7 Ways A Man's Life Changes After Becoming A Father

7 Ways A Man's Life Changes After Becoming A Father

Fatherhood for many is a sudden realization when you look at the first ultrasound of your little one. It is a feeling that goes on to leave you in awe as you hold your bundle for the first time and look in the eye.

It’s a responsibility that grows on you, as you grow to respect the wonder you have created with your partner. It is a bond that builds over the months and years of being a dad and slowly takes over your life; changing a lot in the process.

If you are a dad-to-be, waiting anxiously to hold the tiny version of yourself in your arms, wondering what all is likely to change and how much; well, the answer is – a lot!

A lot changes for men who want to be responsible daddies.

Are you eager to know how?

Common Ways Dads Felt Their Lives Changed After Their Baby Arrived

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#1. Lesser “Me” Time

Most men love to have some time out with their guy friends. A few hours golfing, weekend hiking, playing basketball, watching television or playing video games is an important part of their schedule.

However, after the baby arrives, you will find yourself on a completely new timeline. Most of your time will now be spent attending to the baby, helping your partner and balancing work and office at least for the first one year. You will no longer be available as readily to your friends as you were earlier. You know there is a little someone who needs you and depends upon you. The biggest change is, this lack of ‘me’ time does not bother you much.

#2. You Will Find Yourself More Emotional

If you are someone who rarely cries, be prepared for a whole new side of yourself. Something as simple as the baby’s fingers wrapping around yours or something special like your child’s first words will make you emotional at the drop of a hat.

You will experience a completely new kind of love that will bring out your most sensitive side.

#3. Sleep Is A Luxury

Whether it is helping your partner during those 2AM feeding sessions or putting a crying toddler to sleep so that mommy can get some rest, will require you to sacrifice your own sleep.
More so, be prepared to feel completely exhausted all the time and irritable sometimes. A football match would not have exhausted you as much as putting a tiny bundle to sleep would.

Your priority will be to get some shuteye when your baby falls asleep. Although, if that happens during office hours, you will have to cope up!

#4. You Will Be More Responsible Than Ever

The biggest fear that every father faces is not being a good enough parent. Along with the baby comes the responsibility of setting a good example.

This responsibility will keep you on your toes most of the times if not always. You will find yourself coming home earlier from work, being more concerned about your partner than ever before, and being protective and alert around your child all the time. You could easily say bye to the wild night outs with friends!

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#5. Your Financial Priorities Will Change

If fatherhood suddenly makes you feel you are not earning enough, do not panic, you are not the only one. Many new daddies fear they will never be able to earn enough to secure his little one’s future. Having savings will be your top priority now. Your friends and family can expect a significant change in your spending choices. Impulsive buys, binge drinking at bars, exorbitant bills at bowling alley will definitely take a backseat if not disappear.

Buying diapers, teethers, and insurance will start topping your list. You would rather buy a fancy crib instead of spending on gadgets and upgrades unless it’s a baby monitor!

#6. Intimate Moments With Your Partner Are Fewer

Both you and your partner will find that you are exhausted at all times. Your focus will shift entirely to your baby, leading to fewer chances to be intimate with your partner. In addition to this, you will find every excuse to just hit the sack and get some rest.

This is when you need to understand your partner’s lack of interest in physical intimacy. While you will love her more than usual, you will find yourself respecting her need to just detach and get some time for herself.

#7. You See The Whole World From A New Perspective

The world suddenly becomes a scarier place. Fathers do everything that they can to make sure that their child has an environment that is safe and conducive for development. You will find yourself sealing plug points and covering sharp corners. Your marble collection will simply be the most hazardous thing just like your perfumes scattered around the room.

At the same time, you will learn to see the world from your child’s eyes. This makes even the smallest things like a butterfly or the rainbow the most exciting thing in the world.

Although a lot will change with fatherhood, you will be surprised that changing for your child will make you happy and satisfied. That itself will be the biggest change you will undergo as a dad.

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