Most Common Myths About Sleep In Babies

Most Common Myths About Sleep In Babies

The right sleeping position, to swaddle or not, to sleep next to your baby or not, and so much more. These are things that most new moms wonder about and also worry about. Most of these questions arise from the common sleep myths about babies. The most important thing for a mom is to make sure that her baby is able to sleep well and sleep soundly. But with so much information available on the internet and endless advice coming at you from your friends and family, it can be hard to figure out how to ensure your baby gets enough sleep.

Here are a few common sleep myths about babies

#1. Myth 1: You can put your baby to sleep on the side

This is one of the most common sleep myths about babies. You should make sure that your baby sleeps on the back. Sleeping on the stomach or the side is not advisable as it can cause issues like Sudden Death Syndrome. You will even get this information from most pediatricians. The safest way for your child to sleep is on the back. Also read: Is It A Good Idea To Let Newborns Sleep Alone?

#Myth 2: Your baby cannot sleep through the night if he or she is less than 6 months of age.

The baby’s ability to sleep all night does not depend upon age. It depends upon factors like food intake, the weight and also the environment that the baby sleeps in. Even the temperature in the room and the baby’s health plays an important role in how long they are able to sleep per night. As the kids get older than 4 months of age, they are also able to settle themselves and fall asleep. Provided your child gets the right circumstance, your baby will be able to sleep through the night.

#Myth 3: You should never wake a baby who is sleeping

This is one of the most common sleep myths about babies. Some babies are able to sleep better than others. They may even sleep easily for long hours during the day. In case your baby is a very good napper, then, getting your baby to sleep at night can be quite a pain. So, it is a good idea to restrict your baby’s sleep hours during the day. This helps your child sleep better at night. It also means that you are able to rest better.

#Myth 4: It is important to teach your baby to settle themselves to sleep

When it comes to common sleep myths about babies, this is a popular one. Most moms want their babies to be as independent as possible. So, they will try very hard to get the baby to self-settle. This is another baby sleep myth as this skill is not crucial for your child. In any case, your baby will not be able to settle himself or herself for the first 12 weeks. You do not have to push your baby to be able to do this until 3 months of age. It is a great practice to put your baby to bed when you notice that he or she is drowsy. Then. Then, they will be able to fall asleep better on their own. Also read: Interesting Facts About Your Baby’s Sleep

#Myth 5: When a baby wakes up at night, you should feed him or her

It is true that your baby will wake up when he or she is hungry at night. But, it is not necessary that your baby is hungry every time he or she wakes up in the middle of the night. There are several factors that can make your baby wake up. This includes the child being uncomfortable, not being sick, being unable to fall asleep on their own after a short disturbance and even long napping hours during the day. It is advisable to make sure that you check all the other options before you actually feed your child if he or she wakes up. Giving into this common myth about babies sleep will make it a habit for your child to want to feed whenever he or she wakes up. It will actually become a need with time. Also read: 10 Precautions To Take While Co-Sleeping With Your Newborn

#Myth 6: Not all babies like to be swaddled

This is a baby sleep myth that you will hear from older members of your family. Studies have proved that babies who are less than 4-5 months old actually fall sleep better. It is possible that your baby will struggle and cry when you swaddle him or her. This does not mean that he or she does not like it. It could mean that your baby is too warm or that the swaddle is too tight as well.

#Myth 7: It is good to train babies to sleep only at night

Unlike us, day and night means very little to your baby. If your baby is unable to sleep at night, it is still alright to allow the child to sleep during the day as well. What you need to do is ensure that your baby gets enough activity and stimulation to be able to fall asleep at night as well. Since babies do not have a fixed sleep pattern, the more tired they are, the better they will sleep. Also read: The Truth About Sleep And Brain Development In Babies Want to share your experience as a mom with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you