How Parental Bonding Enhances A Child’s Learning?

How Parental Bonding Enhances A Child’s Learning?

Bonding and attachment should be supported throughout the developmental years of your child. A strong emotional support ties a child and the parent into a bond that is meant to improve and develop further.

Toddlers or preschoolers tend to enjoy the sense of security and attachment that comes from their parents. It also makes them responsive towards the overall learning process.

This sense of security further develops a positive approach towards life and high flexibility to trauma and stress. According to a research, it has been said that parental bonding tends to broaden up new learning pathways for children, as it enhances the development of a refined brain and boosts the self-confidence of the child.

Here are some ways in which parent-child bonding initiates positive learning in kids:

Parental bonding enhances the learning capability of a child
A number of us may think that school is responsible for the complete structured learning in children. However, more than school, it is parental bonding and involvement that plays a role in the development of a child.

Children look upon their parents both as a source of knowledge and also as their role models in the world. Therefore, establishing a good communication with the child is one of the biggest factors that can improve the learning capability of your kid.

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Try to Use How and Why

Many schools rely on providing learning from several standardized books which is one of the biggest reasons for a rote learning. A child can somehow feel disconnected and can also be left with unclear information that describes certain objects, phenomenon, and concepts rather than fetching useful knowledge.

Here, parents can work as a supplement by adopting a constructive yet a playful mindset. Teaching a child to learn by using various ideas, rather than by just cramming up some facts can make the subjects a little less intimidating. You can also ask your children some conceptual questions related to ‘how’ and ‘why’ things happen and see how they answer to take your discussion forward.

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How Parental Bonding Enhances A Child’s Learning?

Bonding Helps You to Track the Learning growth Of Your Kid

It is probably not a good thing if you are completely dependent on the results of your child’s school performance as an indicator of the learning progress of your kid. Reports from a standardized test are not a clear or exclusive indicator of your child’s learning capabilities.

Sometimes it is not easy to figure out what role a parent must play for their Child’s development. However, staying connected helps the toddlers to not only perform well at school but also develop into worthy personalities.

Your little ones can benefit from the systems that various home-schoolers use in order to track the learning process. Some of these methods are those that help you track the interests, strengths and weaknesses of your child. They will also help you to identify the innate talent along with the learning challenges you might face in future.
How parents can remain involved in their child’s learning
Here are some ways in which parents can encourage a bond with the child and participate in their learning:

● Establish Communication with your toddler and try to spend more of your time with them. By doing this, they will entrust you with the problems they face and will allow looking for the best solutions together.
● Talk to their teachers about the mistake or behavior of your toddler during the parent-teacher conference. However, never involve your child in this, especially when you need to question the teacher’s decision.
● Rank your child’s academic needs higher than your personal choices. Your favorite TV series might disturb your kid while reading, therefore sometimes it is better to wait and allow your little ones to finish their assignments, before moving on to distracting activities.
● Maintain a balance between love and strictness. An trustworthy behavior is not suitable in most cases and is hardly encouraging. Therefore, you must see what your little one requires at present and never be shy to shower love on them.
● Always keep a check on the schedule of your toddler’s working day. This is to make sure that your child has enough time to spend on their hobbies and does not waste their valuable time only playing computer or mobile games.
● Try to work on improving the study habits of your child by teaching him or her how to work productively and efficiently. Make them learn some new memorizing techniques. Also, teach them the importance of taking breaks during the process.
● Intervene timely if you feel there is something amiss in your child’s behaviour. Never sit back, let it go, or postpone taking action. Talk to your child and try to find a reason behind the problem he/she is facing. Sometimes taking a stand for your child in front of others is required.

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The bond that you build with your child today, goes a long way in shaping the kind of personality he or she turns out to be. So go ahead and put in your best to strengthen this bond the best way possible. Remember, you are shaping lives here!

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