How to do Hair Spa At Home for Beautiful Hair

How to do Hair Spa At Home for Beautiful Hair

A hair spa seems a blissful event for a busy mother. It is very important to take care of those locks especially after you become a mom. Going to a beauty parlour and spending hours and money over a hair spa is not an option for everyone. So here we bring to you tips on how to do hair spa at home for beautiful hair.


What is Spa and Hair Spa?

The word spa stands for a healing bath in a spring or a pool of mineral water. Men and women have been taking spas since prehistoric times. People preferred to travel to take a ‘healing, rejuvenating’ bath in hot or cold springs. Many believed that such baths could help in balancing the body’s various chemicals and fluids.


In a hair spa, the idea is to rejuvenate and protect the hair. The hair is nourished and conditioned with ingredients that help reverse damage. This helps in giving a boost to hair health, minimising damage done to the hair; thus leaving you with beautiful looking locks. If your hair breaks easily, lacks strength, bounce, shine and lustre, then hair spa can help you get back the glory of your crown.


How To Do a Hair Spa At Home?

Step 1: Oiling your hair:

Massage your scalp with warm oil. A mix of coconut oil and castor oil works very well if you have dry and brittle hair. For an oily scalp a mix of coconut oil with a hint of lemon juice works good. Ayurveda also suggests a mix of oils like coconut, castor, almond and olive oil in order to get that healthy scalp and roots. Oiling for 15-20 minutes increases blood circulation and strengthens the roots.

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Step 2: Steam

Usually there are steam machines at parlours but at home you can easily take a nice steam by dipping a towel in warm water, squeezing the water from it and then wrapping this warm towel around your hair. This helps the oil to penetrate into the scalp. Keep this on for 15 to 20 minutes and relax.


Step 3: Wash and condition

Wash your hair now with a shampoo that is perfect for your type of hair. By now you do know what kind of scalp you have and there are shampoos specially designed for each type of hair. You should use either cold or lukewarm water and not hot water to shampoo your hair. Make sure you get the oil out of your scalp. Conditioning your hair after shampooing is a must as it makes sure to keep the moisture in your hair intact.

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Step 4: Mask

This can either be bought from the market according to your hair type or you can also make a hair mask at home and apply it. Eggs mixed with coconut oil or even honey mixed with curd are good options for a hair mask. This hair mask should be applied on the hair and then covered with a towel for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

Wash off the hair mask with a shampoo suited for your hair (remember to massage the scalp with the shampoo as the egg can get stuck to the strands) and towel dry your hair. Remember to not use a hair drier or a straightener after a hair spa. This will only take the moisture out of your hair. Let your hair be air dry and you will find a marked difference in the texture and smoothness of your hair.


After a hair spa, one should ideally wait for a couple of days before shampooing next. The natural oils secreted by your scalp,along with the hair treatment you have provided will work for a couple of days to make your hair healthy.


Once you know the steps and how to do a hair spa at home, it should be done at least once in 15 days or even once a month.

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