5 Best Nasal Drops for Kids

5 Best Nasal Drops for Kids

It is a common sight to see running and blocked noses, cough, fever, chills, and headaches in kids. Nothing is more irritating than a stuffy nose. It causes a headache and one cannot even eat food properly. You can’t get a sound sleep if your nose is blocked!

Children suffer from a blocked nose more often than adults as they have a weak immunity and they just don’t wear socks in winters, however much you convince them! My daughter gives me a very hard time when it comes to wearing socks. I have to run around her to make her cover her feet and the moment I look away, the socks are removed and kept away!

When she is unable to sleep at night, even then she doesn’t bother. I can sense that her nose is irritated and she needs something to unblock her nose. I can’t sleep till she is asleep. Over the years, I realized that the easiest way to relieve the congestion in the nose is by putting nasal drops. You can also nasal spray. It takes just two minutes and her nose gets unblocked.

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What are Nasal Drops?

Nasal drops or nasal saline is a salt water solution, which helps to moisten the nose and prevent the buildup of crusts. Saline nasal drops are a great way to unblock the nose of very young kids who are too young to take decongestants. Although most nasal drops are available at chemists without a prescription, it is always better to take one after consulting a doctor.

This is so because some nasal drops also contain other ingredients such as steroids, which help to cure nasal polyps.

Advantages of using Nasal Drops For Kids

  • Are effective and provide instant relief to kids
  • Relieve congestion in kids and enable them to get a sound sleep
  • Are non-medicated
  • Easily available at pharmacies
  • Not very expensive

Disadvantages of Nasal Drops

  • Effect doesn’t last long and you need to use it regularly
  • Can be uncomfortable for small kids

How to give Nasal Drops to Children?

You need to be extremely patient while giving nasal drops to your child. Children seldom sit still so you would need to have someone to hold the child while you give nasal drops to the child. Here is a step-by-step guide to giving nasal drops to your child:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
  • Wipe your child’s nose
  • Make your child sit in a caretaker’s lap with his head tilted back
  • Hold the arms of the child so that he doesn’t move
  • Keep a handkerchief handy
  • Shake the nasal drops bottle well
  • Uncap the bottle
  • If it is a dropper, you may lay the child and squeeze the dropper to put 3-4 drops in each nostril
  • Make the child stay in this position for 1-2 minutes till the medicine spreads
  • If its a spray, just put the nozzle under the nostril and squeeze onetime while the child is sitting in an upright position
  • Ask him to inhale deeply
  • Wipe away any excess

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5 Best Nasal Drops for Kids

#1. Nasivion

5 Best Nasal Drops for Kids

Image Source: mchemist

Nasivion Child Nasal Drops is a nasal solution that works as a nasal decongestant for children aged 1- 6 years. Just 1-2 drops in each nostril helps to provide long-lasting relief by narrowing the blood vessels of the nasal passages.

#2. Nasoclear

5 Best Nasal Drops for KidsImage Source: rxheal

Nasoclear is a saline nasal spray that helps to relieve children from dry stuffy nose. It helps to soothe dryness naturally. It is a very safe way to moisturize the nose. It helps to dissolve the crusty mucus and makes breathing easier. It can be used for babies (1-2 years).

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#3. Sinarest Nasal Drops

5 Best Nasal Drops for KidsImage Source: retail pharma india

Sinarest is a topical nasal spray that provides temporary relief from nasal congestion and reduces swelling in the nose. It helps to improve nasal ventilation and provides relief from the problem of stuffiness. Can be used for children aged 1- 6 years.

#4. Nasal Aid – Homeopathic Medicine

5 Best Nasal Drops for KidsImage Source: justlook

Nasal Aid is a nasal spray from Bakson’s Homeopathy. This homeopathic composition has an instant action to relieve congestion. It constricts the blood vessels of the nose, reduces swelling and provides relief from nasal itching. Helps relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. 


#5. Otrivin

5 Best Nasal Drops for KidsImage Source: Wellness forever

Otrivin Pediatric Nasal Spray from Novartis is nasal decongestant which acts fast and opens up the nasal passages of children by narrowing the blood vessels of the nose. The effect lasts upto 12 hours. Otrivin pediatric is for children aged 6 Years to 12 Years.


Disclaimer: Before you start using any nasal drops, always consult a pediatrician to know the recommended usage of nasal drops according to your child’s age.

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