7 Common Mistakes Parents Make With Strollers

7 Common Mistakes Parents Make With Strollers

For any parent, their biggest concern will always be their child’s health, happiness and well-being. Parents only want to provide the best for their baby and work hard at making sure that they give their children all of life’s comforts. In recent times, a stroller has emerged as one of the most convenient parenting aids. It lets your baby sleep peacefully, you can go on long trips with your baby with the help of a stroller and much more. Strollers go through rounds of rigorous testing to be certified as safe and sturdy for children.

However, no matter how hard parents try to limit their mistakes, it is only natural for them to make a mistake or two. When it comes to strollers, most parents make the same sort of mistakes. We will discuss these problems in brief below.

Common Mistakes Parents Make With Strollers

#1. Not Finding A Stroller In Which The Baby Can Lay Flat

As most strollers are designed for safety, this point comes in as a developmental one. Look for a stroller that allows a baby to lay flat until he can sit on his own or with a little support. Parents often worry that making a baby lay flat will lead to plagiocephaly (flattening of the baby’s head). However, carriers and strollers that allow a baby to be in semi-reclined position may lead to head-flattening more by limiting the baby’s movement of the head and neck.

#2. Not Using The Stroller’s Brakes

Parents get the hang of using a stroller after a couple of tries. In time they become so confident in handling the stroller that they think that using the brakes is not necessary. It may seem like you’ve got everything under control but sometimes, the smallest things like someone accidentally bumping the stroller may flip it over. So, always use the brakes for maximum safety. If you need to stop for a moment to take a candy out of your bag, put the brakes on, even if you are on a flat surface.

#3. Covering Your Baby With Thick Blankets

While your intentions of protecting your baby comes from a good place, covering your baby in thick blankets,especially during the summer time is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Most good strollers come with a sun canopy which itself provides a lot of protection from harmful UV rays. Thick blankets can make the baby hot and uncomfortable and may also cause a heat stroke. A blanket on top can completely cut off air circulation as well.

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#4. Not Strapping In Your Baby

Most parents assume that when they are going on a slow walk with their baby, they need not strap him in. Babies are constantly moving (you already know and have seen this), especially when they’ve learned how to crawl and without been strapped in, they can easily fall out.

#5. Mistaking The Stroller For A Shopping Cart

Yes, many strollers do come with storage space in the bottom, specifically so that you can stash away your purchases. However, most of us misuse the stroller and think it of as our personal shopping cart by piling on too many of our shopping bags and purses around the handles. If your baby’s stroller isn’t designed to handle the extra weight, it could easily tip over. Before stuffing all your bags in the storage area below, check the directions and its weight limits as well.

#6. Throwing Away The Instructions

A stroller may seem like an easy thing to use – it’s just laying your baby in, strapping him in and wheeling him around, isn’t it? Well, it might not just be that. An instruction manual will teach you exactly how to strap your baby in, how the wheels rotate, how you can use the sun canopy and how to use the brakes and maintenance tips and tricks among many other things. So, don’t be so hurried to throw away the instruction manual. Take your time to understand everything and keep it handy for future purposes also.

#7. Buying The Wrong Type Of Stroller

You as a parent may have a different way of raising your child as compared to any other parent. Your lifestyles will be different, your jobs, your place of residence, all of these will come into effect when looking for a specific type of stroller. Don’t rush into buying the first stroller you see. Make a list of things you would ideally want in a stroller, read reviews, get first-hand information and only then purchase one.

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