Benefits Of Massaging Your Baby With Olive Oil

Benefits Of Massaging Your Baby With Olive Oil

Massaging your baby is one of the most ancient traditions followed worldwide; especially in India and massaging your baby with olive oil has many benefits. It not only soothes the baby’s muscles and makes the bones stronger, but the most important benefit a massage offers is the bond that develops between a mother and her baby. Massages have therapeutic properties and it aids in the overall growth and development of a baby.

For hundreds of years, mothers have been using various oils when massaging their babies. Babies have very delicate skin and using just about any sort of oil would not do them good. It has been scientifically proven that massaging a baby with olive oil provides various health benefits. Massaging your baby with olive oil improves skin hydration. Olive oil is extracted from fruits of olive trees which are free from diseases, harvested at the right time and processed immediately- this is the extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil produced mechanically but free from chemicals is the virgin olive oil.

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Benefits of massaging your baby with olive oil 

#1. Great for your baby’s skin

Olive oil is like a lotion and the perfect moisturiser for the baby’s skin. It is known to make the skin smooth, healthy and soft. A good massage in gentle, circular motions promotes healthy blood circulation, thus making the skin glow. Unlike many other oils, olive oil is not sticky. Hence, it can be used as a massage oil for all seasons.

#2. Psychological effects

Using olive oil while massaging your baby promotes relaxation, reduces instances of crying, and also has a very positive effect on the hormones which causes stress in the baby. It soothes the baby as the oil has a very calming effect since it is light and not heavy unlike other oils. Thus, this helps the baby to sleep better.

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#3. In case of skin problems

Olive oil is safe for a baby’s skin. However, babies with dry skin should not use olive oil. Doctors do not recommend olive oil use on the baby if there is a family history of skin related problems or if the baby has eczema. Using olive oil in eczema worsens the problem. However, olive oil is loaded with Vitamin E, oleic acid and squalene that are very important and useful in maintaining skin tone and also promotes muscle and bone health. A baby’s skin can be easily damaged with exposure to the sun. A gentle application of olive oil can help repair the damaged skin cells. These days children’s skin gets affected due to the rise in pollution levels and toxicity in the environment. Applying a little olive oil can protect the skin from extreme damage. Olive oil has properties that neutralise free radicals in the skin which are created by harmful UV rays and pollutants in the air.

#4. For baby’s hair

Olive oil can be used safely to strengthen baby’s hair and make frizzy hair soft. Many newborn babies suffer from a condition called cradle cap which is a form of dandruff that causes flaky skin on the baby’s head. If it is not treated it can become severe and can cause yellow patches as well. Using olive oil can help soften cradle cap. The oil hydrates the baby’s scalp and gets rid of that flaky layer of skin. One should massage the oil gently on the baby’s hair and comb it with a soft brush. After that it should be left on for about 20 minutes and washed off properly with a mild baby shampoo.

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#5. Treating diaper rashes

Olive oil has been proven to act as a wonderful remedy to remove diaper rashes and also to avert them. Two tablespoons of olive oil, mixed with 1 tablespoon of water can be gently massaged onto the buttocks and around the genital area of your baby before diapering the baby. This formula can be applied if the baby already has developed a diaper rash. The oil soothes the affected area and makes the skin less irritated, with the rash disappearing in a couple of days.

#6. Application on lips

Applying olive oil on the lips is one of the best ways to heal chapped lips. It can be used as a natural lip shiner and a lip balm. Olive oil soothes baby’s chapped lips and makes them soft and pink. Massaging a drop of olive oil on the baby’s lips while the baby sleeps can help the skin absorb the oil and its moisture and retain the pinkish lips of your dear baby.

#7. Olive oil for baby’s nose, ears and nails

While massaging your baby, you can apply some olive oil on the internal part of baby’s nose or the ears. Olive oil is beneficial in getting the ear wax to soften and also in clearing nose congestions. Massaging the nails along with the skin with olive oil helps retain the shine on the nails and helps in repairing the damaged cuticles. Regular olive oil massage on the nails of the baby develops strong nails that are naturally shiny.

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Massaging your baby with olive oil will benefit your baby in many ways. Olive oil is the oil that can also be incorporated into your daily food habits and it gives immense benefits to adults and young ones. Do remember that if your baby has extremely dry skin, olive oil is not recommended. Always check with your baby’s doctor before trying anything new for the baby.

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