Tips on how to make natural home-made colours

Tips on how to make natural home-made colours

Holi is just round the corner and we are busy making plans for the day. While most of our planning goes in deciding what dishes to cook, wouldn’t it be a great idea to be able to make Holi colours too, right in our kitchen?

Artificial colours are loaded with chemicals and are extremely harmful for skin, eyes and hair. Organic colours that we get in the market are pretty expensive and sometimes, not even genuine. If you can make beautiful colours, all by yourself, with all the natural ingredients you have at home, why take the risk of using synthetic agents?

Here are some awesome ways to make colourful dry and wet Holi colours at home to swing in the festivities in a stress-free manner:

6 Natural Colours You Can Make At Home

#1. Yellow

Dry: Put some turmeric powder, orange peel powder, marigold flowers and a few drops of essential oil. Mix all the ingredients and you see a pretty yellow gulal.
Wet: For a beautiful yellow water-based colour, boil or soak Tesu flowers in water.

#2. Red

Dry: If red is your colour, all you need to do is mix red sandalwood powder to atta or maida and you are set.
Wet: Use the juice of tomatoes, carrots or pomegranate and mix it with water. You can also soak red hibiscus flowers overnight.

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#3. Green

Dry: Dry some mint leaves, coriander leaves or spinach, crush them and add to maida or atta. Mint has a cooling effect and can really soothe your skin.
Another way to get a green colour is by mixing henna powder with atta or maida.
Wet: Mix green leafy vegetables in water to make a green coloured paste.

#4. Magenta

Dry: Beetroot is the apt ingredient to use to make a pink or magenta shade colour. Make a beetroot paste by grinding it, keep it in the sun for drying purpose and mix it with atta, besan or maida.
Wet: For a water-based magenta, boil a few pieces of beetroot in water.

#5. Brown

Wet: You can get this colour by soaking henna powder and amla in water overnight. Another way to do this is by boiling tea in water and letting it dry.

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#6. Purple

Wet: For a purple shade, use the juice of black grapes and mix it with water. This will also remove the stickiness.

Have you taken your pick from these? Share with us more ideas 🙂

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