9 Wonderful Ways To Emotionally Connect With Your Child

9 Wonderful Ways To Emotionally Connect With Your Child

When you bring a child into this world, you share a bond that is unparalleled. But, keeping this bond strong and connecting with your child emotionally is one of the biggest challenges of parenting. It does take a lot of work and you need to know how to emotionally connect with your child.

How To Emotionally Connect With Your Child

It is extremely important to give your child a sense of emotional security and to tell him or her that they can come to you for any emotional support that they need. Here are some activities that you can try to bond with your child easily:

#1. Read To Your Child

Reading is one of the best activities to bond with your child. If you have a story time ritual or a bedtime story ritual, studies show that they actually stimulate certain parts of the brain that are responsible for connecting and bonding with the parent. You can make it even more effective by cuddling with your child, displaying different emotions while reading and making eye contact frequently.

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#2. Listen to Music Together

There is nothing better than music to create a bond between two individuals. Find songs that you and your child love to listen to. You can even make your own little dance routines. This brings awareness to the child’s body and to your own. In fact, music can actually create powerful memories that are very positive in your child’s mind.

#3. Get Outdoors

Going out into the great outdoors is one of the best activities to bond with your child. Spend a day at the park or drive down to any location near your home that is rich in nature’s bounty. When you are outside, there are no distractions like the TV or phones to keep you from truly connecting with your child. Play games, plan a nice lunch outdoors or just plan a road trip with your little one and you will see the difference.

#4. Connect With Art

Allow your child to express himself or herself through art and craft. Get your fingers messy with paint and colors to tell your child that it is okay to let go once in a while. Planning a project with your little one is one of the most fun activities to bond with your child at home. The feeling of accomplishing something together is extremely fulfilling for you and your little one.

#5. Plan a Treasure Hunt

This is an extremely fun activity for kids who are even as young as two years old. Hide a favorite toy and look for it together. Celebrate with all your heart when you find it. Another great activity is hide and seek. Let your child look for you and when he or she finds you, shower them with appreciation and loads of hugs and kisses. It will quickly become something your child asks for all the time.

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#6. Dancing Together

Moving your body and focusing on what step to do next leaves no room for any negative emotions. Let us say you have just had a session of sound disciplining for the child or you are feeling a little frustrated that he or she was not able to complete their homework. It can trigger some negative emotions. And, if you are wondering how to emotionally connect with your child after a slight negative experience, the quickest way to get past this is to play some music and just move to it.

#7. Learn Something New Together

There is absolutely no age limit when it comes to learning. So, it is a great idea to try and pick up a new skill with your little one. For instance, you could learn to play a musical instrument together. You can even pretend to learn letters and numbers with your child each time so that he or she feels like you are doing something together. It also opens the child to the experience of learning new things and how much fun that can be.

#8. Floor Play Works Wonders

Spend time sitting and playing on the floor with your little one. This is where kids are most comfortable. Using a play mat or even pulling out a jig-saw puzzle will give you both some quality time with undivided attention. This is also one of the most fun activities to bond with your child at home as it is completely safe and does not involve any anxiety about the child getting hurt or falling.

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#9. Look for Sensory Activities

There is nothing more powerful than touch to create a bond with your child. Working with play dough, for example, helps you create new things with your little one. It allows the imagination to run wild. Similarly, building sand castles together or just about any activity that involves different sensory experiences can help you forge a very strong bond with your little one.

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