Top 10 Independence Day Activities for Kids

Top 10 Independence Day Activities for Kids

Remember the excitement of our childhood years, when Independence day was around the corner? From getting ready for celebrations at school, getting dressed up as freedom fighters to witnessing the flag hoisting ceremony and kite flying, we used to look forward to everything. However, today like a lot many other things, the flavour and the fervor of Independence day celebrations has been diluted to some extent. Don’t you feel that the story of how we fought for our Independence and the rich history behind it is getting limited to just history books. As parents, it is up to us to carry on the rich legacy of our country and educate our kids about the worth of our freedom. We have to instill in them a pride about our nation and its diversity and beauty. As with most other things, the best way to do this for young kids is through including them in interesting activities.

So we bring to you 10 activities you can engage in with your kids this Independence day week:

#1. Attend a flag hoisting ceremony

No Independence Day celebration is complete without attending a flag hoisting ceremony. Take your kids to the flag hoisting ceremony in your residential complex or nearby. It would not only be fun and great way to teach about the tricolor and concept of Independence day but also a nice way to socialize with kids their age. Sing the national anthem with them and tell them about its importance. You can even dress your little ones in the attire of any freedom fighter and tell them their story.

#2. Make a tricolor bookmark with thumbprints

All you need for this activity is a small cardboard or thick paper piece, and acrylic colours. Cut the cardboard /paper in a rectangle shape and paint it white. You can then help your toddler put tricolored thumb prints to decorate the book mark. It will not only help in improving motor skills, but is also a perfect opportunity to explain about the significance of various colors in the national flag. You might also like: 10 Principles of Good Parenting

#3. Make a flag with pulses

All you need for this craft activity is a paper, glue and different colored pulses. Draw the Indian Flag on a piece of paper and apply glue to it. Help your child stick pulses according to the Flag colours. You can use Green Moong, Red masoor dal, White Urad Dal and Rajma for the Pole.

#4. Make a Tricolor India flag coaster

All you will need for this activity is paint, glue and icecream sticks. You can color Icecream Sticks in orange, white and green. Using glue, you can secure then to make a coaster. You will need to add glue to the tips of two ice cream sticks and then stick the other sticks onto these and leave the coaster aside to dry. It is an ideal way to involve your child in an Independence day activity, the result of which can be used everyday to hold their glass of milk or water. Apart from the fact that this activity is a great teaching option, it will also make them feel extremely proud that they are using something they created on their own.

#5. A tiger/ flag / lotus with crayon shavings

You can utilize crayon shavings to teach your kids about the national flower , national animal or anything else of your choice. Draw the object of your choice on a piece of paper or you can even take a printout. Collect crayon shavings of the color of choice (green and pink for the lotus, yellow and black for the tiger and so on). Apply glue to the drawing of the object and then guide your kids to stick crayon shavings on it.

#6. Tricolor salad or fruit bowl

These easy to make tricolor food bowls, are not only fun activities with an Independence day flavour, but are also the perfect way to encourage your kids to eat healthy. For a tricolor salad bowl you can use carrots, cheese and broccoli or bell pepper. For the fruit bowl you can use papaya /mangoes, bananas and grapes. Cut these fruits/vegetables in small pieces and then encourage your toddler to arrange them in the colors of the tricolor. You can also call these the freedom from disease salad and fruit bowl. Also Read: 7 Ways to keep kids away from Phone

#7. Tricolor sandwich rolls

Another fun and easy recipe to create with young kids is the tricolor sandwich rolls. You need tomato and mint chutney. Cut the sides of the bread and roll it after sprinkling some water on it so it becomes thinner. With the help of your kids layer tomato chutney or ketchup one one bread, then place another bread on top of it and apply green mint chutney on it. Make them into rolls. These are perfect snacks to turn your juniors into master chefs and enjoy the Independence day evening with them.

#8. Read interesting books on Indian Independence

Reading books with children has many benefits including helping the child identify words and sounds and develop language. They also help spark a child’s imagination and help develop social and communication skills. So why not inculcate some interesting books about India and Indian independence to your child’s library. Some good books you could read with your child are ‘ We, the children of India : a preamble to our constitution, ‘The world Indian Stories’, ‘Little Indians’, Excuse me, is this India? Etc. These books introduce various concepts about our country in a fun and interesting way.

#9. Independence Day Theme Party

A theme party is a great idea to teach kids about Independence Day. Involve your kid and his/her friends in creating easy Independence day theme decorations as well as simple tricolor dishes such as tri-colour pasta, sandwiches and salads etc. Kids can also come dressed as freedom fighters. .

#10. Make an Independence Day Guide

If you want to teach your kids the significance of Independence day, you can create a mini guide. Work with them to collect pictures, graphics and interesting facts related to our country and the Independence struggle. Stick these in a scrapbook with the help of your kids. You can include things like national flag, national anthem, National Bird, National animals, pictures of freedom fighter, first prime minister and president etc. . Want to share your mommy experience with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you