What to pack in your hospital bag for delivery?

What to pack in your hospital bag for delivery?

During my second trimester, my friend, who is a mother herself sent me a gift- a big bag with lots of cartoons on it. I was thoroughly puzzled, wondering why she had sent me a gift as there was no birthday or anniversary in the family. I called her to thank her and she said you can use this bag as a hospital bag for delivery.

“To prepare a bag for delivery?” I remarked. “I am not going on a holiday. I am going to deliver a baby. Why will I need a bag?” I wondered.

But after doing some research on the internet, I finally packed my Hospital bag for Delivery.

In my delivery bag, I had everything about which I read or understood from conversations with friends. Believe me, the thrill and the detailing of packing a delivery bag was more fun than packing a bag for a holiday.

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When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag For Delivery?

My first question was when to pack a bag? I was so excited after completing the 8th month and I decided to pack my bag and keep it ready. So, to save time and be prepared for any emergency, I packed my bags when I was still in my last month. It also depends on the condition of the to-be-mom and the view of doctor about the delivery date. Around 33-34 weeks of pregnancy is the best time to pack your delivery bag.

How To Pack Your Hospital Bag For Labor?

A simple rule that can be followed is to prepare a checklist a week before, when you actually plan to pack. The reason for preparing a list in advance is that you still have time to add items to the bag. The checklist can be prepared on the mobile phone, PC or tablet. Before preparing to pack, you can check the essentials that are actually required and remove other things which you think are unnecessary.

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What Should You Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Delivery?

So you know when to pack your hospital bag for delivery and how to pack it but do you know that your hospital bag for delivery should contain these below mentioned 10 must-have items.

#1. LINENS: Hospitals usually provide essential linen to the patient but whether they make it available for the attendant of the patient or not is something you should check with the hospital. And in case they don’t, it is advisable to include one or two essential bedding items in the bag.

#2. TOILETRIES: These include toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wash, face wash, bathing soap, cream/moisturizer, comb, oil, hair bands, body lotion, towels, hand towel and last but not the least sanitary pads. Most hospitals do provide the pads as well, but in case you are specific about a particular brand, then do keep them as well. Don’t forget to pack good quality lip balm as it will keep your lips hydrated during labor hours.

#3. DRESSES: Two pairs of dresses to wear when you leave the hospital. Obviously, you will wear one but one more for any EMERGENCY.

#4. MEDICINES: Try to keep one strip each of any regular medicine you take in your bag, although it is advisable not to take any medicine without the consultation of the doctor.

#5. SLIPPERS AND SOCKS: Comfortable slippers to wear in the hospital. Try not to keep a new pair, as they may make you uncomfortable. Stick to a pair that you are comfortable in but make sure the slippers are not slippery and have a good, firm grip. Keep at least two pair of socks as well in case your feet get cold.

#6. MATERNITY WEAR: This includes a good nursing bra, feeding gowns and comfortable underwear. A nursing bra and feeding gown ease your nursing time in hospital and even after you come back home.

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#7. DUPATTA OR FEEDING COVER: Dupatta/feeding covers help a new mother in feeding the baby with ease and without awkwardness. Cotton dupattas/stole are good and feeding cover is readily available in the market and online, as well.

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#8. SNACKS: Keep some biscuits or other snacks in the bag, but do check the expiry date. Glucose biscuits or salty ones are a safe bet. Avoid oily/fried or old snacks.

#9. WALLET/CASH/ATM: Generally, the partner takes care of the cash requirements, but if you feel then you can keep one wallet with some emergency cash/ATM and a photocopy of at least one ID proof of the mother-to-be, insurance papers, policy papers.

#10. BABY CLOTHES: Keep some soft comfortable clothes for baby like soft baby sheet, baby bag to cover baby. In many Indian families, there is a trend to put old clothes of any older sibling or a cousin. Also include a baby wrap/towel/blanket to wrap the baby, a soft sheet or blanket to cover the infant, mittens, socks, 3-4 pair of clothing (rompers or sets of shirts and pajamas meant for newborns), soft baby towels, wipes, nappies, diapers/cloth nappies and a cotton cap to cover the baby’s head.

List of the items to be brought after the baby birth and can be handed over to elders of the family/partner to buy once the baby arrives.

The most important thing to pack in your bag (heart) is Confidence, Faith, Love, Smile and Positivity. This all will make your journey from labor to delivering baby a lot easier.

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