Top 10 Pregnancy Care Tips for Summer

Top 10 Pregnancy Care Tips for Summer

Pregnancy can be a delicate and difficult time, especially in summers. In the summers, sweating increases, the swelling of feet worsens and appetite is at an all-time low. Pregnant women especially need to take special care to ensure they remain healthy in the summers and protect themselves from water-borne and mosquito-borne disease. Let’s take a look at some pregnancy care tips for summer in this article.

Pregnancy Care Tips For Summer

If you are pregnant, take the following steps to make yourself comfortable and to ensure your summers are uneventful.

#1. Stay hydrated

Summers in India can be unforgiving and very quickly lead to dehydration. The most important thing you can do when pregnant is to stay hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, especially during summers.
Watch out for weakness, fatigue, yellow urine, dryness of lips which could all be signs of dehydration.

#2. Stay cool

If you are feeling unbearably hot or uncomfortable, take a cool shower or go to the pool. Both will help lower body temperatures and provide relief from the summer heat. You could also carry a spray/mist bottle when you step out and use it to cool yourself down.

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#3. Mosquito-borne diseases

In India and many other developing nations, summers and monsoons are insect breeding season leading to a rise in diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and others. These diseases are especially dangerous for pregnant women. Keep yourself safe by using herbal mosquito repellants, garment patches or roll-ons and reapply them at regular intervals. In case the insect bite is itchy, apply a topical ointment to combat itchiness.
Watch out for fevers chills, shivering or rashes which might mean a more serious infection for which you should seek medical attention immediately.

#4. Eat well

Eating well all through the pregnancy is important, but even more so in the summer as pregnant women are prone to tiredness in this season. Eat summer friendly and seasonal fruits and vegetables like cold salad and soups, fruits like melons and mangoes and vegetables like cucumbers and leafy greens.
Avoid spicy, oily or junk food. Refrain from eating outside, especially during the summers when water-borne diseases are rampant.

#5. Stay active

Unless advised rest by your doctor, staying active during pregnancy is good for both you and your baby. Discuss your exercise plan beforehand with your doctor. Exercise in summer is best done in the morning or evenings when the temperature is cooler. Also, do not over-exert yourself and rest after exercising.
You can pick from a few exercise options:

#6. Light exercises

  • Yoga: You could do light yoga or exercises after discussing with your doctor.
  • Walk: Walking is enjoyable and recommended for being easy on the joints.
  • Swim: Swimming is the perfect activity for summers. It is not harsh on the joints and leaves the swimmer feeling fresh and relaxed after.

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#7. Take care of your feet

Swelling of feet and ankles is a common pregnancy-related problem. Though not necessarily painful, it makes wearing footwear and walking uncomfortable. Summer heat can add to the discomfort associated with swollen feet. Prop up your feet on a footstool or pillows when you sit. Buy correct fitting, non-slip and comfortable shoes while pregnant. Special shoes for pregnant ladies are available in maternity shops which can help to reduce the discomfort. If you are walking or doing exercise during pregnancy, choose the right kind of shoes that are meant for long distance walking or exercise.

#8. Take an afternoon nap

Afternoons being the hottest part of the day can be difficult to tolerate, especially when pregnant. So avoid afternoons altogether if you can. Taking a nap in the afternoons will help you get through the hottest part of the day and will also give you time to relax.

#9. Dress Right

Dark clothes, especially blacks, navies, and reds can make one feel hotter by absorbing heat. Dress in light summer colors – whites, pink, yellows, and other pastel colors. Make sure your clothes are not tight or restrictive. Loose clothes allow passage of air. When stepping out do not forget to apply sunscreen and take along your sunglasses and umbrella.

#10. Hair care

Pregnancy makes women feel temperatures in the extreme – sometimes too hot, and at other times too cold. When they feel too hot, they feel their scalp sweats too. A soothing head massage with a cooling hair oil will help you feel relaxed. Wash your hair often in the summers to feel refreshed and to keep your scalp healthy. You could also opt for a summer haircut which is stylish and easy to maintain in the summers.

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#11. Babymoon

Despite taking all these steps if you are still suffering in the heat, then just go on a babymoon. Babymoons are increasingly becoming popular as the final holiday the parents-to-be go as a couple before the baby’s arrival. Pick a cool hill station and go on a relaxing holiday. You should check with your doctor before booking your holiday and get an all-clear for travel and what duration of travel is safe to undertake for you.

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