7 Pregnancy Myths Related To The Lunar Eclipse

7 Pregnancy Myths Related To The Lunar Eclipse

On the 16th of July, 2019 the world will witness the lunar eclipse. Expected to last for 02 Hours 57 Mins 14 Secs.  This lunar eclipse is also believed to be one of the most powerful ones in recent times. Its is start from 01:33 AM and it Ends at 04:30 AM (As per Delhi Timings). 


For centuries, lunar eclipses have been associated with spirituality and energies. There are several myths and stories about this natural phenomenon. Some of these myths are quite intriguing while some of them are hard to comprehend.

It is believed that lunar eclipses cause a change in the flow of energy within our body. That is why there are several pregnancy myths related to the lunar eclipse as women are considered to be in very delicate health during this time.

In addition to that, the lunar cycle has been associated with the menstrual cycle of women, which led to people believing that an eclipse can adversely affect pregnancy.

7 Pregnancy Myths Related To The Lunar Eclipse

#1. You should not handle any sharp objects

Pregnant women, and just about anyone, is advised to handle sharp objects carefully during a lunar eclipse. The belief is that any wound that you may have during this time will bleed for longer and will also take a much longer time to heal.

There is however, no scientific evidence to prove this. The truth is that the amount of blood that you lose and the time that it takes for the wound to heal depends entirely on the kind of wound and its depth.

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#2. If you use a knife, the child will be born with harelip or cleft lip

This is a very common myth in the Eastern World. They also believe that children are born with scars or deformities in case the mother uses a knife.

The truth is that harelip is the result of a deficiency in folic acid in the mother. Any other deformity can be related to nutritional or other deficiencies but cannot really be associated with the lunar eclipse.

#3. If a pregnant woman looks at an eclipse, the child is born with deformities

Any deformity in a newborn is only related to genetics, a deficiency in the diet of the mother or a pre existing health issue in the mother.

It is safe for you to go outdoors during an eclipse as this phenomenon does not have any effect on the condition of the baby when he or she is born.

#4. A pregnant woman should not eat or drink during a lunar eclipse

This is certainly a myth that you can choose to ignore especially when you are expecting a baby. It is necessary for the mother to stay hydrated and to eat well to prevent any health issues in the baby.

Not eating on the day of the eclipse can leave you feeling weak, nauseous and can cause a severe headache. Fasting during pregnancy is never a great idea as it can compromise the health of the baby.

#5. You should take a bath once the eclipse is over

It is believed that all the negative energy of the lunar eclipse is washed away if you take a bath immediately after the shower. The first thing to note is that while the eclipse does cause changes in the gravitational force of the earth, it does not lead to any sort of negative energy.

Even so, any influence of energies cannot be washed off merely with a bath. So this is certainly a myth that you can overlook.

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#6. When you touch your belly during an eclipse, the child is born with a birthmark

A birthmark is merely the result of pigmentation or any other skin related condition. Birthmarks are also genetic in some cases. However, simply touching your belly during an eclipse does not have any effect on the body of your child.

#7. You must not sleep during the eclipse if you are pregnant

Pregnant women need as much rest as possible. This allows the body to stay energized and will result in better development of the embryo.

So, this is a myth that you can easily ignore for the sake of your’s and your baby’s health. Make sure that you get ample sleep, during the eclipse or after it is over.

In the end, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby is all about making sure that you stay happy, relaxed, and calm through it all.

The changes caused in tidal waves and other earthly phenomenon made many people in the ancient world believe that the lunar eclipse is a bad omen.

There is no scientific evidence to show whether these beliefs hold any real effect on pregnant women or not. They are old wives tales that stem from the belief that the lunar eclipse is a bad omen.

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However, many doctors suggest that if any pregnant woman strongly believes in these myths, it is best that she be allowed to follow them.

Not because these are true; but because, the stress and fear that results from not following the beliefs can often lead people to high blood pressure and depression. This in turn may have a negative impact on the baby.

Lunar eclipses have been known scientifically to have a mild effect on blood pressure, hormones, and mood swings. That is the primary reason why pregnant women are advised to stay indoors and rest during an eclipse.

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