13 Pregnancy Myths And Facts

13 Pregnancy Myths And Facts

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it’s also a phase about which there are many myths and misconceptions. These myths are further perpetuated by relatives and friends. Although they mean well – it ends up causing more confusion and uncertainty in the mind of a pregnant woman. Today, we are going to help you understand the myths and facts about pregnancy.

13 Myths And Facts About Pregnancy 

#1. Myth 1: No Flying!

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Fact: FALSE!

It is believed that x-ray machines at security checks and airport body scanners can cause harm to your baby. However, the radiation doesn’t have much penetration and is so minimal that it is unlikely to cause any fetal exposure.

Also, several airlines won’t let you on the plane during your last trimester but that is mainly because of the risk of you going into labor anytime and they would have to make an emergency landing.

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#2. Myth 2: No Visiting the Salon

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Fact: Complicated!

Experts suggest not dying hair during pregnancy as strong odors from hair color might make the mother feel even more nauseous than usual.

Some products are notorious for having harmful chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, toluene or formaldehyde so opt for safe personal care brands like Butter London, Scotch Naturals and Zoya. Also to avoid breathing in fumes, choose places that are well ventilated. You might even make your appointment for less crowded times of the day.

You don’t need to forgo weekly manis or pedis just because you’re carrying. While some salons do not encourage a full body massage to pregnant women, you can also opt for other services.Most importantly, make sure the salon sterilizes all their tools so that there is no chance of an infection.

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#3. Myth 3: Say NO to physical intercourse

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Fact: Nope, False again.

Sex cannot physically harm the baby. A baby is fully protected by the amniotic sac and strong uterine muscles. A thick mucus plug also seals the cervix.

However, you may want to watch out for chances of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and Herpes. This shouldn’t be a concern be if you are in a monogamous relationship however, do consult a doctor if you’re too worried.

#4. Myth 4: Eat for 2

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Fact: False!

One of the most common fallacies is that since there is another human inside, the mother should eat for both – herself and the baby. However, it is medically proven that the female body during her pregnancy needs only 300 extra calories a day. So technically you should be eating for 1+1/5th only!

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#5. Myth 5: Walking = Early labor

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Fact: False! False! False!

Let alone walking, no activity can cause a labor to come early. Walking is a good habit because it helps you to relax and it can help to have a natural delivery, but it will not help to bring an onset of labour.

#6. Myth 6: Excessive tummy rubbing= spoiled baby

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Fact: So not true!

This is truly the funniest myth I’ve heard regarding pregnancy. According to an old wives’ tale from China, it is said “However tempting as it may be, a pregnant woman should refrain from excessive rubbing of her protruding tummy. If she does this very often, her baby may be spoiled.”

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#7. Myth 7: It’s Okay To Have A Drink Once In a While

Fact: False!

Many people say that having a few sips of wine or a glass of champagne will not harm the baby at all. However, many studies have shown that drinking during pregnancy can cause an increased risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs).

#8. Myth 8: Absolutely No Caffeine

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Fact: False!

One small cup of tea or coffee a day is perfectly fine. Caffeine intake that is less than 200 milligrams isn’t likely to harm you or your baby. However, because of the increased acid reflux during pregnancy, it may be advisable to reduce acidic beverages. If you like tea, you can even try different kinds of herbal tea which have negligible amounts of caffeine.

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#9. Myth 9: Say “No Cheese”

Fact: True and False!

Let me explain! You don’t have to cut all the cheeses. Some kinds, like cheddar and Swiss are safe because they have been pasteurized.
Cheese that is soft and unpasteurized like Brie, feta and goat cheese may carry food-borne illnesses. If you’re lucky, the market you frequent will carry pasteurized versions—just start looking at labels carefully. And then you can still enjoy your pasta with cheese.

#10. Myth 10: Exercising will harm baby


Fact: It’s complicated.

Many experts say that in most cases, low-impact workouts can be a great way to control your weight and prep for baby. Research has also shown that mothers who work out during pregnancy have healthier birth weight.
The reason gym gets a bad name during pregnancy is because pregnant women are required to avoid contact sports or exercises that involve lying on your back. This is because it reduces blood flow to your brain and uterus. Talk to your OB before finalizing your fitness routine.

#11. Myth 11: Pregnant women with low belly have a boy

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Fact: False!

This is again an old wives tale that If you are carrying your bump high, then it’s a girl and if the bump is bigger and lower then it sure to be a boy! There is no basis of truth to this, but it’s a fun baby shower game to play when you get your girl gang together!

#12. Myth 12: Face Glow indicates the sex of a baby

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Fact: Maybe, maybe not!

Another myth, somewhat based on a fact. Midwives say that changes in skin color and texture can be attributed to the hormonal and changes that a pregnant woman goes through. According to the myth, a boy will give you a beautiful pregnancy glow while a baby girl will give you oily skin and maybe even pimples!

#13. Myth 13: Having Heartburn Means Baby With Hair!

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Fact: Maybe!

According to a popular myth if you experience lots of heartburn, then your baby will be born with lots of hair. A John Hopkins study even found correlation between the two! So, this may not only be a myth, but could very possibly be true!

So, mommies, most of these are just that – myths with maybe just a grain of truth! So, take all the advise regarding these myths from well-meaning relatives in your stride and don’t worry too much. Eating a healthy diet, staying active and doing some meditation and de-stressing exercises will help you to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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