How to deal with your baby’s missed vaccination during the lockdown?

How to deal with your baby’s missed vaccination during the lockdown?

Indian parents’ are worried about their kids more than ever due to missed vaccination schedules. Due to the ongoing lockdown and the decrease in physical availability of doctors, parents’ are concerned by the impact of missed vaccination on their kids. 

On top of it, the lack of clear information regarding what can be done during these times is confusing for a lot of parents. 

To make this process a bit simple for you, we are addressing all the frequently asked questions related to missed vaccination during these times. 

Has the lockdown delayed your child’s vaccination? It is extremely important to follow your child’s immunization schedule. But in the unavoidable and unexpected circumstances like these, the safest place for your baby is your home. Your pediatrician knows the best for your baby. Stay in touch with them and ask for possible solutions. They will be able to inform you about the right place and time for your baby’s vaccination. 

For any more additional information or if you can’t access your pediatrician right now, you can talk to doctors on Vaxline, a free helpline by Sanofi to answer all your vaccine-related queries. 


When can you administer your child a delayed vaccination? A vaccine delay may impact the entire timeline of the follow-up doses and other vaccines. However, you need not panic. WHO has come up with recommended guidelines for delayed vaccination. Your pediatrician will take care of your baby’s vaccination schedule.


Does a delayed vaccination put your child at risk for COVID-19? 

No, your baby’s vaccination schedule is not related to COVID-19, which is why it is more important for your baby to stay at home. It is only responsible for infections that can be prevented by a vaccine. As of now, there’s no vaccine for COVID-19. 


How can you help your baby without visiting the hospital? Consulting doctors in person is challenging these days as the spread of coronavirus infection is through direct human contact. Not to mention the surfaces you unknowingly touch while you’re at the hospital. 

That is why health care experts have developed telemedicine which basically means providing a doctor to you on call. This avoids overcrowding at hospitals while providing health care advice to needy people at the same time. 

Staying in touch with a doctor is important but the safest place for your baby right now is your home. So don’t leave your home until it is absolutely necessary. For all your vaccination-related queries, talk to a doctor on Vaxline, a special initiative by Sanofi to provide timely health care advice to parents’. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe! 

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