A Parent's Guide to Buying a Perfect Stroller

A Parent's Guide to Buying a Perfect Stroller

Taking a baby out for walks can be a refreshing experience for both the parents and the baby. However, carrying your baby in your arms for long periods of time may get tiring. It may also make your baby quite restless. Exposing your baby to harsh sun rays for extended periods will also affect his delicate skin as well. For the safety and ease of babies, parents should invest in a well-built and sturdy stroller.

With so many strollers to choose from in the market, picking the right one can get extremely confusing.

Here is a list of things that you need to check when buying a Stroller.

Things To Check When Buying A Stroller

#1. Safety Harness

Little babies are known to be fidgety and are constantly moving, even when they are sleeping. This is exactly why you should always opt for a stroller that has a safety belt or a safety harness. Without one, your baby may fall out of his seat. Always look for a stroller that comes with a 5 point safety harness. This will keep your baby secure from all directions.

#2. Rear Wheel Brakes

One of the biggest mistakes a parent makes when buying a stroller is buying one without brakes or not using rear wheel brakes even when one is present. These brakes can easily be operated by foot and ensures that the stroller is fixed in position when the lock is on. Whether you are going to the mall to shop or taking a walk in the park, always look out for paths with slopes. Even if you need to stop for a minute to take a call, make sure that you use the brakes. Always look for a stroller that has this safety feature.

#3. Sun Canopy

A baby’s skin is 3X thinner than an adult’s, which makes it more delicate and more sensitive towards the sun. This can lead to dryness, itching and sunburns.

When taking your baby out in a stroller, he should be protected from the heat and the glaring sun. Parents often cover the stroller with a thick blanket which is a mistake. This can lead to suffocation. Opt for a stroller with a protective sun canopy. The protective sun canopy can also shield your baby from rain and harsh winds.

#4. Storage Basket

It is quite common to see that parents often hang their shopping bags on either side of their baby’s stroller. The uneven weight of these bags can lead to an accident like the stroller toppling over. Most good quality strollers come with a spacious storage basket space under the seat where one can store the day’s purchases.

Note: Before stuffing all your bags in the storage area below, check the directions and its weight limits as well.


#5. Reversible Handlebar

How you push your baby’s stroller is completely up to you, you can either push the stroller with the baby facing forward or your can reverse the handlebar so that your baby can face you. A good quality-stroller will give you that option and comes equipped with a reversible handlebar.

#6. Reclining seats

Babies shouldn’t be left in one single position for long periods of time. It may hurt their little bodies and is also not recommended for their normal physical growth and development. That is why when you are buying a stroller, ensure that you buy one with a three-position seat recline.

#7. 360° Mobility On Wheels

A stroller can be an easy thing to maneuver when on a straightforward path but you may also encounter bumps or other such obstructions on the road. So, for times like these, a 360° mobility on front wheel that comes with a swivel lock can become extremely helpful. It can be locked for stability on uneven surfaces which helps in keeping the baby safe in the stroller.

#8. One Hand Folding System

When purchasing a stroller, parents often forget to check the folding system of the stroller. Buying a stroller which folds up easily, with the use of just one hand helps. With this system, you can simply push one button to fold the stroller, while carrying your baby in your other arm.

#9. How Much Weight It Can Hold

Although it depends from stroller to stroller, find out how much weight the stroller you are buying can hold at one go. Most good strollers can carry upto 15kgs and is mostly suitable for babies who fall under the 0-3 age bracket.


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