How to boost your child's immunity - Asian Paints

Do you often wonder why no matter how careful you are and take a million precautions, your child is suddenly sick? Is your baby falling ill often? Does your baby look weak and fragile? Has your child been sick at least once in the past few weeks? Why do you think it happens? Well, the answer to this could potentially be endless, but you need not despair. Prevention is definitely better than cure and you can find a million ways to boost your child's immunity.  Boost your child’s immunity with these simple tips! 1. Make exercise a priority
  • Your child needs at least an hour of physical activity every day.
  • Let your children play in the sun. They need Vitamin C.
2. Eat healthy
  • Kids should eat a lot fruits and vegetables everyday.
  • Include carrots, green beans, oranges and strawberries.
3. Guard them against germs
  • Keep your walls clean, well-dusted and properly ventilated
  • Use paints with Silver Ion Technology that can kill 99% germs.
4. Sleep time
  • Sleep deprivation can make babies fall ill.
  • Sleeping well can increasing cells that attack harmful cells.
5. Keep your child clean
  • Make sure your baby washes his hands before each meal.
  • After a long day, give him a quick shower.
Taking care of your baby doesn’t just mean making sacrifices. Start doing your bit now!