11 Simple ways for mommies to get the much needed “Me-Time”

11 Simple ways for mommies to get the much needed “Me-Time”

Until we become moms ourselves, we don’t have any idea how stressful a mom’s life can be. After motherhood, time becomes an unaffordable luxury. Yes, no matter how much support you have from family or housemaids, sometimes it becomes difficult to make time for yourself. Your baby needs your love, care and time which no other person can provide.

But no matter how much you love your babies, taking ‘Me-time’ for yourself is absolutely necessary.

With all the umpteen things you have on your plate, taking a little time off for yourself to rejuvenate and recharge yourself is nothing you should feel guilty about. Always remember that a happy and healthy mother ensures happy, cheerful and healthy kids at home.

Think of Me-Time as a self-preservation time and not as an indulgent time.

Many mothers say that they get their “Me Time” on their visits to beauty salon or gym. Well, going to salon and gym can be considered as necessities rather than a time to rejuvenate yourself.

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How should “Me-time” be then?

It should be a time spent by you that would re-energize you or would make you feel satisfied about yourself or would help you to pursue your hobbies/talents or would make you smile at the thought of it.

Dear Moms, I am sure you would say, “Impossible! That’s too much for a mom ”.

But that’s what you need as a mom so that you can be better mother, better wife and a better version of yourself.

Here’s how to get meaningful “Me-Time”…

#1. Pursue your hobbies and talents

Spend time on what you love to do… painting, reading, dancing, just anything that will make you feel good about yourself and refresh you.

An hour a day would be enough to leave your mind invigorated.

#2. Connect with your friends

Call your friends and speak to them for few minutes. Connecting with friends reduces your stress level to a great extent. Try to catch up with your friends over lunch or a cup of coffee.

#3. Open your old photo albums

Looking at your old photo albums opens a floodgate of good memories. Reminisce the good times you have had, check out the old travel diaries, go through your wedding album… just anything to make you feel good.

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#4. Pick up a new skill

A new skill need not always be a difficult one. You can learn to play a musical instrument for an hour or you can attend an art class or you can try DIY hobby kits or learn a new language etc.

Learning something new keeps your brain active and increases your self-esteem.

#5. Watch your favorite TV show or a movie at home

Take control of the TV remote and watch your favorite TV show or movie. Or watch the latest movie on TV or your favorite channel for some time. You can try and watch a movie in a theatre along with your friends also.

Getting the TV remote in your hand itself gives a sense of satisfaction in the busy lives of mommies 😊

#6. Cook your favorite dish

Image Source : Indian Women Blog

Make your favorite dish at home. If you have not tried to make it at home, then try the recipe at home. Eat slowly and relish every bite of it. A treat to your taste buds will always make you feel happy.

#7. Do nothing

Yes, thanks to our busy lives, sometimes all, we mothers want is to do nothing. Doing nothing means you do not engage your mind or body in any activity. Doing nothing helps in “detoxifying” your mind and refreshes you.

#8. Go for a walk

Go for a casual walk. Walk with a smile and observe things around you – he new shops that have come up, the flowers blooming on the trees, the children playing… just a casual walk with no set goals. It helps you rejuvenate your mind and body.

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#9. Go shopping or window shopping

Shopping is one of the greatest stress relievers. Go shopping to your favorite mall or street or just anything. If you have nothing to shop for, go window shopping.

#10. Pick up your favorite book

Read your favourite book. It need not be the latest or age appropriate. Read the books which can make you happy or books which you find useful. A popular saying goes that a person who has books does not need a friend or needs any other entertainment. So, pick up that book, settle down in your favorite place and read.

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#11. Find your own crazy/cozy idea

Do anything that makes you feel energized, refreshed and rejuvenated. It could be attending a music class or cleaning your home or doing embroidery/knitting or listening to music or writing/blogging or chatting with friends/mom… just find your own cozy or crazy idea.

Dear Moms, being a mom is no doubt an arduous task. You might feel that you don’t have a life of your own and everything revolves around your family and kids.

As mothers, you wouldn’t mind giving your time and energy to your kids. There isn’t any doubt about that. No matter how difficult it is, it gives a great satisfaction and overwhelming feeling of love in doing the tasks for our little ones.

But having at least an hour in a day as your “Me-time”, helps you stay relaxed, refreshed and energized. There are many ways to get that “Me-time” and you have to choose what suits you best. Have no guilt in sparing some time for yourself as a healthy and happy mom leads to happy and cheerful children.

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