is able to calm your baby, it might need medical attention.

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How You Can Soothe Baby

5 Tried & Tested Ways To Soothe A Crying Baby

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