10 Best Learning Toys For Kids (12–18 Months Old)

10 Best Learning Toys For Kids (12–18 Months Old)

It a saying that when there are too many choices, one is bound to get confused – and with the growing number of baby toys and brands in the market, this holds all the more true! In this article, you will find the best learning toys for kids.

Parents are struggling to navigate the toy market, and we are here to help! There is one basic principle you should keep in mind when buying a toy for your toddler and that is – ensure that it caters to strengthening at least one learning area. It could be hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, social and emotional growth, vision and hearing, colors and shapes identification, language building, or numbers identification.

To make it even simpler here is a list of 10 best learning toys you must buy for your 12-18-month-old. Use this! And thank me later! 🙂

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Best learning toys for kids 

#1. Push or pull along toys

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To start with you could opt for push along walkers as your little one begins to walk. They are easy to lean on for support and strut around everywhere in the house.

The Fisher price push along walker is ideal because it had a lot of fun buttons to push, sounds, and music that your child can enjoy even when they are sitting and playing. As toddlers become more independent, you can also opt for the wooden pull along ducklings, or you could choose from the many available from Funskool or Simba toys.

Click here to buy: Funskool-Giggles Wiggler Duck

Click here to buy: Fisher-Price Scoop and Whirl Popper

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#2. Shape Fitters

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This is one of the best learning toys for kids. Toddlers love to fit pieces of something into something else. They can spend hours trying to push a square inside a circle until they figure out what goes where. Shape fitters toys like shape fitting balls, cubes or boards are a great way to build their logical and problem-solving skills and also real fun.

Start with different fruit or veggie shaped fitter puzzle trays, or linking toys. The Fisher Price Sort N Spill Butterfly is a great way to introduce shapes.

Click here to buy: Skillofun Shape and Color Sorter, Multi Color

Click here to buy: Little’s Shape Sorting Ball, Multi Color

#3. Nesting Toys

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Whether it is a “Matryoshka” nesting toy or stacking rings – toddlers just never tire of stacking, unstacking, sorting, and resorting. It brings them immense satisfaction as this is the earliest form of problem-solving. While giving them a great sense of achievement, it also helps in building hand and eye coordination.

Click here to buy: Funskool Nesting Eggs

Click here to buy: 5 pcs/ 5″ Bunny, Duck, Chicks Animals Easter Egg Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

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#4. Touch and Feel Books

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Whether you’re a reader or not, you’re sure to enjoy “reading” these touch and feel books along with your child. Books are a great learning aid as they activate the curious little mind of your toddler.

Kids become readers in the laps of their parents” is a very true saying! Your child will just love to sit in your lap and explore the different textures with his/her fingertips. So, leave aside your mobile and spin stories around the characters she sees. Available as a series and as well as individually, here are some great ones for you to choose from.

Click here to buy: Baby Touch: Peekaboo Board book

Click here to buy: First Words (Baby Touch and Feel) Board book

Click here to buy: Animals (Baby Touch and Feel) Board book

#5. Sound Books

10 Best Learning Toys For Kids (12 – 18 Months Old)Image Source: amazon

Just like kids are fond of toys that make noise, they enjoy sound books. A sound book of animal sounds or one of different vehicles is sure to spark your child’s curiosity. Vibrant and colorful, with delightfully interesting buttons, these books can be carried even when travelling. So, instead of a mobile to entertain your young one, turn to any of the sound books listed below!

Click here to buy: Baby’s Very First Noisy Nursery Rhymes (Baby’s Very First Sound Books)

Click here to buy: Roar at the Zoo (10 Button Sound Book) Board book

Click here to buy: Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Super Noisy Sound Book Hardcover

#6. Doodling Boards

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Your floors will always be dirty, with kids in the house! But you can surely try to protect your walls! So just when your little one develops the urge to pick up a pen and scribble on the walls, get her a set of non toxic sketch pens and a doodling whiteboard or plain old chalk with a blackboard.

This will help with pre-writing activities as she begins to develop a pincer grip. It also gives kids a space to express their creativity.

Click here to buy: Crayola Dry Erase Crayons Large Size

Click here to buy: Fisher Price Doodle Pro Slim, Blue

Click here to buy: Zephyr My Big Board (Big)

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#7. Toddler Gyms

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Toddler play gyms are slightly different from baby play gyms as they have to accomodate a super active toddler now! From a bouncy inflatable gym which can double up as a pool on sunny days to a full-fledged plastic one with swings – you can choose any.

You can opt for something the child can climb on and slide from, minus the edges and rough surfaces. Play gyms help your child to learn gross and fine motor skills. If you invite other kids over for a play date- it can become a great social skills learning toy as well!

Click here to buy: Playgro Toys Super Slide With Swing

Click here to buy: Intex Fantasy Castle Inflatable Play Center

Click here to buy: Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym, Multi Color

#8. Musical instrument

10 Best Learning Toys For Kids (12 – 18 Months Old)Image Source: amazon

Musical instruments are an absolute must – even though parents are bound to regret buying it every single day just for the sheer noise it generates!

However, look at it this way that your kids will love the fact that he or she can make music simply by pressing buttons and banging sticks. With the variety of musical toy instruments in the market you couldn’t go wrong with the Junior Drum, or the Little’s My First Guitar.

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Click here to buy: Little’s My First Guitar

#9. Building blocks

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Blocks are all time fun for toddlers. The sheer concentration with which the little hands build them is nothing compared to the joy they experience when the whole pile simply crumbles down.

You can encourage all kinds of free play with blocks – which actually helps to unlock your child’s imagination and creativity! Choose from an array of wooden blocks, giant size blocks, or the colorful and light foam blocks available in the market.

Click here to buy: Fisher Price First Builders Big Building Bag

Click here to buy: ABC 123 Wooden Blocks Letters Numbers

Click here to buy: Vibgyorvibes Eva Foam 65 Pieces Building Block

Click here to buy: Lego Duplo My First Set

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#10. Ride on Toys

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In addition to developing your child’s motor skills, ride-on toys also help to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination. Ride on Toys are a must if you have an overactive toddler – simply because they help get the monkey off your back! If not actually riding it, you’re sure to find your little one sitting besides the car, bike, or the piggy ride, examining the wheels and tinkering with the lights.

Click here to buy: TOYZONE Baby Panda Free Wheel Magic Car

Click here to buy: Sunbaby Tricycle

So go ahead and choose any of these toys for your little one and watch them master a new skill!

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