Do You Know What Purple Crying Is? Find Out When It Will Start For Your Baby

Do You Know What Purple Crying Is? Find Out When It Will Start For Your Baby

Purple crying is a term used to describe stomach discomfort or continuous crying of babies for long hours. Ronald Barr, an expert on the term purple crying, says that parents should rest assured that colic is a stage which every newborn goes through. First-time parents start getting worried and sometimes even get panic when their new bundle of joy suddenly starts crying without any reason. Parents try their very best to comfort them by feeding, cuddling, burping and swaying - but nothing seems to work. Purple crying is actually the term that very well explains this sudden continuous crying in babies without any reason whatsoever.

What does word PURPLE crying actually mean?

PURPLE crying is actually a break up of the following explanation.
  • P- PEAK OF CRYING- Baby will cry continuously for a period of time. The highest level of cry is reached at about 2 months of age. But this crying usually subsides between 3-5 months of age.
  • U- UNEXPECTED CRYING- Baby starts crying suddenly and then slowly gets normal. Parents get confused why this crying period comes and goes.
  • R- RESIST SOOTHING- Baby might continue crying in spite of whatever means you use to console the baby.
  • P- PAIN- Usually facial expressions change at this stage. You might feel that the baby is in trouble or pain.
  • L- LONG LASTING- Baby might cry for long hours and all tricks or tips to console the baby fail.
  • E- EVENING- Baby usually cries in the late afternoon or evening.
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Why PURPLE crying happens? 

Colic pain which causes this PURPLE crying is associated with stomach discomfort of the baby. Scientifically there is no proof to explain why colic happens, which makes parents more worried. The main aim behind coining the term PURPLE crying is to reassure parents when they see their babies crying for long hours- that this is perfectly normal. As difficult as it may be, parents should always remember that they are not doing anything wrong and this is just a phase. Seeing the baby cry for such long hours sometimes even mommies starts crying. Sleep deprivation coupled with constant baby crying can get on both parents’ nerves. But, at this time it's most important for both partners to understand and support each other.

Why you shouldn’t worry about PURPLE crying?

Purple crying usually begins at 2 weeks of age and cab continues till 5 to 6 months of age. 99 out of 100 babies suffer from this phase. When babies go through this period, you as a parent feel disheartened if you fail to soothe your baby. Babies are born with delicate digestive systems and need time to adjust to the diet of breast milk or formula. Their bodies are still adapting to the world outside the mother’s womb, and hence all these factors can result in PURPLE crying. Also Read: 10 common reasons of stomach pain in babies Seeing baby crying for long hours continuously we get many questions in our mind like
  • Will this crying affect baby’s mental health?
  • Is my baby healthy or is something wrong?
  • Are there any long-term ill effects of this crying?
The answer to all such questions is a big NO. In spite of the long hours of crying, your baby is going to be perfectly fit and fine. For peace of mind, many parents keep visiting the doctor only to hear that “Baby is fine.” So, parents put all your worries aside and be rest assured that this is just a phase. A difficult one, but a phase nonetheless. So the next time your kiddo begins purple crying, just cradle her and wait for it to finish. Want to share your mommy experience with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you