6 Amazing Power Of Turmeric For Kids That You Never Knew About

6 Amazing Power Of Turmeric For Kids That You Never Knew About

No matter what health issues you have; be it a cough, a cold, or even a cut or bruise, there is one thing that grandma always recommends and that is turmeric. In this article, we will discover the amazing power of turmeric.

At some or the other point in our lives we have all had the famous turmeric milk to get rid of common health issues. Turmeric is known for its medicinal properties since time immemorial. In fact, it is one of the most widely used herbs in Eastern Medicine.

If you are a new mom who is looking for natural, healthy and safe home remedies for your little one, then make sure you never run out of turmeric.

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Amazing Power of Turmeric for Kids

Turmeric is one of the easiest and most effective home remedies that you can use for your child. Here are some of the healing effects that turmeric has on common childhood health issues:

#1. It is the best remedy for cold and flu

Fever and cold are common in young children. When your child has a fever, it means that there is some form of inflammation in the body. And a cold or a cough is a sign of infection from germs and microbes. Turmeric is a very strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent that can help treat flu and fever. It is also known to prevent the chances of infection by improving the child’s immunity against these conditions

Give your toddler a mixture of turmeric; ginger juice, and honey to get rid of any fever or flu related symptoms.

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#2. It is a strong antiseptic

Children love to play. Falling down and getting hurt is a part of growing up. One of the best remedies for a bruise or a cute is to apply some turmeric paste on it. If the cut is deep and requires dressing or stitches, make sure you give your child a cup of milk with a dash of turmeric to help the body heal from within.

Turmeric not only heals the wound but also reduces the pain as it is known to be a natural painkiller. It contains a compound called curcumin, which is very useful in treating any type of wound such as cuts, bruises, or burns. It also acts as an analgesic or a natural painkiller.

#3. Turmeric keeps your child’s teeth healthy

Instead of threatening your child about the ill effects of chocolate, protect his or her teeth with some turmeric. The natural agent curcumin, which is seen in turmeric, is known to help improve oral health in children.

Make a mouthwash at home with clean water and a teaspoon of turmeric. Rinsing the mouth regularly with this mixture will prevent issues like plaque formation. It will also keep the mouth feeling fresher by killing all the germs.

When children begin to lose their milk teeth, the gums feel sensitive and uncomfortable. Grind roasted turmeric and massage it on the gums to reduce this pain and sensitivity. In case the gums seem inflamed or begin to bleed, you can make a paste with turmeric, mustard oil and a dash of salt and massage the gums twice each day.

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#4. It keeps the skin healthy

From simple dryness of the skin, to infections, and more serious conditions like scabies; turmeric is known to be a very effective remedy.

Turmeric is one of the strongest, natural, antifungal agents. It helps to keep the skin protected from common infections seen in children. If you have teenage kids at home. The amazing power of turmeric keeps acne, pimples, and sunburns at bay when used as a paste.

#5. Prevents digestive disorders

Several digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome can be cured with regular use of turmeric. In addition to this, turmeric improves the production of bile which is very useful in digestion. It keeps the liver healthy and also prevents any inflammation in the digestive tract.

A study conducted recently by J.Med Association, Thailand revealed that 87% of the study group benefited from using turmeric as a treatment for indigestion.

#6. Keeps the immune system strong

Curcumin in turmeric is known to boost the immune system of children and adults alike. This not only prevents the chances of infections in children but also keeps allergies at bay.

Allergies are caused when the immune system releases chemical called histamine, which leads to inflammation, rashes, and other responses to common allergens. Curcumin, has the ability to restrict the production of histamine. This reduces the allergic response of the body. Studies also show that turmeric can reduce the symptoms of asthma in children.

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The amazing power of turmeric, no wonder, has such a strong place in the Indian kitchen. So go ahead and do not hesitate to use this age-old, tried and tested natural ingredient to keep your child protected and healthy.

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